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17 Must-Have Travel Essentials for International Travelling


Travel Essentials: Overview

International travelling can be the most hectic experience for many people, even regular international travellers. It is understandable since many factors may create a fuss for international travellers individually and collectively. You should take care of all the travel essentials before leaving for any international trip.

The change in weather, language, transit systems, cultural shift, the difference in time zones, and many more factors are at play. And if we don’t pack the correct travel essentials, the problems will worsen. For this reason, we thought it would be best to help you prepare for your international travelling, and believe us when we say packing for the trip abroad is no easy task.

travel essentials image showing aero plane shoes passport clock and more

You must’ve been thinking that packing is something easy, especially if you are one of those who travel regularly. Although, we also know that sometimes, we end up leaving things behind and then we regret missing out on them on many important and necessary occasions. To help you avoid such a troublesome situation, we want to equip you with a list of things that cannot be missing in your luggage at all.

You can also use this checklist as a reminder to make your packing process easier and faster. We assure you’ll be more than glad to find these items in your luggage while you’re treading in the unknown abroad.

1- Passport

Travelling to international destinations requires that you carry your passport with you all the time. It may be a wise choice to get multiple copies of your passport and keep your original one as safe as possible. A passport will be the primary document that various security officials will ask of you, and your hotel boarding process will not be complete without your passport.

Also, if you face any legal situation, you will have to show your passport to claim that you’re a traveller and require international legal assistance. In case you lose your passport. International travel will become a nightmare for you, regardless of your purpose of visit or the number of travellers in your group.

Portrait of a black male traveler wearing a facemask at the airport and looking at the flight schedule - travel essentials

The significance of a passport is quite clear to everyone; however, people often take it for granted, especially when they are on vacation with their family. Family vacations can be pretty hectic on their own. And if you choose to have that vacation abroad, you must prepare yourself thoroughly.

So, it will be only natural that you’ll have to take special care of the passports of your whole family. Even if one of them turns out to be missing, your vacation will not be as pleasant as you might’ve been expecting.

So, Make Sure You Do The Following:

  • Get multiple copies of your passport(s)
  • Keep the original ones as safe as possible
  • Carry the copy of passports everywhere you go
  • Keep digital copies of your passports in your email as well
  • Make sure you keep a check on the original ones whenever you get the chance

2. Copy Of All Necessary Documents

Apart from your passports, there are various other documents among the essential things that you cannot miss in your luggage and this case, preferably in the hand carries. Carrying all the documentation in a safe place is necessary for every international traveller. It will not matter if you’re travelling by road, air or sea; the safety of your documents must take precedent.

Keeping all your essential documents safe is as important as it can be for the passports. Things may get more troublesome if you have to carry some necessary work documents; perhaps, you’ll have to take a dedicated suitcase only for your papers. In this case, please maintain the list of your crucial documents separately.

It will not only help you manage them in a significant way, but it can also allow you to organise them and use them at the right time without the hassle to find them every time you need them. We’ll take the liberty to tell you about some of the most important documents that you’ll carry as you go abroad.

3. Some Essential Documentation You’ll Carry With You:

  1. Passport.
  2. Copy of your travel insurance document.
  3. Booking receipts for flights, hotels, car rentals etc. try to have a copy of offline access in the cloud for your booking receipts as well
  4. International driving license, if you plan to drive yourself.
  5. As with reservations, we highly recommend keeping copies of all your documentation like passport, IDs, health cards and other documents in the cloud.
  6. Medical prescriptions if you suffer from a health condition and if you take any medication regularly, we advise you to carry their copies as well
  7. If your medical condition is of a chronic state, make sure you have a copy of your medical history.
  8. Telephone numbers of your friends and family at your destination (if any).
  9. List of significant numbers like the Embassies, Police, the Ambulance. We hope you won’t require them but preparing for the worst is the right approach.
  10. Last but not least, your plastic and paper money, including your debit and credit cards.

4. Universal Adapters

Our mobile phones, music players, laptops and various other gadgets require charging as they run on batteries. And since we have limited luggage space while we travel, we can’t always bring all the dedicated chargers for each gadget.

