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Why Wi-Fi Calling Keeps Dropping: Reasons and Solutions


Wi-Fi calling is one of the most convenient and easy options to communicate especially if your cellular signal is low. Whether you are sitting next to a person or miles across the border, Wi-Fi calling in phones makes it easy to connect to your family, friends, and colleagues.  

Many times, you experience call drops, which may disrupt the flow of your conversation. This interruption may not be noticed when you are talking to your loved ones, but it becomes bothersome when you are on an important call.  

If you want to know why your Wi-Fi calling keeps dropping, keep reading! 

Top Reasons Wi-Fi Calling Keeps Dropping 

Many telecom companies have done thorough research to get in-depth information about the reasons Wi-Fi calling keeps droppings iPhone and Android phone.  

Access Points (AP) 

If you have the habit of ‘talking while walking’ when you’re on a call, it is more likely that your call may drop. The reason behind this is that if you have a large house, there are many Access Points that help connect your device to the cellular network even if you move from one room to the other. These standard Access Points take time to ensure that your device is connected all the time.  

Also, if multiple devices use Wi-Fi at home and are competing with the bandwidth, the connection becomes weak and may result in call drops! 

Unavailable Network & Slow Speed 

When your device doesn’t receive sufficient signal due to physical factors like an obstacle between your cellphone and the signal tower, there will be an issue of call drop. Trees, mountains, tall buildings, etc. May hinder the signal quality and cause issues.  

Network Congestion 

With a limited capacity and multiple devices connected to a single tower at the same time, the cell tower may experience overload, which may cause congestion. It may also be due to the peak hours when people use the internet at particular times. 

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Solutions for Wi-Fi Keeps Dropping Android & iPhone 

After understanding the reasons behind call drops on Wi-Fi calling, you can focus on the solutions. 

Check Your SIM Card 

A SIM card is your direct connection to the cellular network. If you are experiencing calls dropping frequently, it’s time to check your SIM card. Take your SIM and inspect it for any damage, dirt, cracks, or bends, in case of damage, change it immediately.  

Toggle Airplane Mode 

Just like a SIM card check, you can toggle your Airplane mode and refresh your connection. This helps to reestablish the connection so that it can resolve any issue that causes call drops while using your Wi-Fi connection.  


Settings > Airplane Mode > Enable/Disable 


Settings > Connection > Airplane Mode > Enable/Disable 

Restart Network Settings  

After trying all other solutions like checking your SIM card and aeroplane mode, you can change your network settings. This will help refresh the settings and remove the previous Wi-Fi, VPN, and Bluetooth connections. These settings help remove the underlying issues that may result in call drops.  


Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings 


Settings > General Management > Reset > Reset Network Settings 

Update Your Phone  

You may be experiencing call drops because your phone is not updated and is working on older software. As software fixes any bugs on the phone, it is imperative to keep your phone’s software updated. These bugs may cause issues with your phone and may result in call drops.  


Settings > General > Software Update > Install  


Settings > Software Updates > Check for Updates > Install  

Restart Your Wi-Fi Router 

When you reboot your router, you can reset the router’s hardware and eliminate the internet glitch. In case your router is connected to the power source, unplug it and plug it in again. In the case of battery-powered routers, you can power off the router and start it again. This practice will refresh the device and might fix the problem. 

Disable Apps Conflicting with API 

While using certain apps like VPNs, Antivirus apps, etc., you are forced to disconnect from the Wi-Fi. If you are experiencing call drops frequently, you can disable these apps while doing Wi-Fi calling and check if it is working or not! 


Wi-Fi calling is one of the easiest ways to communicate with your friends and family but if you are facing call drops, the main reasons could be network congestion, slow speed, and the harmony of access points if you have a large house. Once understood, you can resolve this issue by doing different settings. This includes checking your SIM card, airplane mode, and network settings. You can update your phone, restart your Wi-Fi router, and disable the apps conflicting with API. 

Wi-Fi calling is a great way to communicate with your loved ones from across the border. By resolving simple issues with easy solutions, you can make the best use of Wi-Fi calling so that you can strike communication seamlessly. 






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