SM-DP+ Address

What Is A SM-DP+ Address & Why Does Your eSIM Use It?


Although most people have in-depth knowledge of advanced software and mobile technologies, many miss out on technical terms and functions in their devices that play a crucial role in making our communication smooth and hassle-free. SM-DP+ address in eSIM technology is a basic code that has a crucial role in managing your eSIM. ESIM is a virtual SIM card that can be activated or managed remotely. It offers flexibility and has an easy activation process.  These are eco-friendly, save space, and are different from physical SIM cards.

To use them effectively, you need to understand:

  • The role of SM-DP+ address
  • How Does this Address Work?
  • How to Manually use it to activate your eSIM

Without further ado, let’s get you started!

SM-DP+ Address

It is a simple term used for Subscription Manager Data Preparation Address. It is a unique code that recognizes the server used to connect to your service provider’s server allowing you to activate your eSIM. SM-DP+ address identifies the remote server and allows you to manage the eSIM while ensuring security.

This unique code is assigned to each mobile phone as an identifier to manage SIM profiles. Every SIM or eSIM has complete information about the device’s phone number and network operator, which are often termed as profiles. The main functions are:

  • SM-DP+ Address manages these profiles.
  • Enable, disable, or delete profiles.
  • Used as an identifier to recognize the device on the network.
  • Establish a secure connection with the network operator as the SM-DP+ address needs to be acknowledged to receive permission to access a network. If access is denied, you’re unable to make a network connection.
  • Plays a pivotal role in the Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, which helps in remote management and security of devices within the organization.
  • SM-DP+ addresses can be used in the MDM systems to authenticate devices, and implement policies, and updates.

How Does SM-DP+ Address Work?

SM-DP+ address plays a significant role in maintaining the security and robustness of the communication system as only the authorized devices are connected to the network. This makes the communication process easier and more secure considering the rising incidents of cyber threats and data breaches.

The SM-DP+ addresses work in simple steps.

  • The SM-DP+ server and device communicate and receive information.
  • The SM-DP+ address authorizes the device by verifying the eSIM profile This way your eSIM can be activated.
  • Once the information is received from the SM-DP+ server, the device will configure with the eSIM plan automatically.
  • SM-DP+ address is mandatory to activate your eSIM or virtual SIM card

How Can I Know My SM-DP+ Address?

It is not easy to find your SM-DP+ address on your own. For this, you have to get in touch with the service provider. The service provider will provide you with a –

  • QR code of SM-DP+ address
  • An activation code and SM-DP+ address are to be activated manually. This can be used in case the QR code doesn’t work!

The SM-DP+ addresses are not available on a website or in a clickable form in the email, they can only be obtained through your service provider via

  • Mobile network provider website or app
  • Customer support services

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How Do I Activate eSIM?

Your eSIM can be activated using a manual method or through a QR Code method.

In most cases, eSIM can be activated automatically, but there are times when you need to activate it manually! In case of network glitches, lack of network support, or issues with the device may call for a manual activation process. To activate manually, you require-

  • Devices like smartphones, iPads, iPhones, or smartwatches that are compatible with eSIM.
  • An eSIM plan from a reliable network provider with an activation code (QR code/alphanumeric code/SM-DP+ address).
  • An eSIM management app.

Direct Activation from the App

Your network provider can assist you in case you find it difficult to activate your eSIM.

  • Activate eSIM card through the service provider’s app.
  • See all the instructions on the screen and follow them to activate the eSIM.
  • You can find the SM-DP+ address in the activation details.
  • Open the eSIM management app or eSIM settings.
  • Enter the SM-DP+ address, QR code, or other information required and activate a new SIM profile.

In case you are activating your eSIM manually on iOS and Android. Keep reading!

How to Install eSIM Manually on iOS?

  • Go to the ‘Settings’.
  • Choose ‘Cellular/Mobile Data’.
  • Select ‘Add Data Plan or Add eSIM’.
  • Tap ‘Use QR Code’ and ‘Enter Details Manually’.

Here, you have to enter your SM-DP+ address and activation code. Mostly, the code is automatically detected by the device and the iPhone eSIM card gets activated.

How to Install eSIM Manually on Samsung Android?

  • Go to ‘Settings. Choose ‘Connections’.
  • Tap on ‘SIM Card Manager’ and ‘Add a Mobile Plan’.
  • Choose ‘Scan Carrier QR code’ and tap ‘Enter Activation Code’.
  • Tap ‘Connect’ and voila!

How to Install eSIM Manually on Google Android?

  • Go to the ‘Settings’.
  • Choose ‘Network & Internet’.
  • Select the ‘+’ icon.
  • Tap on ‘Download a SIM instead’ and tap ‘Need Help’.
  • Select ‘Enter Data Manually’.
  • Enter the activation code and you’re done!

Final Thoughts

SM-DP+ address is a unique code used to recognize a remote serve and manage the profiles of eSIMs. Apart from this, it plays a crucial role in enabling, disabling, and deleting the profiles, recognizing the network of the device, and Mobile device Management (MDM) to authenticate the device, send updates, and implement policies.

The SM-DP+ address plays a significant role and works in a very simple and systematic way. Firstly, the SM-DP+ server communicates with your mobile device and receives information. It authenticates the device and configures the eSIM plan automatically. In case your eSIM doesn’t get activated automatically, it can be done manually using the help of mobile network providers using the QR codes. For this, you can go to the service provider’s app. Add SM-DP+ address, QR code, and any other information as required. Follow all the instructions and get your eSIM activated.

You can also install an eSIM and activate it manually on iOS and Android phones. For this, you can go to the ‘Settings’ and choose from the ‘Cellular/Mobile Data’ options. The steps are different in every device, however, the SM-DP+ address is pivotal in the activation process.

ESIM is slowly taking over mobile technology because of its convenience and flexibility. With an easy activation process and seamless steps, anyone can manually activate the eSIM and get started!

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