Why Am I Still Receiving Calls and SMS on Airplane Mode
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Why Am I Still Receiving Calls and SMS on Airplane Mode [Answered]


Taking a break? Hoping to get some sanity? If yes, the first thing you can do is put your phone in airplane mode! Despite this, if you wonder why am I still receiving calls in airplane mode, don’t worry, we have all the answers!

Firstly, we should understand that the role of airplane mode is to prevent the devices from sending or receiving text messages and calls. This mode shuts down communication and can act as a lifesaver if you are running low on the battery. Apart from being a sweet escape from notifications, airplane mode allows you to have a digital detox and how!

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, airplane mode is available on both phones but sometimes you keep receiving text messages and calls despite enabling airplane mode. Here’s what actually happens-

What Happens When Someone Calls You on Airplane Mode?

The main role of the airplane mode is to disconnect you from the outside world by restricting calls and messages. However, if someone calls you in airplane mode on your iPhone or Android phone will go straight to voicemail.

Sometimes, the caller may also experience that the phone is unavailable or not reachable. In this scenario, the caller may presume that the person is out of the coverage area, or their phone is switched off!

Why Am I Receiving a Call on Airplane Mode?

If you want to know if I can receive calls in airplane mode, the answer is yes! However, you’ll be surprised to know the reason behind it.

If Connected to a Wi-Fi

Some phones, both Androids and iPhones, receive calls even when airplane mode is on when the phone is connected through a Wi-Fi network. Some network providers support Wi-Fi calls even if it is not connected to cellular data.

Network Settings

When the phone is on airplane mode and you have changed your network settings, you can still receive calls and texts. If you enable/disable settings like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you’ll still be able to communicate with people and receive calls easily.

How to Receive Calls While on Airplane Mode?

Wi-Fi calling is the solution to this problem. This type of calling allows you to route calls on a Wi-Fi network. Even if you don’t have a cellular network, you can receive a call in airplane mode through Wi-Fi network. You can easily enable Wi-Fi calling on your phone by following these easy steps-  

To Connect Wi-Fi Calling

  • Open the ‘Phone’ app.
  • Go to the ‘Settings’.
  • Tap on the ‘Calls’.
  • Go on ‘Wi-Fi calling’.

Note: Make sure that your device and service provider allow Wi-Fi calling option.

How Do I Stop Calls from Airplane Mode?

If you don’t want to receive calls while on Airplane mode, you can switch off the Wi-Fi calling option on your phone.  

  • Go to the ‘Settings.
  • Choose ‘Phone’.
  • Go to ‘Wi-Fi calling.
  • Disable it! 

This way you can stop receiving calls while your phone is in airplane mode.

Ending Notes

Airplane mode is a great feature that will help you take a break from constant calls and messages from your colleagues and friends, especially when you want to enjoy your break or traveling. This feature is also beneficial when you want to save your battery life reduce radiation exposure or take a digital break and maintain your privacy

Sometimes, despite enabling airplane mode, you still receive calls and messages, which is a possibility if you have a strong Wi-Fi connection and have enabled the feature of Wi-Fi calling on your phone. It is quite easy to enable this feature on both Android and iPhones ensuring that your device and service provider allows you to use it.

While airplane mode was initially designed for safe in-flight device use, it evolved enormously to maximize the benefits of smartphones without mobile data.

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