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How to Call Africa – A Complete Calling Guide


Are you trying to call Africa from anywhere in the world but don’t know how? Kenya find the best way to call Africa cheap? If not, you’re Ghana love the calling guide we have compiled for you, as long as you don’t mind the wordplay.

From the best phone cards to call Africa to find the best app to call Africa, we will go over step-by-step instructions to help you understand Africa from the UK through whichever medium you prefer.

First things first, though. Before you actually pick up your phone to dial the international call, you must understand that different countries fall under different time zones. To practice phone calling etiquettes and plan accordingly, we have provided a map of Africa below, distributed according to its time zones.

After you know where you want to call, check the map to know when it is at your chosen destination. Once you have calculated and decided on a suitable time to call, you need to know your calling destination’s country and area code.

Calling Africa – Country Dialing Codes

Below is a list of the country codes of Africa, which you can use to dial to any country you want from abroad.

CountryCalling CodeCountryCalling Code
Algeria+213Saint Helena+290
Angola+244Sao Tome and Principe+239
Benin+229Equatorial Guinea+240
Mali+223Sierra Leone+232
Burkina Faso+226Somalia+252
Mauritius+230South Africa+27
Cape Verde+238Tanzania+255
Central African Republic+236Togo+228
Nigeria+234Western Sahara+212
Congo, Democratic Republic+243Zambia+260
Congo, Republic+242Zimbabwe+263
Côte d’Ivoire+225

How to Call Africa from the UK?

If the need comes, you can directly place a call to Africa using your personal phone. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Dial 00 (exit code for the UK); 00 xxx xx xxxxxxx
  2. Next, add the country code (For example, Kenya is 254); 00 254 xx xxxxxxx
  3. After that, dial the area code (For example, Nairobi in Kenya is 20); 00 254 20 xxxxxxx
  4. Finally, dial the phone number (This is seven digits); 00 254 20 1234567

Hence, as a final example, if you were to call someone in Nairobi, Kenya, your dialled number will look like: 00 254 20 1234567

This mode of international calling puts a huge toll on the caller’s wallet as direct calling incurs heavy calling charges per minute.

On the contrary, people prefer to use more convenient and cheaper calling methods, either by using an international calling card, or using an MVNO SIM card, or installing an app that allows VoIP calling.

Choosing the best option for calling internationally asks that the customers understand their requirements and expectations from their decision. Whatever your choice is, it will be good if it provides you with convenience.

Our Talk Home products aim to provide you with flexible technology solutions that give you convenience in international calling.

Whether you prefer the comfort of using calling cards, downloading an app, or getting a SIM for international calling, the Talk Home family provides you with tailored solutions for all these preferences, best suited to your needs.

With Talk Home Calling Cards

Talk Home calling cards are the oldest in the family and have provided convenience to its customers for a long time. It can be considered as one of the best phone cards to call Africa or wherever you want in the world.

You need to buy a Talk home calling card, either online or through retailers. A PIN shall be provided to you with it, which you will use to call internationally through the card.

Before buying, though, know how many minutes you require, and then choose accordingly. The rate finder for Talk Home calling card says that if you want to call someone in Nairobi, Kenya:

  • the £5 card will provide you 50 landline minutes @ 10p/min, and 41 mobile minutes @ 12p/min (valid for 30 days)
  • the £10 card will provide you 100 landline minutes and 83 mobile minutes @ 10p/min, and 41 mobile minutes @ 12p/min (valid for 60 days), and
  • the £20 card will provide you 200 landline minutes and 166 mobile minutes @ 10p/min, and 41 mobile minutes @ 12p/min (valid for 90 days)

Afterwards, make sure you know which access number you need to dial before making a call. Finally, know your PIN for the card you are using.

To make a call using Talk Home calling cards:

  1. pick up the phone and dial the access number you choose to call from,
  2. dial in the PIN that is provided with the calling card, and
  3. dial in the number as you would do for direct calling, i.e., 00 + country code + area code + phone number

With Talk Home App

Have difficulties in using calling cards? Dialling access codes and PINs before every call seems like a hassle to you? It’s okay. We also have the best app to call Africa, the Talk Home App.

Skip the part where you have to purchase a calling card altogether by downloading the Talk Home app from the App Store, Microsoft or Google Play Store.

Simply sign up for an account with the Talk Home app and start making low-cost calls and instant messages throughout the world on any number you want, either mobile or landline.

All you have to do is either subscribe to our flexible bundles or top up your credit and start making international calls.

You can choose to either pay per minute/SMS or opt for a service plan that offers free minutes/SMS bundles. Be sure to check the rates for the country you’re trying to call.

For instance, if you wish to call Kenya, it will cost you:

  • 2c/min on the landline number, and
  • 14c/min on a mobile number.

The bundles that are offered for calling to Ghana, for example, from the UK, provide:

  • 50 minutes for £10 (valid for 14 days), and
  • 120 minutes for £20 (valid for 30 days).

For SMS, the rate would be 10c/SMS. Oh! And we really appreciate you signing up on our app, so we give £1 as starting credit for new signups too!

With Talk Home Mobile SIM

Are you an old soul who believes smartphones are the vicious concoction of witchcraft and wizardry? The only true unbreakable phone is the legend of Nokia? Then you must be aware that with great power comes greater responsibility and technically no internet connectivity.

If you’re using a phone that does not support internet connectivity. Then rest assured that the Talk Home family also cares about you and provides another solution for becoming a part of the Talk Home culture.

The Talk Home Mobile SIM card provides you with MVNO technology to give you the best international call and texting rates without downloading any app.

Simply order your free SIM card or procure it from a retailer. When it arrives, just top up either through a card, a voucher, or through Paypal, and start dialling away!

You can either opt for the pay-as-you-go feature or subscribe to various flexible bundle plans that suit your needs.


In conclusion, if you ever feel the need to call Africa from wherever you are around the globe, our guide to call Africa is cheap and conveniently can provide you with all the information you need.

Consequently, if you require to know more about how International calling works, the International calling guide can provide in-depth knowledge of all its workings!

No matter what you prefer, the Talk Home family has it out for you. Become a member of its family and enjoy the most flexible and cheap rates to call or message internationally.

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