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The SIM card is humankind’s most remarkable creation that eliminates all communication barriers. Roland Moreno is the founder of a SIM card initially famous in Europe. SIM cards became necessary for communication and staying connected to people worldwide as time went by. Now, you cannot imagine your life without a SIM card, as it makes adjusting to a foreign place ten times easier.

How to pick the best SIM card? If you wonder about the same thing, you have landed on the right page. Here, we will talk about some of the best SIM cards in the UK and how to get your hands on them.

What is a SIM Card?

Before we move on to the best SIM card in the market, do you know what a SIM card is? You must be living under a rock if you do not have an idea about a SIM card. Don’t worry; we will let you know in detail.

The word SIM stands for ‘Subscriber Identity Module,’ which means it is a secure key with your identity details. Each user can get their SIM cards through local network vendors by showing their identity cards.

You can also switch subscription identity from one terminal to another by changing the SIM cards. The SIM card is small with a specialized chip with a subscriber identity at the back. It is made up of a tiny plastic piece that goes inside a small pocket on the back or side of your phone.

In terms of functionality, a SIM card is like a mini-computer with unique information that makes it different from the other cards. You can charge and re-charge your SIM card with call minutes, internet, and post-paid services. It allows you to communicate with your family and friends quickly regardless of your location.

On the other hand, you can save your mobile contacts on your SIM card. When you transfer your SIM card to another phone, it already has the contacts you need. It is the perfect combination of storage and user identity.

What’s better is SIM cards come with exciting deals. Before selecting a SIM for yourself, look at the offers they are providing. It is best to evaluate the call charges, the packages, the internet speed, data limit, and message offers beforehand.

Sometimes getting a SIM card with international roaming works, but local cards are cheaper. On most SIM cards, you will get an introductory offer with free data for a certain period. It works best if you are a social media addict or always need access to online banking.

Mobile Networks in the UK

Are you looking for a mobile network with the best SIM card deals in the UK? It has never been easy to choose a SIM card in the UK. There are a few things that one should consider when looking for a SIM card. These include better SIM deals, more data, reliability and speedy 4G/5G coverage. With so many choices available, it is hard for you to get the best deal in one go. Customer service, price, smart-phone plans, and bundles play a significant role in ensuring you get the best deal.

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If you search for the best SIM card deals in the UK, you will get multiple and sometimes confusing options. However, the network services have gotten a little expensive, and you will have to work a little harder to get a SIM that best fits your budget. Bagging an exceptional deal can take a lot of research and hard work. Luckily, we are here to push you in the right direction and help you make a well-versed decision. This section will talk about the UK’s top mobile networks and MVNOs with all the deals and options they provide.

1. EE

If you are looking for the best sim card in the UK regarding data coverage, there is nothing better than EE in the market. EE provides double internet speed as its existing competitors. It is a powerful network provider with reliable and efficient internet services.

Its performance is unmatched regarding efficiency, speed, and monthly plans. The EE mobile network provides the widest coverage across 99% of the UK population, with 5G quickly rolling out in more places than any other network.

If we touch on the price aspect, it might not be the most affordable but provides high-quality service. It will work perfect if you are willing to commit to a contract with multivarious deals you can select from. With a 92% customer satisfaction rate, EE provides its users with the best deals.

2. O2

O2 is a great mobile network increasingly popular in the UK. It does not only provide great monthly packages; but also provides contracts that help you further save money. If you decide to invest in a contract, the data rollover will help you make the most of the plan. There are many 02 mobile network users in the UK because it is affordable to use in the long run. Fortunately, it comes with a free 5G service which you can connect to in most areas.

3. Three

Three is an exceptional mobile network that provides smooth services and high-speed internet. Many people in the UK use Three for faster connectivity and affordable packages. People are delighted with the service provider’s affordability, extensive data coverage, and exceptional monthly deals. The Three mobile networks allow you to unsubscribe to the monthly plan anytime.

4. Vodafone

Vodafone is an international mobile network that is popular around the world. Through Vodafone, you can get access to a good-performing network as well as internet coverage. However, it is not the best amongst all internet speeds and has a 66% user satisfaction rate compared to the other networks.

