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Why Does My Data Keep Cutting Out? 6 Possible Causes


The modern world is dominated by the use of technology and is entirely dependent on the fundamental source of the Internet. Accessing the Internet is no longer considered to be a luxury; rather, it has become a necessity. Likewise, the corporate domain also demands the use of the Internet as most jobs require individuals to communicate and extract vital information through this technology. Therefore, facing issues related to data interruptions and finding the answers to the underlying question of “Why does my data keep cutting out?” has become of paramount importance.

The present world operates on a digital level, and this fixation on the Internet can cause a lot of difficulties when our cellular data keeps cutting out. Relying solely on Wi-Fi connectivity paralyzes us from being mobile and restricts us to a confined location. Therefore, it is imperative that every individual works with an updated mobile data plan so that you never miss out on anything. According to a recent study, it is estimated that around 4.32 billion people across the globe are mobile data users.

Therefore, issues concerning 5G cutting out can be extremely inconvenient and annoying. To address this problem, we have identified some of the most relevant solutions that will allow you to eradicate this obstacle immediately. Follow the steps highlighted in this post and say goodbye to all your “mobile data keeps connecting and disconnecting” complaints.

Understanding How the Cellular Data Works

Over the past two decades, mobile phones have emerged to be the most personalized and used technologically advanced tools. Initially introduced to solve the problem of communication, mobile phones were utilized to make phone calls and send text messages. However, with time, these devices could soon harness the power of the Internet and make it possible for people to complete professional as well as personal responsibilities through diverse applications.

Accessing the Internet through mobile data became a popular choice which is now preferred by billions worldwide. The concept of using cellular data is straightforward. Individuals need to purchase data which is then used to deliver internet provisions on mobile phones. With this cellular data, one can send emails, download applications, conduct online research, scroll through social media, and communicate with peers on various online platforms.

A wireless connection is created with the assistance of mobile data, which then allows mobile phones to link with each other through radio frequencies. A central cellular base station connected to cell towers is responsible for broadcasting all the data which is uploaded or downloaded through a mobile network.

These cellular base stations can effectively provide internet amenities over a large geographical area, stretching over thousands of kilometers. Likewise, cellular network service providers have worked with different technologies to make the transmission of mobile data accessible to the users, which are segmented through “Generations,” e.g., 1G, 2G, 3G, and so on.

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Possible causes for the issue

Every technology-based innovation is bound to be restricted by flaws. Likewise, accessing the Internet from cellular data may also be hindered due to some technical reasons. Some of the primary causes of mobile data keep connecting and disconnecting have been identified below:

1. Battery Saving Feature – Low-data Mode

Every mobile device out there is equipped with specific battery-saving features that allow the users to conserve battery when the device is running low on power. Consequently, if you have turned on the battery-saving feature, then it is likely that you will not be able to use mobile data.

Accessing the Internet through mobile data engages the screen and processor of the concerned mobile phone. These two elements are considered to be major battery drainers. This is the primary reason why activating battery-saving features will disable you from using mobile data.

2. Low Signal or Reception

As already mentioned, mobile towers play a critical role in transmitting radio frequencies which allow data to link effectively with the mobile device operated. Therefore, if an individual is operating their mobile device from an area where the reception is low, then it is likely that the person will not be able to use mobile data effectively.

Areas, where mobile signals are low, are generally situated in remote locations. The distance between the transmitters and the mobile device is significant. An increase in distance between the two variables also amplifies the obstacles that are present along the network path. Thus, accessing mobile data when there is a low signal or reception can be difficult.

3. Hardware Issues/Problems

Hardware issues can be another feasible answer to the fundamental question of “Why does my data keep cutting out?” Mobile phones are susceptible to damage due to constant dropping and exposure to moisture. The damages incurred may potentially cripple the phone’s ability to use data effectively. We recommend all our readers examine their mobile phones for physical damages in order to find relevant solutions for 5G mobile data being cut out.

4. Conflicting Apps or Settings

People may continue to face 5G cutting-out issues when the independent mobile phone settings do not complement mobile data access. Moreover, every application has specific provisions where using mobile data can be disabled. Therefore, if individuals are facing issues using an app through mobile data, then verifying the compatibility of the settings could be a smart move. Additionally, if your mobile phone is in Airplane mode, then you will not be able to use mobile data. Therefore, checking phone settings is a must if you consistently face problems concerning mobile data connection.

5. Network Carrier Updates or Restrictions

Using mobile data can be prevented when a carrier network service provider is working with updates. This is a temporary issue that subsides once when the maintenance of the network is complete. However, if you continue to face mobile data connection issues due to technical difficulties originating directly from the carrier service provider, it is recommended to seek direct assistance from the professionals concerned.

Moreover, if you are a 5G network user, accessing mobile data may be an issue in certain locations. The 5G technology is comparatively new, and carrier companies are presently trying to establish prominent towers globally, which is still in progress. Collaborating with the carrier customer support team to identify immediate solutions is advised.

