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Calling Guide – How to Call Brazil


Do you still need to call your Brazil relatives even if you live abroad? Is it urgent to get in touch with someone in Brazil? Are you interested in learning how to contact Brazil from another nation?

If so, this tutorial has all you need.

You’ll become capable of:

  • From abroad, dial any Brazilian landline number.
  • From abroad, call any Brazilian mobile number.
  • Make inexpensive calls to Brazil by using the Talk Home App.
  • Using a Talk Home Calling Card for cheap international calls to Brazil.

Look at the details below.

Country Code for Brazil: +55

When making international calls, you must follow a specific dialing pattern, such as:

  • IDD + Country Code + Area Code + Landline number (For landline phone numbers)
  • IDD + Country Code + Mobile Number (For Mobile numbers)

IDD also referred to as an exit code, is a shortened version of the international direct dial code for a certain nation. As exit codes, “00” or “011” are frequently used.

Brazil’s country code, often known as the international subscriber dialing code, is +55 (Brazil calling code). Without this code, you are unable to communicate with anyone in Brazil.

Here’s How to call Brazil

  • IDD/exit code + 55 + Area code + Recipient’s landline number
  • IDD/exit code + 55 + Recipient’s mobile number

Remember to dial the International Dialing Code (IDD) or exit code, “00” or “011,” before the recipient’s number and the country code for Brazil.

When a caller hides his identity, you often pick up the call. Next, there’s always a salesperson trying to sell you something while wasting your time. Here’s a complete guide on how to block no caller ID.

How to Call Brazil Using Your Mobile/Cell Phone?

To call Brazil using your mobile phone:

  • IDD/exit code + 55 + Area code + Recipient’s landline number
  • IDD/exit code + 55+ Recipient’s mobile number

How to Call Brazil Using Your Landline?

To call Brazil using your landline:

  • IDD/exit code + 55 + Area code + Recipient’s landline number
  • IDD/exit code + 55 + Recipient’s mobile number

If you need to connect with someone in Brazil, use Talk Home.

Make Cheap Calls to Brazil with Talk Home App

Do you require a trustworthy calling app with reasonable rates to call Brazil? Calling Brazil is now the most cost-effective choice, thanks to the Talk Home App.

Using the Talk Home App’s selection of calling choices, you can use local lines to make international calls. It doesn’t use the internet and offers you calls that are clear of distortion and good quality.

With the Talk Home App, you can call any Brazilian landline number for just 2 cents per minute and any Brazilian mobile number for just 8 cents. Additionally, each SMS to Brazil costs 10 cents.

Keep reading further to know how to call Brazil at the cheapest rates.

If Calling Using Talk Home App, First Set Up Your Account

Would you like to call Brazil or any other country on the planet, even the most remote ones, using the Talk Home App? If you have an Android phone, you must then download the Talk Home App from the Google Play Store. Download the Talk Home app if you have an iPhone from the Apple Store.

After that, register with Talk Home App using your phone number.

You must first purchase credit using your preferred payment option before you can call Brazil or any other nation in the world.

How Will You Know If You’re About to Run Out of Credit and Disconnect? (Enable Auto Top-Up and Go Worry-Free)

Do you want to be warned when your Talk Home App’s balance drops too low? The balance threshold alarm can then be activated. It will tell you when you’ve reached a specific limit.

Then, you can recharge your account and enjoy seamless communication.

Activate the auto-top-up function to save time and have funds in your Talk home account. When the balance is low, your account is automatically replenished. Using the Talk Home App’s settings, you can always turn it off.

By checking the auto-recharge box in the Talk Home App payment area, you can enable auto-top-up features.

Read further to know how to call Brazil at the cheapest rates.

Call Brazil with Talk Home Calling Card

Want to call Brazil with the most affordable calling card and save a ton of money? Are you trying to find a calling card with ongoing savings? The only option available to you at this time is the Talk Home Calling Card.

You accumulate points when you make your initial purchase or top-up your Talk Home Calling Card.

What is Talk Home Calling Card?

You can make prepaid international calls to landlines and mobile phones using a Talk Home Calling Card. Additionally, the card can be refilled to significantly reduce the cost of both domestic and international calls.

Do you want to purchase a Talk Home Calling Card? Click this. After choosing “Buy,” follow the website’s instructions.

The 10-digit PIN will be provided to you after completing the payment process. Please keep it in a secure location. A copy of your PIN will also be sent by email from customer support to your email address. You can read our blog here to know more about international calling cards.

Steps to Call Brazing with Talk Home Calling Card

Follow these:

  • Dial the access number (You’ll get it when you purchase the card)
  • Dial your PIN after the prompt
  • Dial your desired landline number: 00/011 +55 + Area code + Recipient’s number

If you want to call someone in Brazil on mobile, repeat the first two steps:

  • Dial your desired mobile number: 00/011 +55 + Recipient’s mobile number

How Do Talk Home Calling Card Points Work?

When you purchase the card from Talk Home, you receive 100 points. Additionally, for every £5 you recharge, you receive 20 points. These points have a 12-month redemption period, and 20 points are worth 5% off each recharge.

Cheap Calling Rates: How to Call Brazil from the UK?

Talk Home App supplies you with 2 cents per minute rate for a Brazilian landline number, and you can call any Brazilian mobile number at 8 cents per minute.

A £10 Talk Home Calling Card allows you:

  • 1000 minutes on Brazilian landline numbers (1p/min)
  • 200 minutes on Brazilian mobile numbers (5p/min)

Calling Brazil – Area Codes

Here are area codes in service for popular cities of Brazil.

  • Belém: 91
  • Boa Vista: 95
  • Macapá: 96
  • Manaus: 92
  • Palmas: 63
  • Porto Velho: 69
  • Rio Branco: 68
  • Aracaju: 79
  • Fortaleza: 85
  • João Pessoa: 83
  • Maceió: 82
  • Natal: 84
  • Recife: 81
  • Salvador: 71
  • São Luís: 98
  • Teresina: 86
  • Brasília: 61
  • Campo Grande: 67
  • Cuiabá: 65
  • Goiânia: 62
  • Belo Horizonte: 31
  • Rio de Janeiro: 21
  • São Paulo: 11
  • Vitória: 27
  • Curitiba: 41
  • Ilha do Mel: 41
  • Paranaguá: 41
  • Morretes: 41
  • Maringá: 43
  • Florianópolis: 48
  • Porto Alegre: 51


The ideal way to make inexpensive calls to Brazil and remain in touch with loved ones is to use the Talk Home App or Talk Home Calling Cards. Test it out. You won’t ever consider using a different calling service for Brazil again.

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