Nevertheless, the network works well on the go. If you have already subscribed to a Wi-Fi network and need 5G for some time, Vodafone will do wonders. Its 5G subscription prices are lower than EE; hence, it is affordable when travelling. Vodafone is cheaper if you decide to subscribe to a 24-month plan.

Best MVNOs to Save Money in 2022

1. Talk Home Mobile

Talk Home Mobile is one of the best MVNOs in the UK, offering reliable and affordable ways to connect with the world.

The SIM-Only deals, PAYG and roaming plans offered by Talk Home are cheap yet amazing. So, you can stay in touch with your friends and family and save on your monthly call bills. It’s best suited for people looking to make long-distance phone calls without needing internet access.

Talk Home uses EE’s mobile network to provide the broadest and most reliable service throughout the UK. So, you always have a reception even at the remotest of locations, giving you the leverage to connect with more than 240 destinations worldwide.

With Talk Home Mobile SIM, you are guaranteed to pay less connect more. It is incredibly affordable and provides seamless services to a user. Serving people through more than 500 linked networks, the service is bound to offer high-quality calls way cheaper than you might expect.

You can enjoy extensive call minutes, mobile data to stay connected to the internet, and text messages for quick communication.

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2. Google Fi

Google Fi is one of the most reliable and innovative MVNOs amongst other services available. It provides seamless services by relying upon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and sometimes mobile hotspots. One of the best features about Google Fi is that it does not charge when the data limit is over.


VOXI is amongst the famous MVNOs in the UK and provides powerful services to fulfil your entertainment needs. It offers affordable SIM-Only deals but not contract or pay-as-you-go deals. If you are a social networking freak, switching to VOXI is a good option. You will get enough data included in the plan to support you throughout the month.

4. Sky Mobile

Sky Mobile has a massive user base in the UK. With its continuous efforts to provide seamless mobile services, Sky Mobile has become an award-winning MVNO. It provides its customers with a range of data packages and faster speed. The brand has a customer-centric vision that significantly enhances the user experience.

5. Giffgaff

Giffgaff is most users’ favourite in the UK and has a 96% customer satisfaction rate. It comes loaded with the lowest pay-as-you-go rates and affordable packages. You can choose between 30-day minimum, maximum, or GoodyBag plans. Also, you can take advantage of unlimited data and minutes at an affordable rate.

Contract vs. Pay-as-you-go vs. SIM-only: Choosing the Best SIM

The SIM card itself is not very expensive, but the deals you choose to opt for can cost you quite a lot of money. Depending upon your need, you can go for sim contracts, sim-only deals, or pay-as-you-go. If you are buying a sim, you are accustomed to the values available as it helps you make the best choice. Read ahead to explore the different types of sim deals:

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Best Monthly Contract Deals

People buying new sim cards usually look for the best phone contract deals in the UK. A monthly contract is much more feasible than a pay-as-you-go plan. You get a specific number of minutes, text limit, and data for each month at a special price. It is better to choose a contract that best suits your needs and is affordable.

Talk Home Mobile provides the most affordable 30-day contracts. You can take advantage of the seamless services and impeccable internet speed in any locality in the UK. If you stay in the UK for longer than a month, it is best to subscribe to a monthly contract.

A sim contract can be longer than a month and stretch up to 24 months. You can take advantage of data rollover as contracts help optimal use of minutes, texts, and MBs.

Best SIM-only Deals

Most mobile network service providers in the UK provide the best sim-only deals. It is a monthly deal out of the contract that helps you save money. If you are visiting the UK for a short period getting a contract subscription is not feasible. It is best to get sim-only deals if you do not need internet or minutes all the time.

In the UK, Talk Home Mobile, Vodafone, and Giffgaff provide the best sim-only deals, which you can check out. Talk Home mobile packages are significantly cheap, and you can take advantage of unlimited data, minutes, and texts on the go.

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Best PAYG Deals

Pay-as-you-go is just as the name suggests; you top up money in your SIM card as you need it. It is best for people who do not have to communicate that much. If you stay at your house mostly, you will not require credit for subscriptions. Hence, pay-as-you-go is perfect for such people.