In this sense, we all need to pack one single universal adapter; as the name implies, a universal adapter is a type of charger that adapts to any charging device, type of sockets and voltage flows. These universal adapters can come in two commonly known types: male and female.

One is the connector that plugs into your device, it’s changeable, and the other type is the male plug connected to the electrical outlet and can be easily changed. Also, universal adapters can have a voltage adjuster, which increases or decreases the amount of current supplied to your device, thus preventing it from being damaged in the charging process.

It may sound like it’s not such a necessary travel must-have, and you will find chargers for your device everywhere you go. However, we must inform you that disappointments happen, and it’ll be better that you go prepared and never be stranded while you have this thing on your travel essentials list. Most of all, why carry different chargers when one can do all the jobs.

5. Undergarments

The most common must-have things for travelling are clothing, not a surprise here, we know. However, keeping some spare undergarments are no less than a lifesaver. Call it experience or intuition; no harm has ever come if we travelled with some extra pair of socks and undergarments.

Some of us are lazier than others, and it’s part of our personalities; nothing we can do about it. It makes another reason that we pack our bags with some additional undergarments as they might come in useful when we are in the most embarrassing of situations.

undergarment hanged outdoor as travel essential ideas

There have been instances where some of our luggage gets lost or delayed due to any issue. In this case, you’ll be more than glad for keeping spare undergarments in your travel essentials list. And of course, accidents often occur when we least expect them, so why not prepare for any situation that just one or two extra preparations can avoid.

Undergarments are equally essential for women and men, so we must be equipped with necessities like these if travelling to unknown locations. Who knows how the laundry services will be there, and spare undergarments will pay off? At least you’ll have lasting peace of mind while not wasting too much of your luggage space.

6. Phone Charger/Portable Phone Charger

When travelling abroad, one of the biggest concerns is that we will arrive at a place where we might not charge our mobile, laptop, or other gadgets so quickly. It is a given that many of the plugs or connectors in different countries are different in terms of the current input and the type of electrical sockets.

It means that if we travel with a generic charger from the Middle East to a European country, it will not be able to enter the power sockets they have there since the input holes of the sockets are entirely different. To avoid this, we have additional charger adapters that solve this conflict in devices that require charging.

Mobile charger image as a travel essential
Creative Image

Universal chargers come in different types that already have adjustable forms and are adaptable for any country in the world. As we already mentioned, most of the generic chargers sold in our country are used in or adjacent to our national territory. Still, they are generally useless in a foreign country.

The type of charger to use on a trip, especially if you travel a lot, is recommended to be of the universal kind with adapter features since you will not have to buy one adapter for each country you will visit.

Mainly there are four types of male plugs, which are as follows:

Type A:

It is the most common in America, and it consists of two tips on both sides; these have a paddle shape. This connector type is in the United States, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela, etc. It is generally available in almost the entire continent of America and the Caribbean Sea.

Type G:

These are in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Malaysia.

Type C:

These chargers are known as Europlugs and are in use throughout the European Union, and they have the characteristics of having two elongated connectors. They are available in Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Ukraine.

Type I:

This last type of charger is the smallest of all; their connectors are almost together and diagonal. It is available in Australia, China, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, etc.

7. Clothes (Including Pj’s)

Different clothes cannot be missing in your luggage, but we must keep in mind that not just any kind of clothing is the best for travelling, significantly depending on which destinations.

