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How to Transfer My Mobile Number to Another Network


You’ve updated your phone, or your mobile contract has come to an end, and you’ve found an attractive deal. And you’re now wondering how to transfer your mobile number to a different network.

Getting a new phone is exciting, but getting a new phone number can be quite daunting. You’ll have to text everyone in your contacts list and tell them you’ve got a new number for a start.

Is it, therefore, really worth the hassle to change your number? In most cases, it isn’t, but the good news is that you can easily keep your existing number without any additional hassle, and we’re going to explain how.

In fact, transferring your cell phone number should be as easy as sending a text message, and at Talk Home, we’re going to present you with the perfect choices to help you stay connected.

Here, we help clarify some of the most common themes: how to transfer your mobile number to a new phone, how long that process should take, and update you on any costs associated with porting your number over.

How do I Transfer My Mobile Number To a New Network?

Transferring your existing number to a new phone is known as porting the mobile number. To keep your existing mobile number and still use it on another network, you must request a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) from the previous provider. And then, the new provider will need to be updated with the new code to help them complete the porting process.

There are different ways of transferring your mobile number, and we’ll dive into each method here below. So, keep reading to find out more.

Request Your Mobile PAC Code Via Call or Text

You can request your PAC code from the network provider, and it should be given to you right away on the phone or within a few hours by text. The time you get the PAC code is determined by the telecommunication regulator, and if you don’t, you have cause to complain.

To ensure someone doesn’t steal your number, networks will want to verify your identity. Therefore, answer the questions asked and have all the relevant information that’ll help with the process. The PAC codes generally comprise nine digits and have a 30-day validity period. If you don’t use the code and the time runs out, you’ll need to re-request a new PAC from your mobile provider. Network calls to get your PAC code are normally charged at standard rates.

And if you want to eliminate the hassle of speaking to your existing provider, you can enjoy a clean switch without the need to call your current provider. The Text-to-Switch is efficient and straightforward. We’ll dive deeper into the process in the below sections.

Contact Numbers To Get Your PAC Code From Your Network

You are in the UK and want to switch your mobile network by calling your network provider. And to make it easy for you, we’ve added a range of options for you to call your provider depending on whether you’re calling from a mobile phone, a landline, or overseas. Also, you can get information about switching networks and Text to Switch by texting 85075.

Get PAC code from EE

  • If you have a EE mobile connection, you can call – 150
  • When you’re using any other phone, landline, or mobile, you have to call 079 5396 6250

Get PAC code from Three

  • If you have a Three phone connection, call – 333
  • Calling from any other landline or mobile phone, you have to call – 079 5396 6250

Get PAC code from Virgin Mobile

  • If you call from a Virgin Mobile phone connection, call – 789
  • When calling from any other landline or mobile connection, call – 034 5600 0789

Get PAC code from O2 

  • If you call from an O2 mobile phone, call – 202
  • Calling from any other landline or mobile phone, you have to call – 034 4809 0222

Get PAC code from Vodafone

  • If you have a Vodafone mobile phone, you can call – 789
  • When you dial from any other landline or mobile connection, you have to call – 033 3304 0191

Get PAC code from Plusnet Mobile 

  • If you’re calling from a Plusnet Mobile phone, call – 500
  • When calling from any other mobile or landline phone, call – 080 0013 2632

Get PAC code from BT Mobile 

  • If you are on a BT Mobile network, call – 150
  • Using any other mobile or landline phone, you can call – 0800 800 150

Get PAC code from Tesco Mobile 

  • If you are on a Tesco Mobile network, call – 4455
  • When calling from any other mobile or landline phone, call – 034 5301 4455

Get PAC code from ID Mobile

  • If dialling from an ID Mobile phone, call – 7777
  • Otherwise, when calling from any other landline or mobile phone, call – 033 3003 7777

Get PAC code from Sky Mobile

  • If calling from other network mobiles and landlines, call – 033 0041 2639

Get PAC code from Lebara 

  • If you are on the Lebara Mobile network, call – 5588
  • When calling from any other mobile or landline phone, call – 020 7031 0791

Get PAC code from Ecotalk   

You can call from any UK mobile or landline, call – 033 3800 5500

Contact the New Network and Give Them the PAC Code

Once you have the PAC code, provide it to the new network, and the cancellation process will automatically begin with your previous network. Upon receiving a porting request, the new network will connect with the network you’re leaving and schedule the switch usually for the next working day.