Some mobile network providers offer the best pay-as-you-go deals and help you save money. However, if you work on your phone often, you should subscribe to a monthly contract or sim-only deal.

Talk Home Mobile, Giffgaff, and Sky Mobile provide reliable pay-as-you-go deals. You also get to save money if you keep some cash credited in your SIM. Talk Home Mobile provides affordable international rates for up to 40 countries compared to other mobile networks.

Best SIM Cards for Kids: What to Look For

It is surprising how fast kids grow up, and before you know it, they have their phones. Parents are always concerned about which sim to get for their children. If you are one of those parents looking for, we are here to guide you.

If you are getting a SIM card for your child, here is what you should look for:

1. Parental Control

Sim cards come with parental controls, and most parents are unaware of it. It is essential to keep track of your child’s content. Giving a mobile phone to your child for security can often distract them from studies and other important activities.

Sim cards such as Vodafone and EE come with limited 18+ data. However, it only limits mature content on data coverage and not WIFI. If your child uses WIFI on the phone, you need to use other parental controls to access the content.

2. Data Capping

When looking for the best sim card for kids, it must include features such as data capping. You must monitor the data, minutes, and texts your kid uses. Also, it is essential to limit your children’s mobile phone use to manage expenses and reduce distractions.

You can use the data capping option to the monthly contract or set a flexible plan. Data capping ensures your child has limited access to deals and uses them wisely.

3. Discount Packages

Obviously, boys and girls spend time on their phones a little too much. For that reason, it is smart to avail family discounts on a sim; it saves a lot of money. You can also get discounts that cut costs significantly.

EE provides a 10% discount, Vodafone 15%, and O2 20% discount if you avail of family deals.

Best SIM Cards for Kids

There are numerous sims available in the UK, but how to pick the best sim card for your kids? The UK has some of the best mobile network providers with exceptional monthly deals. Here are some of our suggestions for sim cards for kids:

1. Talk Home

Talk Home is one of the best SIM card providers in the UK, with great monthly deals, internet packages, and plans. It is one of the cheapest SIM cards with no hidden charges. Talk Home provides you with unlimited minutes, text, and internet at a comparatively cheap rate. It is a perfect SIM card for kids as it is cheap and offers many discounts offers throughout the year.

Talk Home Mobile provides the most affordable international call rates for 40 countries. They have a lot of discounts on their monthly SIM-Only deals. You can take advantage of the extensive coverage and high speed, connecting your device in most areas. It helps you save money as it provides competitive UK rates and bundles.

2. Smarty

Smarty is one of the cheapest mobile network services, making it affordable for parents. Moreover, it has the option of a subscription cancellation, which helps parents control their kid’s mobile usage. The package lasts a user for 30 days, and the option of cancellation makes it convenient.

3. Giffgaff

Giffgaff is a reliable sim in the UK, and most users trust the brand with closed eyes. It provides multiple packages to a user; you can easily find a plan that fits your budget. One of the best things about Giffgaff is that you can unsubscribe to the monthly package anytime you like. If you want to limit your child’s internet usage, you can buy a limited package.


How to pick the best sim card for yourself? It is one of the things that people struggle with when they are visiting a foreign country such as the UK.

When selecting a sim card, always ensure that you go through all the monthly deals, yearly contracts, discounts, and internet speed the network provider offers.

Talk Home Mobile provides the best internet speed, unlimited texts, minutes, and data. Its packages are super cheap and offer deal cancellation at any time. Hence, it is a perfect mobile network to invest in if you want affordability and seamless service both.


What is the best pay-as-you-go sim card?

Pay-as-you-go is not the most feasible when you use your phone often to make calls, send texts and use the internet. However, if you opt for PAYG, the Talk Home Mobile network is the best as it offers competitive UK rates and affordable international call rates for 40 countries.

What is the best prepaid sim card in the UK?

Best prepaid sim cards for travelling to the UK include Talk Home Mobile, O2, Smarty, and Giffgaff. They have amazing deals, unlimited minutes, and phenomenal internet bundles that are perfect to use on the go.

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