Best Phones for Battery Life

10 Best Phones for Battery Life


With the power-hungry features of today’s smartphones, battery life is a crucial feature for consumers to consider when buying a new device. Most modern phone batteries do not last longer than 24 hours. It gets even more frustrating when the battery dies before you finish your day’s tasks.

The times when phone batteries would last for multiple days with a single charge are surely not coming back. However, in recent years, with the arrival of bigger screens, better refresh rate, and powerful processors, we’ve seen enormous improvement in battery performance.

Hundreds of phones on the market have amazing battery life, and it may be challenging to find the strongest among all. For your ease, we’ve compiled a list of the best phones for battery life so you don’t have to spend time trying them out yourself.

Ten Best Phones for Battery Life at a Glance

Model Name Battery Time (hours:mins)
Realme GT Neo 3T 31:51 on calls

14:04 on web

21:02 on video


Sony Xperia 10 IV 35:19 on calls

21:12 on web

32:04 on video


Realme 9 41:08 on calls

19:40 on web

22:57 on video


Realme GT2 27:04 on calls

18:22 on web

22:03 on video


Redmi Note 11 37:29 on calls

16:11 on web

20:52 on video


Poco M4 Pro 38:38 on calls

12:20 on web

19:52 on video


Poco M4 Pro 5G 33:26 on calls

18:47 on web

16:31 on video


Oppo Reno7 5G 28:41 on calls

16:31 on web

18:05 on video


iPhone 13 Pro Max 27:26 on calls

20:10 on web

24:12 on video


Samsung Galaxy A53 5G 32:11 on calls

12:43 on web

19:58 on video

1. Realme GT Neo 3T

GT Neo 3T is currently winning the first spot on our list because of the power autonomy it offers with respect to price. In terms of battery life, it ranks among the best smartphones and is also quite powerful.

Additional Features:

Besides being the best phone for battery life, GT Neo 3T is also equipped with numerous modern features. A high-end HDR10+ Hz OLED screen (120 Hz), a powerful SD870 Snapdragon processor with 5G, and multiple cameras, to name a few.


With a whopping 5000 mAH battery, Neo 3T turns out to be steadfast for heavy gaming and video streaming, all within a single charge. The phone ships with an 80W fast charger, which quickly ups the battery.


The phone does not support NFC and has a cheap plastic body that does not feel very attractive. There’s no 3.5mm audio jack which could be upsetting for many users. Regarding the camera, the picture quality is average, with much improvement required for low-light photography.

2. Sony Xperia 10 (IV)

Our next pick is the Sony Xperia 10 IV. It’s a budget smartphone with a fabulous battery backup and a bigger screen for a better multimedia experience. Given the price range, it is one of the few smartphones that offer a camera with a 2X telephoto lens.

Additional features:

Not only did the Xperia 10 amazed users with its outstanding battery life, but it also wowed the audience with its impressive OLED screen. The screen comes with the latest HDR10 technology with 1B colours, and a robust triple main camera. Moreover, this phone also has IP68 ingress protection.


Sony Xperia 10 IV has a Gorilla Glass (GG) Victus Protection, the toughest GG to date. It provides incredible protection in case of drops and scratches. The 2X telephoto lens is another noticeable feature we usually don’t find in other flagships in this price range.


Despite having all the incredible features, the Xperia 10 isn’t the perfect phone. It only provides an average refresh rate of 60 Hz. Besides, the 695 Snapdragon processor is also an underpowered chip. Also, you don’t get a power adaptor or USB cable in the box. Lastly, the charging speed of this phone is quite slow.

3. Realme 9

The third smartphone on our list of phones with the best battery life is Realme 9. The battery autonomy of this device is fantastic, so it is a clear recommendation.

Additional features:

Realme 9 offers fast charging, a high-quality back camera, and an AMOLED screen with 90 Hz refresh rate. The design is attractive and offers different cool colour combinations. The camera offers 3X zoom with a performing night mode.


