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5G Full Bars But No Internet – Fixing the Issue


With close to 5.1 billion expected users by 2028, our dependence on mobile phones and the consequent use of cellular data has reached new levels as every individual severely relies on such amenities to effectively communicate and extract information. Therefore, being restricted with the “5G full bars but no Internet” error can be very frustrating to deal with.

The number of network bars highlighted on a mobile device represents the current carrier signal strength available within a specific location. Individuals trying to access the internet while being present in a remote location will generally face issues with low network bars. This aspect, in turn, cripples them from initiating any phone calls or using mobile data.

Facing such problems in low-network areas makes sense. However, the issues concerning 5G full bars but no Internet are considered to be an abnormal glitch that arises due to the following reasons:

  • Being present in a high network congestion area.
  • Reaching the monthly data limit allocated to the subscriber.
  • The expiration of the subscription period.
  • Incorrect APN settings.
  • Network and device-related issues.

Therefore, if you have been experiencing the “5G full bars but no Internet” error, ensure to acknowledge the following solutions.

What Does “5G Full Bars But No Internet” Mean?

5G full bars but no Internet indicates slow Internet provision while having a complete carrier network signal. This issue primarily prevails due to network congestion or hardware defects. Mobile phone users should be able to communicate through calls, send text messages, and access mobile data in the presence of full carrier network strength. 

However, the existence of this technical complication hinders the fulfilment of these aspects. The issue renders your phone useless. Therefore, it is essential to find relevant fixes after gaining complete knowledge about the rudimentary cause of the error.

The Primary Causes of 5G Full Bars But No Internet

It is imperative to identify the source of the complication before implementing relevant solutions. Some of the primary causes of the “5G full bars but no Internet” error have been listed below:

Carrier Network Congestion and Outage:

Smartphone users often experience temporary network congestion when the overall load and traffic managed by the mobile operator exceeds its bandwidth. During this period the mobile network is compelled to slow down as users experience high latency, connection timeouts, and zero carrier network signal strength.

Often, complete network outages may also give rise to the “5G full bars but no Internet” error. Mobile operators while working on equipment or system updates tend to opt for network downtime which results in this issue. 

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Inaccurate APN Settings:

Updating inaccurate APN settings on your mobile phone will lead to the “5G full bars but no Internet” error. Access Point Name is responsible for defining a network path through which mobile data connectivity can be completed. 

Working with the correct APN settings is critical for effective cellular data usage. Individuals must update their APN settings to resolve the full bar but no internet complications.

Exhausting your Data Allocation

Every mobile phone user must subscribe to a specific mobile data plan conventionally lasting for a month. The user must renew the subscription either after exhausting the data allocated with the chosen package or after the expiry of the data bundle timeline.

Mobile operators tend to monitor internet speed which begins to slow down when the user is about to maximise the assigned data cap. Individuals who have already used up all the data allotted through their selected package must recharge to access mobile data effectively again.

Other causes for the “5G full bars but no Internet” error could be related to software glitches or hardware defects concerning the independent mobile device in use.

Troubleshooting the Problem

Implement these quick fixes to end your tussle with the “5G full bars but no Internet” error.

Restart your Device

Every mobile phone user must consider rebooting their device before implementing any troubleshooting measures. Rebooting a mobile phone closes all the active applications and restarts the operating system. The reset helps clear any temporary glitches from the system and allows the device to operate with complete efficiency.

Restarting your Android Device

  • Step 1: Press and hold the primary power button on the right side of your Android device.
  • Step 2: Holding it long enough will enable an emergency menu. Select “Reboot” to activate the restart process.

Check your network bar and try accessing mobile data to verify if the 5G full bars but no Internet Android still exist.

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Restarting your iOS Device

  • Step 1: Press and Hold the side power and any of the volume buttons present on your iPhone. Holding the buttons long enough will highlight a power-off slider option on the screen.
  • Step 2: Drag the power-off slider down to turn off the device.
  • Step 3: Restart your device by pressing and holding the side power button. Ensure to restart after 30 seconds for effective results.

Check your network bar and try accessing mobile data to verify if the 5G full bars but no Internet iPhone still exist.

Track Data Usage and Resubscribe

Individuals will face the 5G full bars but no Internet issue if they have exhausted the allotted data for the month. Therefore, users must recharge by visiting the official website of the carrier network preferred. 

The login process is generally initiated by inputting the registered phone number. Select the data plan that you are most compatible with and access mobile data with complete convenience. Mobile phone users must always monitor and track data usage to effectively plan data consumption. 

Individuals who face the 5G full bars but no Internet error while being connected to Wi-Fi must try rebooting the Wi-Fi router. Ensure to clear the cache memory and reconnect with the Wi-Fi to use the Internet.

Update APN Settings

As already specified, working with inaccurate APN settings will not allow a mobile phone user to access cellular data freely. Users are recommended to update APN settings manually to effectively resolve the no internet error

Navigate to the primary settings menu and update APN settings by selecting the preferred SIM card number. Consider rebooting your device after updating APN settings. Check the phone network bar and try to access mobile data to confirm the application of the updated settings.


These were some of the most fundamental aspects that helped us to learn more about the “5G full bars but no Internet” error. Users must consult with their respective mobile operator customer support team if the issue continues to prevail. Moreover, opting for a superior network that offers unparalleled reach and lightning-fast 5G internet speed will allow you to bypass such restrictions entirely. Join hands with the Talk Home Mobile team to elevate your mobile-using experience.

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