Meanwhile, keep the old SIM in your mobile phone to continue using it to receive calls and texts. A weekend might delay your number’s porting process, and you should expect things to be completed on the next working day.

How to Port Your Number From Any Provider to Talk Home?

Now, as you’ve successfully ported out of a network, we’ll dive deeper into how to port into Talk Home network. Talk Home offers you a straightforward and highly efficient way to directly port to their network. To transfer your number to Talk Home network, follow the guide below.

  1. Head over to Talk Home to order your Free SIM now.
  2. From the “Choose your SIM” section, select the “Free SIM” option to only get the SIM. Or, if you want the SIM to come preloaded with either credit or plans, you can opt for any of those and press “Order Now.”
  3. Now you need to put your details to sign up for the platform and the delivery address.
  4. Right below, you’ll find a toggle button “Bring in your number?”. Press it.
  5. Enter your current mobile number and PAC code from your current provider and press the continue button to proceed.
  6. Once your order is placed, you’ll get a confirmation email indicating that you’ll soon get your Free SIM delivered to your address. In the meanwhile, your existing number will be ported within one day to the Talk Home network.

Talk Home is offering high-end cheap plans at 50 percent off for new users. When you order a new SIM, you get a bonus. It incentivizes you to pay only half the price for any local or international plans you want to enjoy. The super calls and data saver plans are for a limited time of three months, so better hurry up and enjoy a calling experience like never before at cheap rates.

Check if the New SIM Works on Your Phone and if the Number has been Ported Successfully

Want to check if your new SIM is working or not? You can just place the SIM in your handset and make a call or ask someone else to give you a call.

However, if you’re not convenient with the idea of changing your current phone number and want to switch to a fresh start, you have to text this number – 75075 and get your Service Termination Authorisation Code (STAC). That virtually ends your contract and leaves you free to switch to any new provider.


What happens while the number is being ported – will I be able to use my phone? Will I lose service?

The number porting technology was designed to minimize the time a user will be without a service. Therefore, when you supply your PAC code to your new provider, the number will remain active with your previous provider. That means you’ll be able to receive texts and calls until the number is actually being transferred.

However, your service might go down for a short time – generally a few minutes. You only need to turn off and restart your mobile device when the service goes down, and you’ll get the service back from the new provider.

Can I transfer a disconnected number?

No, you cannot transfer a disconnected number. So, if you want to port your number, don’t cancel the existing contract.

What happens if my PAC code expires?

The PAC code has a deadline of 30 days for usage. If you cannot use your PAC code within that time frame, you don’t need to worry. It is just a matter of getting a new PAC code by contacting your network and using that new PAC code to transfer your number.

How do I transfer my contacts to a new phone?

To transfer your contacts from an old mobile phone to a new one, you’ll need to back up your contact list. You can either use Google if using an Android phone or Apple iCloud if using an iPhone. And finally, synch your new phone with the same account to get the contacts onto the new phone.

However, if your contacts are stored on the SIM card only, you’ll need to transfer them to your phone first and then back up the contacts.

Can I request my PAC code via text message?

Yes, you can text and receive your PAC code from the provider – it’s free and easy. That allows you to switch to a new deal or provider without having to phone anyone. To get your PAC, text PAC to 65075, and you’ll get a code pretty much right away.

Can I port my mobile number when buying online?

When buying a new phone online, you can still port your existing mobile number to the new provider. It’s pretty much the same as requesting a PAC code from your existing provider. Once done, activate the new phone with a temporary mobile number and contact your service provider to give them your PAC provided by the previous carrier, also requesting to transfer your number.

How long will it take for the number to be ported?

Once you provide the PAC code to your new network, it should immediately start the porting process and should be moved over within two working days.

At Talk Home, it’s all about easing you in the best possible manner. So, you’ll find us by your side every step of the way.

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