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13 Useful Samsung Phone Tricks You Didn’t Know About


Whenever we buy a new smartphone, the first thing we do is transfer all of our data from the old phone to the new one. After that, most people just look at the usual stuff or start taking selfies to see how good they look. But there’s always more, and if you are a Samsung user like most of us, these Samsung phone tricks might help you bring out the best from your smartphone.

Most people don’t notice, but the new phones, especially Samsung’s smartphones, come with quite a few unique features that you may not find on any other operating system.

You see, there are some Samsung phone tricks that you must explore and learn to make the most of your phones. But before we get down to real business, let’s see why Samsung stands out among the rest.

What Sets Samsung Apart from the other Mobile Manufacturers?

Samsung is a global leader in chip design, batteries, and screen technology. But despite that, many argue that Samsung copies and tweaks innovations of others to get ahead of the curve.

That’s not true at all because Samsung has been laser-focused on innovations for the last few years. Instead of spending millions of dollars on advertisements to let the world know their smartphones are better, they are investing most of their energy in developing new designs and features and complying with the latest trends in mobile technology. Doing so allows them to stay ahead of their competitors.

Now that you know what sets Samsung apart from its competitors let’s go on and explore the Samsung phone tricks we have been boasting about till now.

Create GIFs from YouTube Using Smart Select

For those who do not know, GIFs are a series of soundless videos or images that continuously loop to create animated effects. Many marketers use them creatively to liven up their content. Some professionals also use them on their presentations and email signatures to add a touch of animation to their personalities.

Did you know you can also create GIFs from YouTube using Smart Select? The fact that your Samsung smartphones enable you to do so literally makes this one of the coolest Samsung phone tricks ever. Initially, this feature was only available on Galaxy phones. However, you don’t have to save money to buy an expensive Galaxy phone to create GIFs now, as this feature is now available on many other devices.

So, if you want to create a GIF of your own from a YouTube video, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Open the video on the YouTube App.
  • Access Smart Select.
  • Tap ‘Animation’ on the Smart Select toolbar.
  • Adjust the size and position of the frame box to capture the area.
  • Now tap ‘Record’ to start your recording.
  • Tap ‘Stop’ to stop the recording.
  • Tap ‘Save’ to store the GIF in your gallery.

All in all, it is one of the best Samsung features you can ever wish to have on your phone.

Use Split-Screen View to do Multitasking

Ever heard the phrase, two heads are better than one? It doesn’t just apply to people; the same goes for mobile apps. This probably is the most useful feature in terms of practicality as it enables you to use two apps at once.

So, if you want to multitask by setting up a pair of your apps, then follow the steps given below:

  • Open all the recent apps by tapping the ‘Recent Apps’ icon from the bottom menu.
  • Flip through the apps until you find the one you want to use in the ‘Split-Screen’ view.
  • Tap the app’s icon to open the list of options.
  • Select the ‘Open in split screen view’ option from the pop-up list.
  • The first app will now occupy the top half of your phone’s screen while the others will appear at the bottom.
  • Now select the other app from the bottom half.

Personalise Your Audio Experience

You don’t have to suffer at the hands of default settings when you own a Samsung phone, especially when it comes to your listening experience. The sound adaption feature in Samsung phones now comes with plenty of options that enable you to tailor your audio quality to your satisfaction.

Samsung realizes that all sets of ears have their own preferences, so it empowers its users to perfectly tune their audio experiences. So, if you happen to own a Samsung smartphone, you can follow the steps given below to create a unique listening experience:

  • Go to your phone’s ‘Settings’.
  • Scroll up and down to find ‘Sounds and Vibration’ and tap it.
  • Find and access ‘Sound Quality and Effects’.
  • Now tap ‘Adapt Sound’.

Once you gain access to the ‘Adapt Sound’ feature, you will have an option to select one of the following pre-settings or take a hearing test to create a sound effect of your liking:

  • Under 30 Years Old.
  • 30 to 60 Years Old.
  • Over 60 Years Old.

Secure Folders – Hide Apps or Files

It is one of the most useful Samsung phone tricks because we all have skeletons in our closets that we don’t want anyone else to see. Therefore, Samsung enables you to use this password security feature to hide your apps, files, videos, and photos from prying eyes.

Samsung’s Secure Folders create an encrypted space by leveraging the Knox security platform to protect your data from malicious attacks.

Setting up a Secure Folder is quite easy. All you have to do is:

  • Go to your phone’s ‘Settings’.
  • Scroll to find ‘Biometrics and Security’ and tap it.
  • Find and tap ‘Secure Folder’.
  • Log into your Samsung Account if your phone prompts you to, and then tap ‘OK’.
  • Select the login method you prefer, which will either be a pattern, password, or PIN and tap ‘Next’.
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions to finish setting up your passcode.

Take Notes on the Lock Screen

As opposed to what many people may believe, the S Pens on the new Galaxy S22 Ultra phones are not just styluses. You can use them to take quick notes even when your screens are locked. While the people who have been using the Note series for a while would know how to take notes, the ones who are new to the Note series may need some help.

