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Call UK from US: Area Code, Dialling Code and Exit Code


With over a million Britons living in the United States, it’s very likely to have a loved one or colleague you’d like to keep in touch with. But if you want to call the UK from the US, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Communication and socializing are innate to humans. But the kind of lives we’re living makes it so hard for us to take time out to fulfilling this basic human need. More so when you’re unsure how to go about it because of the abundance of options you’ve at hand. Your loved ones living in the UK are what you need to fulfil your need to socialize and communicate.

This detailed guide focuses on helping you get in touch with loved ones in the UK anytime you want without breaking the bank. It eases you on how to call the UK from the US, educating you on the major differences between the time zones, different companies, and different options to determine the best way to do so.

So, let’s begin.

Things to Know Before You Call UK from the US

You can make the most of your call if you consider the following things before calling the UK from the US:

  • Know your time zones.
  • Schedule the call in advance. Once you’ve set the best time to call, notify the other person to ensure availability and avoid communication issues.
  • Take special care of time and your tone, especially when making a business call.
  • Check to see if there’s a different process for calling mobile and landline.

Time Zone Differences Between UK and USA

call UK from UK - Time Difference

Due to differences in time zones and individual times outside daylight-saving time, phone calls to the UK are not always as simple as you may believe them.

There are six time zones in the US, and you may be calling from any of them. It would be best to consider your time zone and the recipient’s local time in the UK to determine the best time to make your call.

Time Difference Between US with the British Standard Time

The section below gives you an idea of the time difference between different time zones of the US with the BST (British Standard Time).

Eastern Time The UK is five hours ahead of you. So, if it’s noon here, it will be 5 pm. in the UK.
Central Time The UK is six hours ahead of you, so it will be 6 pm. in the UK at noon in this time zone.
Mountain Time The UK is seven hours ahead of you, so it will be 7 pm there when it’s noon here. (If you’re in Arizona, the UK time will be eight hours ahead of you during daylight saving time.)
Pacific Time The UK is eight hours ahead of you, so it will be 8 in the evening in the UK when you’re at noon here.
Alaska Time The UK is nine hours ahead of you, so it will be 9 pm in the UK by noon here.
Hawaii Time With the UK time ten hours ahead of you in this time zone, it will be 10 pm. there while it’s noon here.

Remember, the UK and US observe daylight saving time a bit differently. And because some states don’t follow it, the best way to get over such difference is to use tools like Time and Date.

It can give you a very accurate picture of the time in the US and the UK. So, you can determine the best time to contact your friends in the UK.

Area Codes in the United Kingdom

Here’s a table with the UK’s area codes of famous cities.

Location Area Code Location Area Code
Aberdeen 1224 Belfast 28
Birmingham 121 Blackburn 1254
Blackpool 1253 Bolton 1204
Bournemouth 1202 Brighton 1273
Bristol 117 Cambridge 1223
Cardiff 29 Colchester 1206
Coventry 24 Derby 1332
Dundee 1382 Edinburgh 131
Glasgow 141 Gloucester 1452

How to Call UK Landline Number From US?

Figuring out how to call the UK number, you’ll first need to determine whether you’d like to call UK mobile number or landline number. If it’s a landline number in the UK that you want to call, here’s what you need to do. This is a step by step method to call UK from US.

  1. Dial 011 – US Exit Code

    It means you are making an international call outside the United States.

  2. Dial the UK country code

    Then dial the UK country code, which is 44. Country code 44 will connect you to any UK number.

  3. Dial the Prefix of the UK’s Location

    Now dial the prefix of the place where your family member, friend, acquaintance, or client lives.
    For instance, area code 161 will link you to a number in Manchester, while area code 121 will link you to a number in Birmingham. Don’t type “0” in the prefix, even if you see it at the beginning. Enter the numbers that appear after the zero.

  4. Dial the Remaining Digits of the Phone Number

    Finish by dialling the remaining digits of the phone number you want to access.

As long as you have the area code and phone number you want to add, you can conveniently call the UK from the US. However, you need to remember the other country’s exit code and access code..

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How to Call UK Mobile Number from the US?

Follow a similar procedure when calling a mobile phone in the UK. It’s just a matter of dialling the UK mobile phone code instead of the area code in step three. “7” is the UK mobile phone code. Let’s simplify it further:

  • Dial the US exit code, 011 (or “+” if making a call from a mobile phone).
  • Then dial the UK country code, 44.
  • Then dial the UK mobile code, i.e., 7.
  • Finally, dial the remaining phone number

How Much It Costs to Call the UK from the US?

Another issue you need to address before calling the UK is pricing.

US operators may charge unpredictable rates or terminate a call on a prepaid line while you’re still on it. To resolve this, you need to know how much your service provider charges and whether a UK call is included in your phone package.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, mobile phone services such as AT&T can charge up to $ 3.70 per minute, or more than $ 220 per hour, for calls to the United Kingdom. If you must call the UK frequently for personal or business reasons, you can accrue bills worth hundreds of dollars a month.