This phone has an incredible battery life with an endurance rating of up to 156 hours. The battery lasts up to 41 hours on calls, 19 hours on web surfing, and 23 hours on video streaming. The 33W power adaptor tops up the battery swiftly, so you don’t need to wait for long. Contrary to other smartphones, the Realme 9 is very lightweight.


It has a weaker chipset, no water protection, no stereo speakers, and no 5G. It represents a step backward from the Realme 8. However, in terms of battery life, it can last a while and isn’t a terrible phone to buy, either.

4. Realme GT 2

The Realme GT 2 is among the few smartphones with an 888 Snapdragon processor to qualify for our best battery life category. It is a flagship-level smartphone with a premium display, outstanding performance, a dependable camera, and blazingly quick charging.

Additional features:

The phone boasts a 120Hz, Bright OLED display. The Paper-like patterns are a welcome change of pace. In addition to the screen, it offers a reliable main camera, a long battery life, lightning-fast charging, excellent sustained performance, and cool exterior temperatures. Realme’s UI 3.0 is attractive and works well on Android 12.


There are many reasons to consider Realme GT 2 as your next purchase. The phone features 5G connectivity, an excellent main sensor, super-quick 65W fast charging compatibility, a potent Snapdragon 888 processor, responsive touch with a 1000 Hz rating, a sturdy design, and a smooth display with a 120 Hz refresh rate.


It offers only a minimal upgrade over its predecessor. The price is comparatively high than other smartphones with the same features. There’s no telephoto lens, and the front and ultrawide cameras are just average. Moreover, the phone doesn’t offer waterproofing or resistance of any sort.

5. Redmi Note 11 (Xiaomi)

We chose the Redmi Note 11 for its 33W fast charging capability and outstanding battery life. You get a nonstop talk time of 37 hours and video streaming for up to 20 hours. In addition to its well-balanced feature set, the Redmi Note 11 delivers excellent battery performance.

Additional features:

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 is a tempting low-cost option. The 6.43” 90Hz OLED screen and Snapdragon 680 CPU are fine but a bit outdated on this device. Regular images taken with the main camera are also excellent. The dual speakers are good enough to satisfy your music cravings.


The phone offers 33W speedy charging to juice up the battery instantly. It comes with a bright 90 Hz AMOLED screen. It also provides IP53 grade water protection, a microSD slot, and a 3.5 mm audio jack.


The 680-snapdragon chip is not very powerful and doesn’t seem to be much compatible with this phone. The ultrawide lens is below average. The video camera doesn’t offer 4K recording.

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6. Poco M4 Pro 4G

In addition to its respectable spec list and reasonable pricing, the Poco M4 Pro (4G) has great battery life. The Helio G96 chipset, a strong performer for day-to-day operations, is used in the 4G variant, which also features a 90Hz OLED display.

Additional features:

Among the additional features, there’s a 90Hz AMOLED Screen display, Ultrafast 33W Charging, Long-Lasting Battery Life, Vivid Display, Support for Carrier Aggregation, Widevine L1 Support, 3.5mm Headphone Jack, and a Separate slot for SD-card.


Despite being a Redmi Note 11s rebrand, the POCO M4 Pro is still worthwhile to purchase due to its competitive pricing, powerful processor, AMOLED display, long battery life, support for fast charging, sturdy build quality, and even stereo speakers.


The cameras are fine but not good. The MIUI is not optimized very well, and the phone still uses Android 12, despite the new update being rolled out. It doesn’t offer 5G connectivity.

7. Poco M4 Pro 5G

For its exceptional battery life, the Poco M4 Pro 5G joins with the Poco M4 Pro. Additionally, it has a sizable battery, an excellent 1080p display with a 90 Hz refresh rate, dual speakers, and rapid charging capability.

Additional features:

The phone offers a unique camera experience besides the best battery life. There’s an IR port, NFC support, 3.5mm audio jack, MicroSD room, and stereo speakers.


The display screen is made up of Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The phone features a 16MP selfie camera and a 50MP main camera with an 8MP ultra-wide lens. The front and rear cameras have a maximum video resolution of 1080p at 30fps. The new MediaTek Dimensity 810 5G is a solid chipset that can play practically all games without experiencing any issues.


