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Make Cheap Calls to Zimbabwe – An Ultimate Guide


Calling a mobile or landline number in Zimbabwe might be tough if you are unfamiliar with the procedure.

As each country has its own set of rules and regulations regarding international calling, it is essential to know the most affordable and secure calling solutions. If you’re wondering how to call Zimbabwe from the United Kingdom, you’ve landed the perfect spot.

This guide will teach you how to make calls to Zimbabwe, as well as Zimbabwe area codes and other possibilities that might help save a great deal of budget when calling Zimbabwe.

How to Call Zimbabwe from Abroad

In Zimbabwe, phone numbers have a total of nine digits. A two-digit area code is included. However, before dialing a number in Zimbabwe, you must first enter your country’s exit code, followed by “263,” Zimbabwe’s country code.

When making international calls, consider the time difference and any roaming costs that may apply. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to call any cell or landline number in Zimbabwe.

1. Dial Your Country’s Exit Code

For international calls, an exit code is a two or three-digit number dialed to notify the network provider that the connection should be forwarded overseas. Exit codes are typically made up of 0s and 1s and are unique to each country.

The exit code for the United Kingdom, France, and Spain is 00. The exit code for the United States and Canada is 001.

2. Dial “263” – The Country Code for Zimbabwe

After entering the exit code, dial 263, the country code for Zimbabwe; the country code will inform the network that this call is valid for any Zimbabwean number. However, before placing an international call, be sure to input the right country code to ensure a successful connection.

When dialing Zimbabwe from the UK, your phone number should look like “00 263.”

3. Enter the Area Code

Cities, towns, and other localities within a country are identified by their area codes. In Zimbabwe, several towns and cities have unique area codes. For instance, the area code for Gwanda is 84, while the area code for Harare is 24. Usually, the number you’re calling already has an area code.

Only when dialing a landline phone are area codes required. Area codes are typically not needed for mobile numbers.

Your phone number should now appear as “00 263 24.”

4. How to Call A Mobile Number In Zimbabwe

The prefixes “091” for Econet, “011” for Net One, and “023” for Telecel Zimbabwe must be dialed before the 7-digit mobile number when dialing a mobile number in Zimbabwe. These digits should be entered before the number to automatically change the area code and inform the network that the call is intended for a mobile rather than a landline.

Make sure the total number is ten digits, including the network code’s three digits and the mobile number’s seven digits.

Your phone number should currently appear as “00 263 091 123 4567.”

5. How to Call A Landline In Zimbabwe

Calling a landline in Zimbabwe requires an exit code followed by Zimbabwe’s country code. After the country code, enter the area code and the seven-digit landline number.

For example, if you’re calling Harare from the UK, the format should look like “00 263 24 123 4567.”

Make Cheap Calls to Zimbabwe with Talk Home App

If you want to call your friends and family in Zimbabwe, the Talk Home App is the answer. Talk Home App offers high-quality calls to Zimbabwe at affordable rates. Calling a landline number in Zimbabwe from Talk Home App will cost you 20c/min, and calling mobile numbers in Zimbabwe will cost you 44c/min.

To call Zimbabwe from Talk Home App, first, download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. After downloading the app, register your phone number to create an account. After signing up, top up your account and start calling whenever you want.

Additionally, the Talk Home App has an auto top-up option to provide consumers with a stress-free calling experience. Your account will be automatically recharged if you enable the auto-top-up option when your balance falls below a certain limit.

Call Zimbabwe with Talk Home Calling Card

For making calls abroad, the Talk Home Calling Card is quite popular in the UK. The card is available in three price categories ($5, £10, and £20) and may be disposed of when the credit is used.

If you want to call Zimbabwe via Talk Home Calling Card, you’ll get the following rates.

Card Landline minutes Mobile minutes
£5 27 mins (18p/min) 12 mins (39p/min)
£10 55 mins (18p/min) 25 mins (39p/min)
£20 111 mins (18p/min) 51 mins (39p/min)

Talk Home furthermore provides Rechargeable calling cards, which can be recharged once your balance expires. Rechargeable cards eliminate the trouble of constantly purchasing fresh cards. The same card can be topped up multiple times instead of buying a new card.

Another great feature that comes with rechargeable cards is the reward points. Whenever the users buy a new rechargeable card or top up their existing card, they get certain reward points. After accumulating enough points, users can redeem them by logging in to their accounts. Redeemable points can then be used to top up the rechargeable card for free.

Points Free top-up you get
500 £5
1000 £10
1500 £15
2000 £20

Zimbabwe Area Codes

Here’s a list of area codes to use when calling a landline number in Zimbabwe.

Destination Code Destination Code Destination Code
Beitbridge 85 Gweru 54 Masvingo 39
Bindura 66 Gwanda 84 Mutare 20
Bulawayo 29 Harare 24 Norton 24
Chegutu 68 Hwange 81 Raffingora 67
Chinhoyi 67 Kadoma 68 Rusape 25
Chipinge 27 Kariba 61 Ruwa 24
Chiredzi 31 Kwekwe 55 Victoria Falls 83
Chitungwiza 24 Marondera 65 Zvishavane 39


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