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Best Snapchat Alternatives Reviewed


“Snapchat is overrated.”

“You missed your streaks today, didn’t you?”


You simply can’t complain about Snapchat. Using a Snapchat alternative is okay only if you have to because Snapchat is one of the most popular apps worldwide, with over 265 million active users every day. The innovative self-destructing messaging has won the hearts of millions of teenagers aged 13-24, who make up around 59% of the total users of Snapchat.

With so much popularity and usage of this app, Snapchat remains unique in what it offers. That said, we can’t expect to find the perfect alternative to it. However, we can identify apps that provide certain features common only to Snapchat.

What Are the Best Snapchat Alternatives?

No single app provides a complete Snapchat alternative. But the apps we highlight below come very close to offering what Snapchat does, in addition to their own unique selling point. Have a look for yourself:

Talk Home App

Available Platforms: Google Play | App Store

Pricing: Free | In-App Purchases

Similar to Snapchat, Talk Home App offers messaging service to your contacts. Rather than being limited to just your friends on Snapchat, with Talk Home App, you can send messages to any number in over 250+ destinations around the world! Furthermore, Talk Home App also offers seamless international calling at very inexpensive rates!

However, it’s not much of a picture and video sharing app. It is one of the best international calling apps. This makes it a great alternative to Snapchat for those who want to connect back to their family from a different country.

It has over a million downloads and helps connect around 18 million calls from users worldwide in a month. You can additionally send international mobile recharge to any number you’d like! All this even without requiring an Internet!


Available Platforms: Google Play | App Store

Pricing: Free | In-App Purchases

Instagram is unarguably one of the best alternatives to Snapchat. Rather, it has a 1.074 billion user count of its own. Like Snapchat, Instagram has also introduced the stories sharing feature. Being a photo and video sharing social media app, around 500 million Instagram accounts use the stories feature every day.

Furthermore, it also offers its own set of face filters and built-in chat messenger to make it one of the best social media networking app. However, it’s still not Snapchat.

Sweet Snap

Available Platforms: Google Play | App Store

Pricing: Free | In-App Purchases

Sweet Snap is an amazing photo editing face cam app that lets you apply stickers on your face from its library of hundreds of unique filters! You can share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (etc.) too. It may not be as popular as Snapchat, but it is a great alternative to it. If you’re looking for a comprehensive collection of face filters and stickers to apply in real-time, Sweet Snap is just the app for you!


Available Platforms: Google Play | App Store

Pricing: Free | In-App Purchases

Snow is a well-known photo editor app that allows you to apply AR makeup effects and other filters to make your selfies or pictures profile-worthy! It can be an excellent Snapchat alternative if you’re a fan of professional picture editing. It already has around 200 million users worldwide!


Available Platforms: Google Play | App Store

Pricing: Free | In-App Purchases

Line is one of the best communication apps there is. With various new features and services constantly being offered to make our lives more convenient, Line has around 500 million installs of its own. It has an array of different stickers and ways to express yourself, with free messaging and calling.

You can additionally create payments through this app, talk to health consultants, listen to music and much more.


Available Platforms: Google Play | App Store

Pricing: Free | In-App Purchases

Telegram boasts the identity of having one of the most secure communication channels among other apps. Like other messaging apps, Telegram also provides various stickers and features in its chat while communicating with friends.

Furthermore, Telegram also provides the feature of offering self-destructing messages like Snapchat! However, it isn’t entirely considered as a medium for picture sharing, rather heavily encrypted messaging.


Available Platforms: Google Play | App Store

Pricing: Free | In-App Purchases

WeChat is another amazing messaging app that offers more than just messaging. In addition to making payments with it, you can play games with your friends too! WeChat connects over a billion people with calls, chats, and more.


Available Platforms: Google Play | App Store

Pricing: Free | In-App Purchases

Skype is considered one of the best apps for video calling. Furthermore, use Skype to send SMS messages to mobiles worldwide, and with SMS Connect, you can now also read and reply to your phone’s SMS messages right from your computer.

You can also record your video calls, make group calls and share screens with other users through Skype!


Available Platforms: Google Play | App Store

Pricing: Free | In-App Purchases

The biggest advantage messenger gets is the official messaging app for Facebook, the world’s biggest social network. Facebook introduced messenger sometime after Snapchat was launched. It incorporated similar features as Snapchat, including Facebook stories, 3D masks, face filters, and special effects.

But besides that, it is heavily integrated with Facebook. Hence, it is convenient for messenger users to share their content on Facebook and other social media apps.


Available Platforms: Google Play | App Store

Pricing: Free | In-App Purchases

Viber is another communication app that allows chat messaging and high-quality calling with other contacts. It is mainly known for audio calling at high quality throughout the world. Gradually, Viber also introduced video calling, messaging with stickers and a disappearing messages feature.

Furthermore, it has an additional feature of building or joining communities on Viber, where like-minded people can gather and socialise.


What Can I Use Instead of Snapchat?

This solely depends on which aspect of Snapchat you want in any other app. For instance, if you want to post disappearing stories, Facebook messenger and Instagram offer this feature. If you want to chat with others with stickers and GIFs, WeChat, Telegram, Line provides secure and instant messaging services.

If you want to audio or video call, Skype, Viber, and Talk Home App provide the feature of high-quality calling. Additionally, if you or your receiver do not have an internet connection but still want to call, Talk Home App provides the convenience for that too!

Is Snapchat Safe to Use?

Snapchat used to have many security lapses in its claim of having truly disappearing content that vanishes after a certain period. However, this gap has been abused by hackers to access the private information of users.

But, as new bug fixes and security patch updates have come, Snapchat has drastically increased its security, with the shared media files being end-to-end encrypted. However, this still doesn’t mean that the data cannot be hacked from Snapchat’s servers where the data is initially stored.

This means that Snapchat is as secure as it can get. Still, no app is safe from a cyberattack as hackers can socially engineer situations to infiltrate private information on the internet. You can be aware and vigilant about the data you share so that the chances of your private information being hacked are minimal.

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