You need to follow the steps given below to enable your phone to let you take notes while the screen is locked:

  • Go to your phone’s ‘Settings’.
  • Search for the ‘Advanced Features’ option and tap it.
  • Tap ‘S Pen’ on the new menu.
  • Tap ‘When S Pen is Removed’ under the ‘Removal’ section.
  • Select ‘Create Note’ from the new list of options.

Now, your phone will automatically open a black canvas for you to write on whenever you take the S Pen out.

Use the Undo Gesture for Easy Typing

As far as the users’ convenience is concerned, this is one of the most useful Samsung phone tricks. You can remove the last few words you typed by enabling this fantastic feature. Since our PCs allow us to do this from day one, some of you may take this feature for granted.

However, if you own a Samsung Galaxy device, you can configure your phone to enable you to do the same. To enable the ‘Undo Gesture,’ all you need to do is:

  • Go to your phone’s ‘Settings’.
  • Search and tap ‘General Management’.
  • Access ‘Samsung Keyboard Settings’.
  • Tap ‘Swipe, touch, and feedback’.
  • Access ‘Keyboard Swipe Controls’ from the new menu.
  • Enable ‘Cursor Control’.

Use Good Lock for Customisation

You can use Samsung’s Good Lock to redesign the operating system’s user interface (UI). It enables you to tweak the look and feel of everything from the quick settings panel, clock face, and layout of recent apps to the home and lock screen.

Since Good Lock is only available for Galaxy users, you will not find it on Play Store. However, you can download it from Samsung Galaxy’s store.

Watch High-Quality Videos Using the Video Enhancer

Do you want to elevate the experience of watching movies on your phones? Well, you’re in luck because this cool Samsung feature can help you make the videos more vivid. Furthermore, you can enable and disable this feature manually. So, you can turn it off whenever you want if you don’t like what it has to offer.

Follow the steps given below to enable the ‘Video Enhancer’ or ‘Video Brightness’ feature:

  • Go to your phone’s ‘Settings’.
  • Scroll to find the ‘Advance Features’ option and tap it.
  • Access the ‘Video Brightness’ feature.
  • Select the ‘Bright Option’ from the new menu.

Use Quick Access

There are tons of Samsung phone tricks that can make your life easier. However, this feature will rank somewhere near the top when it comes to users’ convenience. This feature can access some of the most frequently used settings.

For instance, the settings to mirror your phone’s screen to your TV and turn the Wi-Fi on & off are just a single swipe away.

You can swipe your phone’s home screen from the top to access the options on your Quick Access/Settings menu.

Use Custom Lock Screen Shortcuts

Putting app shortcuts on the lock screen is one of the handiest Samsung phone tricks. The lock screen shortcuts enable you to open the apps you use most frequently without parsing the menu.

To put the apps on your lock screen, all you need to do is:

  • Go to your phone’s ‘Settings’.
  • Find and tap the ‘Lock Screen’ option.
  • Search for ‘Shortcuts’ on the new menu and enable it.
  • Now tap the ‘Shortcuts’ option.
  • Select apps for both left and right shortcuts from the new menu.

Set the Floating Camera Button

As the name implies, this additional camera button gives you a better reach. You can position it anywhere on your phone’s screen to avoid twisting your fingers uncomfortably, especially while taking selfies with your loved ones.

You need to follow the steps given below to enable the floating camera button on your Samsung Galaxy phones:

  • Launch the ‘Camera’ app.
  • Access your camera’s ‘Settings’.
  • Tap ‘Shooting Methods’.
  • Enable the ‘Floating Shutter Button’.

Silent Incoming Calls by Flipping the Phone

All Samsung phone tricks that enable you to control your phone with gestures are worth dying for, and being able to mute incoming calls by flipping the phone is one of such tricks.

Sometimes muting unexcepted calls can require you to do a little fiddling. But this special Samsung feature enables you to mute all such calls by simply turning the phone upside down on a flat surface.

You can follow the steps given below to silence incoming calls with a gesture:

  • Go to your phone’s ‘Settings’.
  • Find the ‘Advance Features’ option and tap it.
  • Tap ‘Motions and Gestures’.
  • Enable the ‘Turn over to Mute’ option from the new menu.

Take Photos with Voice Commands

Samsung never disappoints its users when it comes to introducing features that elevate their photography experience. Therefore, out of all these amazing Samsung phone tricks, people with photogenic faces will love this one the most.

As the name of this cool Samsung trick implies, you can enable this feature to take photos when you’re not in the mood to tap the camera shutter button.

You need to follow the steps given below to activate this amazing feature:

  • Launch the ‘Camera’ app.
  • Access your camera’s ‘Settings’.
  • Tap ‘Shooting Methods’.
  • Enable ‘Voice Control’.

After enabling this feature, you will be able to take photos using specific voice commands like ‘shoot’, ‘capture’, ‘cheese’, or ‘smile’. You can also use this feature to start recording videos by saying ‘record video’.

You will have to make the abovementioned changes and re-launch the app to take the photos with these voice commands. Make sure you’re clearly uttering these words at the time of taking photos so that your phones can process your commands.

We hope you have enjoyed reading these amazing Samsung phone tricks. Be sure to put them to good use and get the most out of your phones. Visit our blog every now and then if you like reading interesting posts like this one.

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