While the other flagships offer OLED and AMOLED displays, this phone offers an outdated LCD. This phone neither offers a macro lens for the camera nor 4K video recording. The speaker quality is also not very good.

8. Oppo Reno 7 5G

Although the OPPO Reno 7 5G is expensive, it also has a strong battery life, support for fast charging, a good display, a strong processor, and even excellent cameras. All in all, you are paying a little bit more for the OPPO name.

Additional features:

The phone offers an ultrafast 65W charging capability, HDR10+ OLED display with 90 Hz refresh rate, micro-SD slot, and NFC support.


Given the price range, the Reno7 5G is an outstanding smartphone with top-of-the-line specifications. The phone has a fantastic 90Hz OLED screen, a solid Dimensity 900 5G chipset, dependable performance and stability, and a high-quality camera in addition to its exceptional battery life.


The only drawbacks we can likely identify for this Oppo are the lack of stereo speakers and the lack of water protection. It may be sold under several names on other continents, but the truth remains that it offers exceptional value for the money and is one of the best phones in terms of battery life.

9. iPhone 13 Pro Max

One of the first Apple products to appear on this list, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, passed our battery life test and had to be included on our list of best phones for battery life. It boasts a strong design, amazing display, unrivaled performance, and one of the best triple cameras.

Additional features:

The phone offers an excellent design that is also waterproof, Dolby Vision of 120Hz, the finest OLED screen we’ve seen, and a very accurate touch response. Apart from the screen, this iPhone has a superior battery life (with 60Hz caveats) and stereo speakers with great output. All four cameras provide an excellent overall photo and video quality.


The display is stunning, and apps will gradually start supporting 120 Hz. The battery life on iPhone 13 is the longest we’ve ever seen, and in its current configuration, it ranks among the best on premium smartphones.

The chipset has sufficient power to outperform anything, even when throttled. And then, there are the cameras. While they aren’t quite the greatest available, they all function and do so constantly.


The screen notch might be disturbing for some users. The phone weighs 240g which puts it out of the lightweight phone category. Most third-party apps do not support the 120 Hz refresh rate. The fast charging, as Apple claims, is not quite fast. You don’t get a power adaptor with the box.

10. Samsung Galaxy A53 (5G)

Although the battery life of the Galaxy A52s and Galaxy A53 is comparable, the A52s is a superior smartphone due to its quicker CPU and more robust networking pack. Unfortunately, we cannot include the A52s stock because it will soon be off the market. However, we can still suggest its Galaxy A53 replacement.

Before we move to other details, if you want to know some useful tricks that you can do with your Samsung phones, read here.

Additional features:

The Galaxy A53 is a superb deal because it’s reasonably priced, has an IP67-rated build, a wonderful 120Hz Super AMOLED screen, quick 5G performance, a 5000 mAH long-lasting battery life, and a dependable, flexible camera configuration with OIS.


The phone contains a freshly launched Exynos 1280 chip, nearly similar to Snapdragon 780 in performance. There are no second opinions on Samsung’s display technology. The 6.5” screen offers a super bright display with Widevine L1 support. Both the front and back cameras can record videos in 4k resolutions. The only difference is that the front camera can shoot 4k videos only at 30fps, while the back camera can shoot 4k videos at both 30 and 60 fps.


The Galaxy A53 can support fast charging up to a maximum of 25W, but you don’t get the charger in the box. It is surprising that the A52s lack an audio jack and Wi-Fi 6. But despite these limitations, it still qualifies as a strong all-rounder and deserves to be on our list of best phones for battery life.

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Best iPhone Model for Battery Life

If someone had asked this question 2 months back, we would have suggested the iPhone 13 Pro Max for the best battery life. But the newly launched iPhone 14 Pro Max has outpaced its predecessor in this race.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max comes with a 4323 MH battery. Although its battery size is lesser than that of iPhone 13 Pro Max, different battery tests have proved that the new model lasts longer.

