Plusnet Mobile Closing: Stay Connected on EE Network with Zero Interruptions


We all have heard about Plusnet Mobile closing its UK-wide operations in the coming months, meaning that the customers of this EE-powered MVNO will no longer enjoy the connectivity they used to. There couldn’t be worse news than this for the Plusnet mobile customers.

However, there are still possibilities for you, and that’s what this blog will be about.

We have written several alternatives that help you keep your current number whilst enjoying uninterrupted UK-wide connectivity. How? Let’s jump to the blog to explore your possible options.

Plusnet Mobile is Closing Down

Plusnet mobile is closing down, so your SIM card will stop working. This will prevent you from making calls, sending texts, and accessing the internet with your SIM card.

You may also lose your current number if you do not port in your number to another service provider within the due time.

There has been no announcement on how soon Plusnet Mobile plans to close down its operations; however, it would be ideal to port in earlier for uninterrupted connectivity.

Plusnet Mobile is closing down its UK-wide Mobile operations. However, its broadband services will continue. Plusnet broadband has a customer base that gets pocket-friendly Plusnet broadband deals. This segment will not be affected even if Plusnet Mobile is closing its operations within the country.

Plusnet Mobile PAC code – How to Port-Out

Given that Plusnet mobile is closing down, your only option is to switch your provider using the PAC Code. This allows you to keep your current number while enjoying the services of another service provider, Talk Home Mobile, for example.

Currently, Plusnet allows its customers to port out their numbers without penalty, even if they are in the middle of the contract.

To port out your Plusnet number, text “PAC” to 65075. You’ll get a code on your number, which is to be given to Port-In your number to the new service provider.

plusnet mobile pac code

What other networks are using EE

EE has one of the largest network infrastructures in the United Kingdom, allowing smaller network operators to leverage EE’s services. Among other smaller networks, BT Mobile, Plusnet Mobile, Talk Home Mobile, and Now Mobile are some of the notable names that use EE.

Before deciding on your next network, it is advisable to go through each of these service providers’ offers so you get a better idea of what works best for you.

Starting with Talk Home Mobile, an ideal service provider to be used as an alternative when Plusnet mobile closes. The network provider offers amazing services to its customers including no-contract plans, super-fast 5G, and pocket-friendly 5G plans.

Currently, 5G is available in 16 different cities, with the possibility of expansion soon.

Other reasons you might want to consider Talk Home Mobile include better prices, fixed UK prices for 2023, and free EU roaming.

BT Mobile is another MVNO that offers a great deal regarding data, with plans starting from £9 only. A generous allowance of 20 GB is given to the customers in this basic plan. However, this comes with a long-term contract of 24 months. This becomes a problem when switching your service provider, especially when you’re not aware of the quality of their services.

Third, on the list of alternatives to Plusnet mobile, is Now Mobile. The service provider offers great deals if you are a heavy internet user. Moreover, it is backed by EE’s exceptional service, making it an ideal choice for UK-wide customers. Also, Now Mobile gives you PAYG and monthly plans so you get to enjoy generous data allowances.

EE MVNOs comparison table

All right! So, we’ve discussed what each of these MVNOs has to offer for you.

Based on the plans and data allowances, we assume Talk Home Mobile to be the best alternative to Plusnet Mobile.

And we have reasons to believe so. Let’s discuss these reasons in detail.

MVNO Data Allowance Minutes Texts Additional Benefits
Talk Home Mobile Starts from 1p per MB to 200 GB of Data Unlimited Unlimited International Calling. Free EU Roaming. No contracts
Now Mobile The Plan starts from 1 GB and goes up to 150 GB Unlimited Unlimited Freedom & Flexibility. Fixed Uk rates. No credit checks
BT Mobile It starts from 20 Gb and goes up to Unlimited Data Varies by Plan Varies by Plan Access to BT Wi-Fi Hotspots
1p Mobile Starts from 1p per MB to 200 GB of Data Varies by Plan Varies by Plan Credit Rollover. Free EU Roaming. No contracts
EcoTalk Starts from 3 GB to 100 GB of Data Unlimited Unlimited Eco-friendly. No credit checks

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Why is Talk Home Mobile the Best Plusnet Mobile Alternative?

Talk Home Mobile is an excellent alternative to Plusnet mobile, offering users outstanding services and lower prices. Talk Home Mobile provides the same level of dependability as Plusnet Mobile but at a lower cost. Furthermore, Talk Home Mobile provides lightning-fast 5G connections, allowing you to enjoy seamless connectivity and rapid data transfers.

Talk Home Mobile’s free EU roaming is a standout feature, allowing you to stay connected while traveling throughout the European Union without incurring additional fees. This function provides frequent travelers with convenience and peace of mind. Furthermore, Talk Home Mobile provides flexible, no-commitment options, allowing you to select a plan that meets your needs without being bound by long-term contracts.

New User Offer

Blue Plus Offer







EU Roaming

in 35+ countries


No Contracts




Blistering Fast 5G Speed

Talk Home Mobile offers blistering fast 5G speeds with 5G coverage to almost everywhere in the Kingdom. This means you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity without buffering or slow loading times. Plusnet offers a speed of 66.2 megabits/sec, whereas Talk Home’s whooping 5G speed is 200-400 Mbps.

You can switch your network to Talk Home Mobile without worrying about 5G speeds.