You must know certain things to make your best travel items list. Some of them are as follows:

Full length profile shot of a young man wearing a robe and walking isolated on white background as traveling essentials

  1. Pack light clothing that does not take up much space. It is the best option for comfortable travelling
  2. A “multipurpose” jacket. You never know when it might be cold or rainy, even when the forecasts show otherwise
  3. For women, a foulard. It is the most versatile garment we know; it serves as a scarf, a sarong, sits on the floor, a beach towel, etc.
  4. A neutral-coloured bag. If you are one of those who like to travel in groups, nothing better than carrying a bag in a primary colour like grey, with which you will always be in tune with others
  5. We discussed the same thing about the bag; it is for the footwear. Black, white or grey are the most adaptable
  6. Comfortable footwear. Excuses are not valid here. There is nothing worse on a trip than your feet hurting
  7. If you like hats and travel to a hot destination, taking one never hurts
  8. Garments of fabrics that are easy to wash and dry quickly. It will allow you to wear fewer clothes and be able to wash while travelling
  9. Check your luggage at least once so you can revise your travel bag list for a better, more efficient travelling

8. 2 Or 3 Pairs of Shoes

Another essential thing to add to your travel items list is multiple pairs of shoes and footwear. It depends on the purpose of your international trip and the destinations you’ve chosen to travel to. Still, having a pair of sturdy boots and a pair of formal shoes is essential for every international trip.

travel essentials pairs of various running shoes hang on a nail on a wooden fence background

If the purpose of your travel is vacationing, a pair of sneakers and joggers will be a must for you. If you plan to trek or stay on a beach resort, your choice of footwear must be accordingly. There are various other aspects like the duration of your trip, the time of the year, and the duration of your commuting, especially walking.

Also, if you’re unsure about the details of your daily commute, it’ll be better to pack lightweight and comfortable shoes that best suit you; everyone has their favourites. So, remember to throw in your favourite pair of footwear as you go abroad.

9. Backpacks

If the purpose of your trip is vacation, you need to take your backpack along with you. A backpack serves numerous purposes and is the most helpful way to travel, especially if you’re going on an adventure.

Also, a travel backpack will allow you to carry all the must-have things for travelling for instant consumption and usage. We can’t take our suitcases everywhere we go, but we can carry our backpacks to places with maximum ease, and the utility they provide us is also quite significant.

Young woman with suitcase walking at the street in Barcelona traveling essentials concepts

Especially if you’re going to mountainous regions and plan to trek or explore the local markets, if you’ll have your backpack with you, there’ll be no need to carry plastic bags as well. You can include several items in your backpack without any nuisance.

You can also check out the backup communities for a more immersive travel experience and insights. You’ll be amazed at how practical a backpack is for your adventurous tours abroad. We highly recommend carrying one for yourself to experience a genuinely carefree touring experience.

10. Water Bottle

If you want to take care of your health, a water bottle is essential for all your trips, whether formal or informal. Having instant access to drinking water is vital, and it must be taken into account that we never know what we can find in a specific destination. The only way to make sure you don’t get stuck anywhere without water is by carrying your water bottle with you all the time.

We are used to assuming that we will always find water suitable for human consumption. However, some situations can change (even the most predictable ones), so it is an article that we should always take into account.

Shot of a young man exercising outdoors driking water as travel essentials

You can also use smaller bottles that are ideal for carrying a little of everything, be it body cream, liquid soap, antibacterial gel, shampoo and conditioner, among many things you can need while travelling.

If you carry these bottles, make sure you label them, and some of them are allowed to be taken in the carry-on bag. However, you can also carry them in your regular luggage without running the risk of spilling them on the journey.

11. Medicine and First Aid Kit

If you have any illness or suffer from a chronic disease, you need to carry your medications. Your medicines are the travel must-haves, even if you’re travelling within the country or not. Also, some medicines may not be available to the destination you’re going to, so make sure you carry them with you if you’re travelling abroad.

First-Aid kit is an important part of safety in emergancy situations


  • Make sure you carry these items as you travel abroad:
  • First aid kit. This section includes all the medications you use regularly and some generic drugs such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, etc.
  • Formulas for the medications that you use regularly. You never know when you will need it
  • If there is something that we always recommend, travel with the best travel insurance. In addition to getting it, remember to keep a copy of the policy and all the assistance numbers in an easily accessible place
  • Small bottles. We buy many items presented in large cans, such as alcohol, which is not usually used. Buy small boats and take less for the trip
  • Transparent bags with self-closing. It may seem that they are not necessary, but both for liquids at the airport and on the road, many times they get you out of trouble
  • Do not carry liquids of more than 100 ml. in hand luggage. We all know it, but it will not be the first time or the last that we have to get rid of our favourite self-care products at the last moment to pass the airport security control.