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6. Operating System Issues

The operating system of a mobile phone is responsible for enabling applications and programs to run smoothly. Without a sound operating system, no device can function adequately. Therefore, if your mobile phone operating system is flawed, then it is likely that you will be facing issues related to mobile data connectivity. Seek assistance from experts to resolve this issue.

Troubleshooting the issue

Now that we have identified the major cause of 5G cutting out, let us shed light on the consequent troubleshooting measures that offer instant solutions if your mobile data is not working.

1. Restart your Phone

If you are looking to get an instant solution, then rebooting your phone could certainly fulfill this aspect. Mobile data keeps cutting out issues that can be influenced by minor glitches and errors. This can be effectively fixed by simply restarting your mobile device. Individuals can reboot their phones by pressing the power button for around 5 seconds to avail of the reboot option.

After successfully restarting your phone, give it a few minutes to load, and then try checking for network availability. Tap the mobile data icon on and off to check if you can access the Internet.

2. Turn off Battery Saver Mode

Modern mobile phones are equipped with special settings that help the user conserve battery through the battery-saver mode. Activating this mode allows various functions and settings in your mobile device to be disabled. As a result, mobile phones consume more power. Likewise, with the battery-saver mode turned on, users will fail to access mobile data as it tends to drain a considerable amount of charge. Therefore, check if you have the battery-saver mode on.

For Android users, deactivating this setting is simple. Unlock your phone and activate the toggle drop-down menu. Scroll through to find the battery-saver mode option and tap on it to effectively turn it off. The function can be updated by manually accessing the setting menu as well.

3. Check for Weak Signals

Weak signals can be a major hindrance to accessing the Internet through mobile data. Connecting to carrier signals through radio frequencies allows people to use mobile data and, in turn, connect with others through phone calls as well. Being in a remote area where the distance between carrier transmitters and your mobile device is substantial may cause such issues.

Moreover, network signals might also be weak when an individual is traveling through underground routes. Therefore, if you have weak signals throughout, it is likely that you will not be able to use mobile data. The most effective way to mitigate this issue is to be active in an area where adequate signals can be received.

4. Check if you have Set the Data Limit

Purchasing data bundles cost a significant amount of money. This is the primary reason why the majority of mobile phone users prefer to work with a data limit that helps them to allocate and segregate data usage. Activating data limits on your mobile device helps you sustainably use mobile data over an extended period.

Once a specific data limit is reached for the day, users will not be able to use mobile data. Thus, it is imperative that you verify data limits so that you can access the Internet from mobile data at any given point in time. To activate or deactivate data limit settings, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Unlock your phone and click on the Security icon.
  • Tap on the gear icon, which will take you to the additional setting menu.
  • Click on the “Data Usage” option.
  • Now click on the “Data Plan” option.
  • Now select the “Monthly Data Limit” option and deactivate.

To activate the setting, users must input a specific number that signifies the amount of data that can be used monthly.

5. Toggle Airplane Mode On and Off

If you face issues related to mobile data internet connection, then toggling Airplane mode on and off can sometimes help to refresh the network setting. Activating Airplane mode disconnects your mobile network completely and resolves the issue completely upon deactivating. Follow these steps to activate this option:

  • Go to the main Setting menu and click on the Network and Internet options.
  • Locate the Airplane mode function and click on it to activate it.

Users may also choose to activate the Airplane mode directly from the drag-down quick menu feature on Android devices.

6. Check for Software Updates

To experience optimum performance, mobile phone users must ensure to update software settings throughout. These software updates enhance the overall performance of the device concerned and also fix minor bugs and glitches. To successfully update software, follow these steps:

  • Go to the primary setting menu.
  • Click on Systems and select the “System Update” option.
  • Activate the update and wait till it’s installed.

7. Ask your Carrier about the Outage

If you continue to face cellular data keeps cutting out issues, then seeking direct assistance from your carrier company is advised. Premium carrier service providers like Talk Home Mobile ensure that all their customers face minimal mobile data connectivity issues. The expert team can assist you in identifying relevant solutions.

8. Remove and reinsert the SIM

Accessing mobile data can be impossible when a SIM card is either damaged or misplaced within the SIM slot. Switch off your phone and use a pin to eject the SIM card. Readjust its placement, reinsert the SIM, and turn your phone on again. Check for mobile data and network availability. Consider replacing the SIM card if it’s completely damaged.

9. Reset the Network Settings

If none of the suggested tips work, then consider activating the Network Reset option. Triggering this option may resolve some underlying issues that hinder accessing mobile data. However, users must note that all additional information related to mobile data, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi settings will be removed permanently from the said device. Follow these steps to Reset Network Settings:

  • Go to the primary Setting menu and click on the “System” option.
  • Now click on the Advanced settings tab and select the Reset option.
  • Press on the Reset Network Settings to activate.


With the observations and tips listed above, we have effectively answered the fundamental question of “Why does my data keep cutting out?” Accessing mobile data issues can be limited by availing the services of a premium carrier service provider. Enter Talk Home, the best EE-powered network in the UK.

Say goodbye to all your mobile data worries by opting for the affordable solutions offered by Talk Home, starting at only £5, coupled with unlimited minutes and SMS.

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