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What is Apple iOS’s Wi-Fi Assist? How do I Enable or Disable it?


In today’s world, the internet plays a significant role in performing everyday activities. Right from GPS navigation to interaction with loved ones, everything is driven by Rich Communication Services (RCS). An uninterrupted 5G mobile network is a must if you want to continue experiencing the dynamic way of interaction. Wi-Fi assist is a great way to ensure that you’re always connected to the internet even if you have weak Wi-Fi.

The main role of Wi-Fi assist is to switch to mobile data if the Wi-Fi connection is not strong enough so that you are always connected! It is a new feature in iOS 9 and later and works wonders to avoid disruptions while browsing the internet or during a video call. You can enable or disable Wi-Fi Assist very easily.    

What is Wi-Fi Assist? 

An efficient feature on an iPhone and iPad, Wi-Fi assist is often used to ensure that your Apple iPhone has a smooth internet connection even if the Wi-Fi connection is poor. For instance, if you are browsing the internet using public Wi-Fi and the signal strength is too low, the Wi-Fi assist will automatically switch to your mobile data so that you can use the internet smoothly without any interruptions.   

When you enable Wi-Fi Assist, you’ll be able to see the cellular icon on the status bar. Also, when you are using this feature, you can use many apps like Safari, Maps, Mail, Apple Music, etc.  

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What are the Pros and Cons of Wi-Fi Assist? 

Like everything, there are pros and cons of using this feature. If you want to make the best use of this feature, you must know the bottlenecks so that you can use this iPhone feature efficiently.  


  • Reliable & Consistent Internet Connection: The feature keeps you connected even if you have a weak Wi-Fi signal in public spaces or distant areas, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted connection.  
  • Seamless Switching: The best thing about Wi-Fi Assist is that you don’t need to enable or disable it manually in case of a weak signal as it automatically switches to the cellular data to provide a seamless connection. The switch is also very smooth as there is no interruption during the transition! 
  • Optimized Data Usage: The Wi-Fi assist is a smart feature that utilizes cellular data when it is required the most! It minimizes data consumption and does the switch only when it is required!  This way, it optimizes your data plan.  
  • Puts Wi-Fi Connection on Priority: As its function, the Wi-Fi assist uses Wi-Fi as a priority and chooses cellular data only as a backup. This allows you to make the best use of a blistering fast, uninterrupted 5G mobile data plan. 
  • Enhanced User Experience: It makes sure that you have a seamless experience with uninterrupted data so that you can enjoy your online gaming or make video calls even in areas where there is poor Wi-Fi signal.  


  • Increased Mobile Data Usage: As Wi-Fi assist switches automatically to the cellular data and improves your cell phone signal; it often utilizes a lot of data than you would know. If you have a limited data plan, you must be cautious of this feature as it can be an issue and may lead to stepping out of your budget.  
  • Battery Drain: By constantly switching between mobile data and Wi-Fi, your device tends to drain the battery. While it may not get noticed at first but if Wi-Fi assist is being used often, it may result in substantial battery usage.  
  • Privacy Issues: When Wi-Fi Assist uses your mobile data, it may use an unsecured connection, which may expose your sensitive information to possible security risks. Hence, you have to be alert all the time.  

How to Enable/Disable Wi-Fi Assist? 

how to turn on and off iphone wifi assist

Generally, Wi-Fi Assist is on by default. However, if you want to check and know more about the process to enable/disable Wi-Fi assist iPhone, here are some simple steps. Follow the same to ensure an uninterrupted internet connection.  

Steps to Enable 

  • Go to ‘Settings’. 
  • Tap on the ‘Cellular’ or ‘Mobile Data’. 
  • Scroll down and go to the ‘Wi-Fi Assist’ option.  
  • Turn it on.  
  • Voila! 

Now, your device will be able to switch to cellular data once the Wi-Fi connection is weak.  

Steps to Disable

  • Go to the ‘Settings’. 
  • Choose ‘Cellular or Settings’.  
  • Tap on ‘Mobile Data’.  
  • Scroll down to the bottom and find ‘Wi-Fi Assist’. 
  • Tap on the slider and disable it! 

Key Takeaways 

A Wi-Fi assist feature is a highly efficient way to keep yourself connected to the internet. It seamlessly switches to the cellular data of your phone and ensures that there is an uninterrupted mobile internet connection so that you can browse the internet, play games, make video calls, or even stream videos without any issues.  

The feature is available on iOS 9 and later devices and can be used to access Safari, Maps, Apple Music, Email, and more! What makes this feature special is that it ensures a reliable and seamless connection, the switch from Wi-Fi to cellular data is so smooth and effortless that you’ll not even experience any interruptions! It puts Wi-Fi connection on priority and keeps mobile data as a backup, which helps optimize data usage and enhances the user’s experience.  

Although the Wi-Fi assist is on by default, you can check to enable or disable it in the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone. Go to the ‘Settings’, choose ‘Cellular or Mobile Data’, go to ‘Wi-Fi assist’ and disable it. Despite various benefits, the feature leads to increased mobile data usage, excessive battery drainage, and causes privacy concerns.  

Hence, you should always know how and when to make use of this feature to reap its maximum benefits.   


Wi-Fi assist and Wi-Fi calling are not the same. While Wi-Fi assist switches from a poor Wi-Fi connection to cellular data, in the case of Wi-Fi calling, when the quality of LTE is low, the feature uses the phone’s Wi-Fi connection to ensure smooth voice data traffic.  

iPhone automatically uses cellular data whenever the Wi-Fi connection is low. If the signal strength is high while using Wi-Fi, the device will not switch to mobile data. The signal strength plays a crucial role in selecting the medium of data.  

This happens because of the Wi-Fi feature. The switch happens whenever Wi-Fi assist analysis that the signal strength from the Wi-Fi connection is poor. It switches to a stronger, uninterrupted 5G cellular data connection and ensures a seamless connection. With a 5G mobile plan with a blistering speed and broader coverage, you can experience a strong network.  

Yes, Wi-Fi assist is available on Android phones to ensure that the network connection is seamless. However, on android phones, it is known as Adaptive Wi-Fi. In most Android devices, this feature is on by default. However, due to excessive battery usage, many people disable this feature intentionally.

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