What is STAC code? Your Guide to Seamless Transitions


Switching network providers has never been easier, but sometimes we must do it. For example, when the coverage isn’t good enough, or you’ve found a service provider with better plans or flexibility. This is where the STAC code jumps in!  

STAC stands for Service termination authorization code, which is used to terminate the services of a telecom service provider. It is the first thing you need when finding an alternative to your current service provider. 

You should read the blog if you plan to switch your network provider. Here you will learn what a STAC code is, why you need it, and what makes it different from a PAC code 

What is a STAC Code?  

Let’s begin the blog about this code so you get a better understanding of it from the start. 

STAC stands for service termination authorization code, which lets you get a new number when you move from one network provider to another. For example, the STAC code combines six digits followed by three letters, 963852XYZ. 

It has 30 days validity, after which it expires, and you will have to provide this code to your new service provider to continue enjoying their services. Though your network will change with this, it will also take along your current number, and you will get a new number to continue your cellular connectivity.  

How do I get a STAC Code?  

There are three ways you can request a STAC code, the first way is by sending a text “STAC” to 75075, or call the customer support of your service provider, or log in to the application dashboard of the service provider you are using.  

Getting Through Text

To get the STAC code on text, send a message “STAC” to 75075 from the number you want to terminate. You will receive the code within some time. Sometimes it can take longer to get the code, two to three hours, for example. However, if you don’t receive the code within this timeline, you should move to the second option, which is calling the customer support of your service provider.  

Getting Through Talk Home Customer Service

To get in touch with Talk Home Mobile’s customer support, dial +44(0)330 993 7339 from your network. The support representative will ask a couple of questions to move forward with the process of getting a STAC code. Once you have the STAC, write it somewhere safe so you can use it to terminate your number.   

The exact process applies to other network providers within the United Kingdom. Contacting customer support in case you did not receive the STAC code in the text will help you smooth the process so you can terminate your number.  

Getting through Online Account

If none of the above two methods work for you, try using your online account with your service provider. Most service providers in the UK have a dedicated online portal or an application for their customers. This helps you with your data/minutes tracking.  

Talk Home Mobile Dashboard, for example, is a dedicated dashboard to pay your mobile bills, track remaining data or minutes, and get Pac or STAC code if you wish to switch your service provider.  

Getting the STAC code is the first step towards terminating your number. Once you’ve got the number, please share it with the new provider you wish to join. After you provide a this code number, you can sit back and relax. It is now the responsibility of your new provider to take care of the rest.  

How do I use a STAC Code? 

You must provide the STAC code to your service provider to terminate your number. You must do this so your provider knows you aren’t using their services anymore. This is important for smooth transitioning.  

How you use the STAC code depends on your current service provider. You may have to use their online dashboard or website to transfer your number. Service providers have a dedicated page allowing customers to terminate their numbers.   

Try visiting their website to find out the section where the service provider allows you to use your STAC code number. Usually, you will have to share your STAC number and previous providers’ details.  

A STAC code is usually valid for 30 days after it is issued. So, provide the code within this timeline to terminate your number. If you fail to do so, the code will expire, and you must request a new static code to  

What is the Difference Between PAC Code and STAC Code? 

The difference between these codes is that a Pac code (Port authorization code) transfers an existing mobile from one provider to another. In contrast, a STAC code terminates a number along with the provider’s services. If you use the STAC code, the existing number is completed and isn’t transferred to a new provider.   

The PAC code allows you to keep your existing number by switching your service provider without changing your number. This is ideal if you like your number and do not want to dispose of it.  

There are people out there who love their numbers but aren’t happy with the services of their providers. If this happens to you, try getting a PAC code from your provider to switch your network without changing your number.  

On the contrary, a STAC code is used to terminate your number. This option is ideal if you’ve decided not to proceed with your current number. The code formally notifies your provider that you plan to terminate their services and mobile number.  

You might be looking for a new number, or your number has been put out into the public dialing lists, and you are receiving too many spam calls. This is when you decide to switch your provider and terminate your existing number.  

Now that we are clear with the difference between Pac and STAC code let’s move on to the discussion of which one you should be getting to switch your service provider.  


If you want to keep your number, text PAC to 65075 

If you need a new number or wish to terminate the existing one, text STAC to 75075.  

PAC or STAC: Which one should you use? 

Choosing between these codes can be tricky, but you can choose the right one if you have the information we will give.  

PAC code -port authorization code allows you to switch between the network providers while keeping the same number. The code leverages you to keep your current number as you switch from one service provider to another.  

Suppose you are a Plusnet customer and want to switch your provider due to Plusnet mobile’s closure. But you like your number and don’t want to lose it. You must get your PAC code from Plusnet mobile and port it to a new provider to continue using their services, Talk Home Mobile, for example.  

When you port in, you will subscribe to the bundles of Talk Home Mobile while keeping the old number you got from Plusnet Mobile. This way, you can enjoy the services and bundles of new telecom service providers without diving into the hustle of switching your number and sharing it with all your contacts.  

So, you should opt for the PAC code when you want to switch the service provider without getting into the hustle of changing to a new number.  

On the contrary, a STAC terminates your number along with your provider’s services. The code is ideal to be used in case you want to eliminate your number. For instance, you do not like the digits on your number, or it has been exposed to LEAs for some reason, and you wish to change it.  

Order a STAC code and give it to your provider for termination of their services. 

Bottom Line 

A Service termination authorization code is essential to terminate your current number. The code terminates your contract with the provider so you can join a new provider with a unique number. Understanding what a STAC code is and how it is obtained can help you smoothly transit from one service provider to another.  

While both STAC and PAC codes help you switch service providers, a STAC code is specifically used to terminate your existing contract, while a PAC code is used to transfer your number to a new provider.  


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