That said, 5G comprises a few different frequency bands. Low band spectrum can travel long distances and penetrate objects but delivers slower 5G speeds. The opposite is true for high band spectrum (mm Waves) -you’ll get faster download speeds, but the waves cannot travel long distances or pass through obstacles.

Currently, Talk Home Mobile’s 5G connectivity is based on the low band, meaning you can enjoy 5G coverage even if you are away from a 5G mast. Though this impacts the speed, the 5G speed on Talk Home is still faster than other service providers due to its even signal distribution.

Check Talk Home’s 5G coverage in your Area

Here’s what Talk Home Mobile 5G has to offer you:

Deployment year Bandwidth Latency Average Speed Wireless Features
2020  Greater than 1Gbps Less than 10 ms 200-400 Mbps Complete interactive media support, Internet of Things, automation


Same Reliability, Better Prices

Talk Home Mobile is also powered by EE, meaning you’ll enjoy the same coverage as you did with the Plusnet Mobile. Being backed by EE gives us an advantage since we can deliver the widest coverage within the United Kingdom.

This will give you the same reliability as you did with the Plusnet with the additional benefit of better prices.

With Talk Home Mobile, you can choose from two plans. The first one is Pay-as-you-go plans, where you can choose from a diverse range of plans starting from 1p/MB, going up to £35 for 150 GB. With pay-as-you-go plans, you can control your connectivity without any strings attached.

Your second option with Talk Home Mobile is monthly plans with double data. Monthly plans start from £5 for 4GB of data up to 200 GB. With these plans, you can enjoy unlimited connectivity without worrying about your data consumption.

Also, we claim to offer the most affordable pricing when it comes to monthly allowances.

Fixed UK Prices for 2023

Another factor making Talk Home Mobile the best alternative to Plusnet Mobile is fixed UK prices in 2023. At Talk Home, we’ve set the prices for all the allowances and plans so our users enjoy the best value without worrying about ever-changing prices.

The initiative of fixed Prices has been applauded by many of our users. This is because the users have peace of mind regarding the prices and know they’d be paying the same amount for the whole year unless they decide to upgrade their plan.

If you decide to Port-In your number to Talk Home Mobile, we assure you of fixed prices for 2023, so you enjoy the connectivity without worrying about price changes in plans. Also, this wouldn’t be limited to one year; you’ll continue to enjoy these perks in upcoming years too.

Free EU Roaming

Free EU roaming makes Talk Home Mobile the best alternative to Plusnet Mobile. This feature lets you make calls and stay connected with your connections, even when traveling to different destinations.

This feature is ideal for frequent travelers who need a SIM card that helps them stay connected. Free roaming is available in over 45 European countries, enabling you to stay connected on the go. So, If you are a frequent traveler, you should consider switching to Talk Home Mobile for free EU roaming.

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No Commitments PAYG Plans from just 1p

No commitment PAYG plans are a great way to test our services. With these plans, the customers only pay for the calls, texts, and data they use without getting into any hidden or sneaky charges.

Talk Home Pay-as-you-go plans start from 1p, meaning you can connect with your loved ones from 1p. The calls to local numbers within the United Kingdom are charged at 1p per minute; the same goes for text messages.

We all use data allowances to surf the internet and connect with friends and family, starting from 1p per MB. This is ideal for light internet users who casually surf across social platforms.

Port in your Number and Get 1GB of Data free

Since Plusnet Mobile is closing down, you’ve got to look for other alternatives to continue using your SIM card. While looking for alternatives, you need to search for MVNOs running on EE, this will give you the same reliability you used to get with Plusnet mobile.

One of the MVNOs running on EE is Talk Home Mobile, which can be the best alternative to Plusnet mobile for the abovementioned reasons.

To facilitate Plusnet users, we have offered 1GB of free data for those porting in their number from Plusnet mobile. This would be as easy as a call to get your porting out number from Plusnet mobile and hand it over to Talk Home customer care on 0800 786 0785.

You’ll get 1GB of free data, whereas we will get a chance to serve your connectivity needs with better prices and great value.

Cheap International Calling Rates and Plans

Not Just Local Calls, Talk Home Mobile also allows you to make international calls to 250+ destinations. With this feature, you can connect with your international connections without breaking the bank.

The international Calls start from 1p per minute, which is lighter on your pocket. Therefore, you should consider porting in your number if you are a frequent international Caller.

We also have international Calling bundles to help you stay connected longer. These bundles have different inclusive minutes depending on your destination country. So, port in your number, explore bundles, choose one, and start making affordable international calls to your destination country.

Exclusive Discounts for Students

Talk Home Mobile is a brand that strives to serve the connectivity needs of individuals from all races of life. To cater to the connectivity needs of students, we have come up with student offers on our PAYG deals.

With these deals, the students have to verify their student status and enjoy exclusive benefits from the student deals. Being a student, you’ll get non-contract SIM cards in different sizes. Plusnet, you’ll get your SIM card without credit checks and enjoy super-fast 5G.

Talk Home Mobile should be your choice if you’re a student looking for no-contract deals.


You landed here to get answers for Is Plusnet Mobile closing down, and we assume you’ve got it. Plusnet Mobile is closing down, and your only option is to look for alternatives.

Talk Home Mobile is the ultimate alternative to Plusnet mobile since it gives your faster 5G speeds, fixed UK prices for 2023, Free EU roaming, better prices, Exclusive discounts for students, and cheap international calling bundles.

These reasons should make you believe that Talk Home Mobile is the only alternative you should look for.


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