According to a battery test conducted by Laptomag, both 13 and 14 Pro Max were tested for five times. The process involved web surfing until the entire battery drains out. The brightness level was kept same for both iPhones during the test.

Surprisingly, the 14 Pro Max lasted 13 hours and 7 minutes, while the 13 Pro Max lasted 12 hours and 16 minutes. It means that the 14 Pro Max lasted 1 hour and 8 minutes longer than the 13 Pro Max making it a suitable choice for people who consider battery life as their priority.

Best Android Phone for Battery Life

The throne of best battery in Android phones didn’t go to big names like Samsung, LG, Sony, or Huawei, but a lesser-known company, Asus. The company is already quite successful for laptops and PCs, but in 2014, it decided to set foot in the smartphone world.

Recently, Asus launched a phone with a whopping 6000 mAh battery – Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro. The device went popular in a very short span for it’s longer battery life, and ultra-smooth gaming experience. Other than that, it allows users to watch videos, and perform other tasks for long periods of time without having to worry about running out of power.

Additionally, the phone comes with a fast-charging feature that allows users to quickly top up their battery when needed, making it easy to stay charged on the go. Overall, the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro is a great choice for anyone who needs a phone that can handle long gaming sessions or other demanding tasks without running out of power.

Best Mid-range Phone for Battery Life

he Motorola Moto G9 Power is a mid-range smartphone that boasts an impressive battery life. With a 6,000mAh battery, the Moto G9 Power can easily last through a full day of heavy use without needing to be recharged. This makes it a great option for people who are always on the go and need a reliable device that can keep up with their busy lifestyles.

In addition to its excellent battery life, the Moto G9 Power is also reasonably priced. It has a suggested retail price of around £220 – £230, making it a more affordable option compared to many high-end smartphones on the market.

Despite its low price, the Moto G9 Power still offers a range of features, including a large 6.8-inch HD display, a triple camera setup, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor. Overall, the Moto G9 Power is a solid budget smartphone that offers a great balance of performance and value.

Best Low-budget Smartphone for Battery Life

One low-budget smartphone that is known for its excellent battery life is the Realme C15. This smartphone features a large 6,000mAh battery that can last for an extended period of time without needing to be recharged. It also comes with a power-efficient processor and a power-saving mode, which helps to extend the battery life even further.

In addition to its impressive battery life, the Realme C15 also offers a range of other features at a budget-friendly price. It has a 6.5-inch HD display, a triple camera setup, and a MediaTek Helio G35 processor. The Realme C15 has a suggested retail price of around $150, making it an affordable option for those who are looking for a reliable smartphone with a long-lasting battery.

Wrapping it Up

Finding the best phone for battery life can be a challenging task, as there are many different smartphones on the market that offer a range of features and battery life. However, by considering factors such as battery capacity, power-efficient processors, and power-saving modes, you can find a smartphone that will meet your needs and keep you connected throughout the day.

If you’re tight on budget, you can go with the mid-range or low-budget smartphones i.e., the Motorola Moto G9 Power, the Realme C15, and the Samsung Galaxy M51. Ultimately, the best phone for battery life will depend on your specific needs and budget.


How long does a good phone battery last?

The actual battery life of a phone can vary widely depending on a wide range of factors, including the phone’s size, the specific features and components that it includes, and the way in which it is used. In general, a good phone battery should be able to last for a full day of moderate to heavy use without requiring a charge.

How long does it take to charge a good battery phone?

The amount of time it takes to charge a phone’s battery can vary depending on the phone’s battery capacity, the power output of the charger, and the specific charging technology that the phone uses.

However, modern phone battery should be able to charge relatively quickly, often in under two hours. However, it’s important to note that the specific charging time will depend on the specific phone and charger that you are using.

How can you test a mobile phone battery?

There are several ways to test a mobile phone battery to determine its health and performance. Here are a few options:

  • Use battery testing apps
  • Check the battery usage statistics
  • Charge and discharge the battery fully

Use the phone under heavy load



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