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Is Your SIM Card Not Working? Here’s What You Can Do


You have not received any call or text in hours, and when you try to make a call or send a text, you find your SIM card is not working.

Now, your phone is not on the network, and you cannot get in touch with anyone.

Yes, it stresses your mind, and you’ll do everything to get back on our mobile network.

SIM card problems are common, and everyone must handle them occasionally.

Also, many tricks and tactics can help you get your SIM card working.

Checkout out every possible way to resolve your SIM card issues below.

Check the Sim Card is Inserted Correctly

Your SIM works properly when its golden points connect with your phone in the correct order.

Whether you have inserted your SIM wrongly or golden points do not touch the phone connectors, your SIM will never work.

So, remove your SIM from your device and try inserting it correctly.

Your device has instructions on how to insert your SIM correctly. So, follow them and place your SIM card again in the SIM card tray.

Remember to place the SIM card’s golden points right on top of your device’s connecting points.

Try Inserting the SIM Card into Another Device

If you have used the above method, and your SIM card is not working, try putting it on another device.

Sometimes, one SIM card does not work on one device and works on another mobile.

Such trying out will confirm whether your SIM card has an issue or a problem with your device.

If your SIM card functions on another device, there is some issue with your device.

Super Clean Your SIM Card as Well as SIM Card Tray

Carbon, dust, and debris accumulate with time and hinder SIM card’s golden point from making the connection. As a result, your SIM card doesn’t function.

So, clean your SIM card and SIM card tray.

You can use a wet cloth to clean the SIM and an air blower for the SIM card tray.

After that, insert the SIM card again and check whether it works.

Check Whether Your SIM Card is Active or Not

If your SIM card still does not work after cleaning, it’s time to check whether your SIM card is active or not.

So, call your mobile service provider and ask them about the activation status of your SIM card.

Also, ask them whether your SIM card registration has been completed or not.

If your SIM card is not active, customer support will activate it.

And it’ll solve your issue.

Restarting Your Device

Sometimes, mobile devices need to restart again for proper functioning. It’s because too many processes may be running in the background and hindering the function of your SIM card.

So, turn off your mobile and remove the battery & SIM card. It’ll stop all processes.

Next, wait for a few moments. After that, put your SIM card and battery in the device.

Now, restart your device and check whether it picks up your SIM card or not.

Try Updating Your Device

When your SIM card is not working, it can also happen that your device’s operating systems may have gone out of date. So, it’s time to install all updates required by your mobile.

Check notifications on your mobile and connect your phone to Wi-Fi. Next, click on the update notification and let the process takes its course.

Remember to charge your mobile before starting updates. Updating your system will take a lot of time and battery.

After the update process, restart your device and check whether your SIM works or not.

Try Switching on Your SIM Card

When your SIM is not working, and you have an Android or dual SIM mobile, it can also happen that you may have turned off your SIM card by accident.

So, switch on your SIM card manually.

Here is how you can do it.

  • Open Settings > SIM Cards & Mobile Networks > Turn on SIM

For a dual SIM setup, make sure you have switched on the SIM card you want to use.

Try Safe Mode

You may have installed an app that caused SIM card errors, and that’s why your SIM is not working.

So, reboot your device and try using it in a safe mode.

It’ll halt all unnecessary applications from running in the background.

Next, see whether your SIM card works or not.

If your SIM starts working again, try to uninstall all apps you downloaded in the previous days.

So, you can no longer experience any more SIM card issues.

Try clearing the Cache

Too many junk files and unnecessary data are sometimes built up in your cache. As a result, it hinders your device’s functionality, operations, and behavior. That’s why maybe your cache is causing problems, and your SIM card is not working.

So, clear your cache by following these steps.

  • Open Settings > Storage > Clear Data

Remember, there is no way to find out why your SIM card is not working on Android or iPhone. That’s why you must resolve your issue using trial and hit methods. No one knows which method will work in the beginning.

Try Turning On and Off Airplane Mode Multiple Times

If you have cleared your cache and your SIM card is still not working, it’s best to use the Airplane Mode solution.

For that, you must turn it on and off multiple times. So, swipe down your mobile screen, tap on Airplane Mode, and turn it on. Next, wait for a few seconds and turn off Airplane Mode.

Do this a few times and see whether your SIM card starts working or not.

Try Updating Carrier Setting

If the Airplane Mode solution does not work, then you must try updating carrier settings manually.

It can also happen that your mobile service provider has changed, or updated carrier settings and your device has not installed them automatically. So, you must do it manually.

Here’s how to do it on iOS.

  • Open Settings > General > About > See the information about your mobile service provider
  • Wait, you’ll find out pop-up asking you to update your carrier settings
  • Press “Update”

Here’s how to do it on Android.

  • Open Settings > SIM Cards and Mobile Networks > Access Points Names
  • Tap the “+” icon
  • Enter the new APN settings
  • You can find new APN settings by contacting your mobile service provider or on the internet

Reset Network Settings

The wrong configuration of network settings also creates SIM card problems.

Network glitches do not resolve themselves automatically. But you must configure the network manually.

Remember, resetting the network will never delete your data or uninstall your apps.

On Android

  • Open Settings > General Management > Reset > Reset Network Settings
  • Press the Reset Settings button

On iPhone

  • Open Settings > General > Reset
  • Press Reset Network Settings

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Try Factory Reset

If the network reset does not work, you have only one option left to try out: the factory reset.

It’ll uninstall your apps and delete your data. So, it’s better to back up your essential data before factory resetting.

Here’s how you can do it on iOS:

  • Open Settings > General > Reset
  • Press “Erase All Content and Settings”
  • Enter your password
  • Press “Erase”

Here’s how to do it on Android:

  • Open Settings > General Management > Reset
  • Press “Factory Data Reset
  • Press “Reset Data”

Contact Your Carrier and Order a Replacement – If Nothing Works

If you have tried every method mentioned above and your SIM does not work, then there is no issue with your phone. There is a fault in your SIM that hinders its proper functionality.

So, don’t waste any more time trying out different tricks and tactics. Instead, contact your mobile service provider and order a new SIM.

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Try out every method one by one if your SIM card is not working. Hopefully, you’ll solve your issues in a few tries.

Yet, if nothing works, then contact your mobile service provider and ask for a replacement.

If your mobile data is not working, here’s a complete guide to fixing it.

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