12. Camera and Charger

Most of us rely on our mobile phone’s cameras to get quick snaps and selfies whenever we get the chance. Still, all the technology can’t replace the professional and dedicated cameras out there. In this sense, if your trip is actually for a vacation, a professional camera should be on your list of essential travel items.

A man is charging an action camera with a portable charger

Apart from the fact that you’ll get awesome pictures of your trip as memories. You will keep your mobile phones safe and dedicated for other purposes. Most professional digital cameras come with dedicated chargers as well. So do remember to pack it with the rest of the items.

13. Toiletries

Toiletries are essential things that cannot be missing from your luggage. You probably think that nothing will happen to you and even less while travelling, we know that feeling. But we can also tell you that if at some point they are necessary and you don’t have them, you will remember that wrong decision for the rest of the trip.

Check Out the List Below:

  • Hygiene products. Although you can buy it anywhere in the world, primarily if you use a well-known brand, it is worth taking a small bottle in your luggage
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Feminine hygiene products. As we said before in general lines, this type of thing can be found anywhere in the world, although in some places it may be more difficult or much more expensive

14. Spare Phone for Emergencies

Mobile snatching is pretty common in most countries, and of course, we can drop them and break them very quickly as well. So, keeping a spare phone with you is a great way to stay prepared. Even if you’re not that careless, you can lose a mobile phone any time it’s that common. So, we highly recommend keeping a spare phone for your emergencies.

We’ll never want that you remain unsafe in any situation. And keeping a spare phone with you is a lifesaver, as you can find yourself in any adverse case while you travel to unknown destinations. While you’re at it, you can also get a spare SIM card, as you can easily find them from your local stores or buy them online as well.

15. Emergency Contact Information

We have already covered this earlier. However, it requires your special attention. You need to make sure you carry all the emergency contact numbers, addresses, names and other relevant information useful for you as you travel internationally. It is imperative to be responsible for your safety in any dangerous situation.

If you’re travelling to a destination, that can be dangerous. If there is the slightest chance that you can require a rescue, you must equip yourself with all the relevant emergency contact numbers and information you can get.

16. Raincoat

Another vital part of your essential items list is a raincoat. Rain can change any plan; it can get you late or leave you stranded at times. To avoid all such nuisances, you can carry a raincoat with you. It can help you at the direst times.

Trendy young man in yellow raincoat jumping in the air on wall street urban background. carefree, freedom, escape concept

Further, a raincoat will not ask for a lot of space in your luggage as it can be easily folded to place in any suitcase or perhaps at the bottom of your backpacks. Believe us when we say that raincoats are pretty handy in rainy situations, and you must be prepared if you plan to travel outdoors.

17. Covid Safety Kit

We all know about the dangers of the Corona Virus, especially when it’s evolving at such an alarming pace. So always keeps your face masks, gloves, hand sanitisers and other relevant items that will be useful for you to remain safe from the virus.

First aid kit on wooden background. Concept of protect yourself from COVID-2019. Top view. travel essentials

We also recommend that you store your Covid Safety Kit along with your medical supplies and first-aid kit. It will help you avoid any issues, and you can easily access all the items from one place. Keeping a Covid Safety Kit is very important even if you’re not travelling to an international destination.

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As you can see, the items that we have mentioned earlier are all essential things that will aid you in your safe travels. However, other essential items can be helpful when we travel, and such items may range from ear pads and plugs to body deodorants.

In this sense, our list may not be the only list to follow. However, we can encourage you to take all the ideas you can from what we have combined for you. And also, we will like you to make your lists for your international travels. As it’s only you who knows best what you’ll need the most in your trips.

So, make sure you remain fully secure and pack up all the essentials as you travel to unchartered territories in countries you have not travelled to before, and make sure you enjoy while you’re there. Safe travels.

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