Comparison of Different Calling Plans Offered in the UK

Look at the different services and plans to get a better idea of how much calls to the UK cost:

 Service Regular Monthly Rate Features Terms
Talk Home App Cheap PAYG Plans It offers a flat rate of 25c/min to call the UK from the US for both landlines and mobiles. Free to download.No subscription fees. Add credit only as needed.
Verizon World Plan 300 $15.00 Provides 300 minutes per month for calls. Users can add up to 300 minutes per month to call up to 120 international destinations (direct-dial) and up to 98 countries for calls to mobile phones.
AT&T International Calling $15.00 It offers unlimited calls from the United States to over 85 international destinations. The service costs $ 34.95 per month for non-subscribers.
Viber Out $5.99 It enables you to call mobile and landline numbers in 60 countries VoIP (VoIP) service that offers unlimited minutes and can be cancelled at any time
T-Mobile Magenta or ONE plan, plus an additional $15/month per line Users can call landlines in over 70 locations and mobile phones in over 30 locations. It comes with an unlimited number of text messages. Users must be signed up for Magenta, ONE, Simple Choice, or other plans that have been activated after November 2015.

How to Make Cheap Calls from the US to the UK with the Talk Home?

The ideal solution should help you get in touch with recipients who live in the UK and inform you in advance of your costs so you can get the best deal possible. This is where the Talk Home App comes into play.

Instead of making assumptions about paying a service provider $2 or $200 for a call, Talk Home App lets you reliably call the UK for as low as 25 cents per minute for both landlines and mobiles. 

It allows you to make high-quality cheap international calls, send mobile top-ups, and transfer credit to other talk home app users.

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Let’s have a look at some of the best features of this app:

200 Plus International Calling Destinations

This app makes cheap international calls and sends SMS to your loved ones. Talk Home is the trusted choice for millions of people worldwide who make cheap international calls to over 200 destinations worldwide.

Two Plus Decades of International Calling Industry Experience

Over two decades of international calling industry, they’ve established long-term relationships with leading service providers and the best international calling network operators to provide users with the best rates and services.

Local Phone Lines for Better Connectivity 

Connectivity and optimisation of international phone calls using local phone lines. This guarantees the best call quality, with the lowest possible international call rates, starting from just 1cent per minute.

Stable and Reliable Connections

Connecting through local lines means you don’t have to worry about a slow or poor internet connection or termination of regular calls. Local lines provide the most stable connection for your international calls. The outcome? Cheap, high-quality international calls, minus the hassle of many other international calling applications.

No Hidden Contracts – Complete Transparency

Talk Home has no hidden contracts, surcharges, or commitments. You can maintain total flexibility and control over all your communication needs – whether it’s international uploads, calling bundles, or anything else.

Total Control

It’s packed with great features and functionality that give you complete control over your calls and operations, focusing on keeping you and your information safe. They work with top technology partners to protect your personal information and payments in any way.

12 Million Plus Monthly Calls

With over 12 million international calls every month, the best rates for international calls, value-added calling packages, and high-quality calls – you can count on the Talk Home app to give you an excellent calling experience!

Wrapping it up

We hope that with our guide, you have learned how to call England from US. If you looking for cheap ways to make cheap international calls to the UK, make sure you use Talk Home. Calling UK from US is very simple: Just from our simple steps, instantly connect with your loved ones abroad. The process is not only simple but a cost-effective way to make international calls.

🤔 FAQs

How do I call a +44 from the United States?

Follow these steps if you intend to call the United Kingdom from the United States:
• Dial exit code 011. It informs the operator that you are making an international call.
• Dial 44, the UK country code. It notifies the service provider that you will be calling a UK number.
• If you want to call a UK mobile number, dial 7, followed by the area code.
• In the UK, area codes are 2 to 5 digits long. If you find a prefix with 0, you can omit 0 when entering the phone number.
• Dial the phone number. The complete phone number must be ten digits long at least, including the area code. It will be nine digits long if it is a mobile number (excluding the mobile code).

How do I enter a mobile number with 44?

A phone number can have up to 15 digits. The first part of the phone number represents the country code (1-3 digits).
The second part comprises the National Destination Code (NDC)
The subscriber number (SN) constitutes the last part
Let’s see an example:
Country code: +44
National destination code: 7911
Subscriber number: 123456
Result: +447911123456
Two important things to remember; first, the leading “0” in it is excluded following an E.164 notation. The UK mobile number “07911 123456” is “+44 7911 123456” in the international format, so it’s without the first 0. Secondly, according to E.164, all spaces, hyphens [‘-’] and parentheses [‘(‘and’)’] are excluded, except the leading “+”, all characters must be numeric.

What is the UK dialling code from the US?

To call someone in the UK from the US, the very first thing you need to do is get access to the UK dialling code. It’s +44. Once you dial this number, you signal your network provider that you’ll be accessing a UK number.

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