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International Calling Guide: How to Call Afghanistan


Keeping in contact with loved ones who are in a different country leads to high call prices and confusing calling criteria. You can end up spending hours on how to call Afghanistan and still might not be able to connect with those you loved.

A quick guide on how to call Afghanistan can become a lifesaver for you. Therefore, to help you make cheap crystal-clear calls to Afghanistan without worrying much, in our blog, we will extensively talk about how to call Afghanistan. We will also talk about the country and area codes and the cheapest ways of calling Afghanistan.

Furthermore, we will also tell you a few helpful tips on how to call Afghanistan with Talk Home and the benefits of international calling with Talk Home.

The dialing steps to call Afghanistan from the United Kingdom are listed below. You can discover instructions on how to call Afghanistan on a fixed or mobile phone internationally from the United Kingdom.

Country Code for Afghanistan

Every country has a different country code which is necessary to connect your call to destinations outside your country. You can make international calls to Afghanistan using country code 93. After the IDD, dial the country code for Afghanistan (93). An area code comes after the dialing code for Afghanistan (93).

How to Call Afghanistan from the UK

You must adhere to the international calling procedure listed below in order to make a direct call to Afghanistan from the United Kingdom. The dialing procedure is the same for calls from the UK to Afghanistan, either landline or mobile.

When phoning Afghanistan from the UK, use the above-mentioned syntax.

  1. 00 is the United Kingdom’s exit code, which is required when making any kind of international call from the United Kingdom.
  2. Afghanistan’s ISD code or country code is 93.
  3. Area code – There are 34 area codes in Afghanistan. After dialing the ISD code, dial the area code of the Afghanistan city you are contacting if one exists. Dial the recipient’s phone number after the ISD code if there is no area code.

Area Codes for Afghanistan

The Afghanistan city codes are displayed in the table below. These area codes are followed by the Afghanistan country codes. Make your international call using the whole Afghanistan calling code and connect directly with your loved ones in Afghanistan instantly. Area Code
1 Badghis 41
2 Badkhshan 52
3 Baghlan 58
4 Balkh 50
5 Bamian 23
6 Daykundi 26
7 Farah 43
8 Faryab 57
9 Ghazni 31
10 Ghor 42
11 Helmand 34
12 Herat 40
13 Jowzjan 54
14 Kabul 20
15 Kandahar 30
16 Kapisa 22
17 Khost 27
18 Kunar 62
19 Kunduz 51
20 Laghman 63
21 Logar 25
22 Nangarhar 60
23 Nimroz 44
24 Nurestan 61
25 Pakria 64
26 Paktika 65
27 Panjshar 28
28 Parwan 21
29 Samangan 55
30 Sar-e-Pol 56
31 Takhar 53
32 Uruzgan 32
33 Wardak 24
34 Zabol 33


What is Talk Home Calling Card?

With the Talk Home Calling Card, you can instantly place inexpensive international calls to anyone in the nation for as little as 1p-c per minute. Talk Home Calling Cards – one of the oldest calling cards on the market – boasts the title of being among the first networks in existence to help users make cheap international calls and remove communication barriers between individuals.

Thus, you can use the Talk Home Calling Card if you want to call loved ones in Afghanistan at a low rate. You can get hassle-free, crystal-clear voice quality only with Talk Home Calling Card. Go limitless and share your moments of joy with your loved ones in Afghanistan – only with Talk Home Calling Card.

Using Talk Home Calling Cards to Call Loved ones in Afghanistan

Using Talk Home Calling Cards is the most affordable option for calling Afghanistan from the United Kingdom. Calls to your loved ones abroad will be crystal clear thanks to Talk Home’s utilization of the best phone lines.

With our low rates, you may call loved ones in Afghanistan for as little as 10p per minute on a landline and 12p per minute on any mobile network. The best part is that each recharge allows you to accrue reward points, and your initial purchase qualifies for a special 10% off discount.

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Talk Home Calling Card Points: How Do They Work?

You will get reward points with each purchase. These reward points are simply redeemable and only apply to Talk Home rechargeable calling cards. This implies that you will receive more reward points the more calling cards you use. So, use Talk Home Calling Cards each time you make an international call to Afghanistan and double your savings by earning rewards points on each purchase.

How to Use a Talk Home Calling Card to Call Afghanistan

Talk Home Calling Cards are used worldwide to make international calls. Use the instructions below to call Ethiopia internationally using your calling card.

  1. Start by dialing the access number on your device.
  2. When prompted, enter the PIN from your calling card.
  3. Finally, use the international dialing format, which starts with 00 or a plus sign, to call the foreign number.

Your call will be properly routed to ensure you receive the highest call quality and dependability at the lowest prices.

Use the Talk Home App to Place Cheap Calls to Afghanistan

One of the market’s most awaited and infamous calling apps, the Talk Home App, offers another inexpensive and hassle-free way to call Afghanistan. Connect with loved ones in Afghanistan for as low as 15c/min for landline and 23c/min for mobile by downloading the fastest-growing international calling app.

Use the Talk Home App to make inexpensive international calls and enjoy the highest possible call quality. This means that Talk Home App should be your first-choice app if you wish to call someone in Afghanistan. Unquestionably, the Talk Home app offers the best value for the best product. You can click to learn more about the calling rates for Afghanistan

Account Setup: Calling Afghanistan Using Talk Home App

Download the all-new Talk Home App and enjoy an improved calling experience like never before. Both Android and iOS users can download the Talk Home App. This indicates that there are no device limitations for the software, and you may install Talk Home App on almost any smartphone on the market.

Here is a short tutorial on how to set up the free Talk Home App after you have finished installing it:

  1. Launch the Talk Home App from your phone’s home screen.
  2. After entering your phone number within the app for verification, you will receive an OTP on the phone number you provided.
  3. The software will request your permission to access your contacts after authentication. After granting permission, your app dashboard will be displayed.
  4. If you don’t have promotional credit, you’ll need to top up your account before you can start calling, texting, or sending credit to any phone number in more than 250 countries.

Connect with your loved ones in Afghanistan using the Talk Home App and our local phone lines. Talk Home App does not cause any distortion or dropouts during any of the calls that are placed. Never let your loved ones in Afghanistan run out of credit by sending them credit.

Your loved ones may be miles afar, but thanks to the Talk Home App, they are still only a few seconds away.

Concerned about Running Out of Credit? Activate Auto Top-up and Never Get Disconnected

You may set up “auto top-up” on your Talk Home Mobile account so that you won’t have to worry about running out of credit when you want to call your loved ones anywhere on the globe.

  1. The fundamental idea behind auto top-up is to create a system that automatically tops off your credit when it runs out without you having to do it manually each time.
  2. To get started, simply click the login button in the top right corner of the webpage to access your Talk Home Mobile account.
  3. Once you have logged in, select “Auto Recharge” under the “Top Up by Card” option from among the available top-up options.
  4. Toggle it on to make the selection active. Choose your “minimum balance threshold” amount and the amount you want to be topped up automatically when your balance reaches it.
  5. Never lose connection when sharing a funny moment with the Talk Home App. Connect with your loved ones by using the auto top-up option.


You should now have all the information you need to contact Afghanistan. People naturally want to communicate with one another and spread messages. Always keep in touch with your loved ones and share your happy moments with them. Keep in touch with your loved ones in Afghanistan through phone and text.

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