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How to Withhold Number on iPhone


We make hundreds of calls daily; some are for our loved ones, while others are for companies and individuals we do not regularly interact with. The receiver can see our phone number regardless of whom we call. You wouldn’t want to share your personal number with everyone you call.

The good news is that you can keep your number private while making routine calls. A feature of the iPhone called “Hide caller ID on iPhone” allows you to hide your number while making a call. This will help you protect your number from unwanted commercial and promotional calls.

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Multiple ways help you hide number on your latest iPhone 13 when making a call. The procedure is simple. You have to change the settings in your app and enjoy making anonymous calls to your desired number. Do you still need clarification about how to withhold a number on iPhone?

The blog is going to clear up all your confusion regarding this topic. You will get to know what settings you need to change and what advantages and disadvantages will come your way if you withhold your number. So, without any further due let’s jump straight to

How to Withhold a Number Before Making a Call

Dial 141 before the number to make anonymous calls. This allows you to prevent the number from being displayed when you make a call to your desired number. The code works for landlines and mobile devices, both iPhone and Android.

This service is ideal for people who want to keep their numbers private and are looking for ways to withhold the number for specific calls.  The best thing about this service is that there are no costs involved– it is completely free.

How to Permanently Withhold your Number – iPhone

Withholding your number gives you an extra layer of protection and privacy. Permanently withholding your number means that you can hide your number when making calls from the number. This makes you keep your number private while making phone calls that you need.

Interested in learning how to hide your phone number on your iPhone? That’s what this section covers. You have to change your iPhone settings to withhold your number permanently. In 4 simple steps, you can add that extra layer of protection and hide your number from being shown on your calls.

Step 1: Open the settings on your iPhone

Step 2: You will see a “Phone” icon in the settings of your mobile. Tap on it to enter.

Step 3: You will see an option of “Show my caller ID.”

Step 4: Turn it off to hide your caller ID and enhance your privacy.

How to Permanently Withhold your Number – Android

You can withhold your number on android with the help of a google voice account. “Google Voice” is a Play Store application that will help you hide your caller ID when making a phone call. The service works best for all Android phones. There are four steps involved in this process.

  1. Download the Google Voice App from the play store of your phone
  2. Open the application interface and see the menu option on the top left.
  3. Navigate to settings from the Menu pop-up, and you will see a call option.
  4. Click on the call option and turn on the “Anonymous Caller ID option.”

Why Shouldn’t You Withhold your Mobile Phone Number?

You can permanently withhold your number using the above techniques for Android and iPhone. However, this isn’t something we recommend, and the reason is simple! Withholding your number takes you to ghost mode. Imagine making unanswered phone calls to your family and friends just because they couldn’t recognize your number.

Yes, that is correct! If you have withheld your number, your friends and family members will not recognize your calls. No one answers unknown calls, and you will end up being frustrated. Smartphones might consider your calls as potential scams and automatically reject them without being noticed.

If your calls aren’t going through, withholding the number might have been causing the problem. For these reasons, you are advised to avoid permanently withholding your number. This doesn’t mean that withholding your number is something terrible; instead, there are situations where you need to withhold your number for your good. What are these situations? Let’s Explore.

When to Withhold Your Mobile Phone Number

There are many situations where you would want to hide your phone number. For example, you should hide your number when calling a store or a retailer. These stores harvest your number to use for marketing. If you do not want this to happen, withhold your number by adding 141 before the number.

Similarly, withhold your number when calling a service provider to avoid receiving calls from marketers and advertisers. What usually happens is that the service providers sell their data to third-party marketers who continuously ping you until they generate a sale.

😋 On a lighter note, you might want to make a prank call to your friend or a family member. Add 141 before dialing the number to ensure the recipient does not know who is calling. This will double the joy of a prank compared to when the recipient knows the call was coming from your number.

However, the auto-blocking system of the recipient phone might not allow you to connect with your loved one. Wondering why this happens? The next section of the blog has that covered for you!

Why Are Calls Blocked When the Phone Number is Withheld?

An anonymous call reject is an option that allows people to block the calls from withheld numbers. If you are calling a number that has enabled this option, you won’t be able to get through, and your call will be declined. You will receive a message that says, “the person you’re calling doesn’t accept anonymous calls; please redial without withholding your number.”

The calls from withheld numbers are blocked by anonymous call reject to keep the recipients safe from potential scams. Most often, the scammers withhold their numbers and make random calls. This feature stops calls from such numbers so that people do not share their personal information with the callers.

While the goal is to protect the recipients from being scammed, you might get filtered if you have withheld your number. When making a call, if you have problems getting through, you are advised to turn off the settings for withholding the number and place the call. Chances are that you will get through and connect with your loved ones!

Bottom Line

Withholding your number is a good option if you are looking for ways to keep your number private. With this option enabled on your phone, you will make calls without displaying your number. It sounds too good to have it. However, some calls may get blocked if you permanently withhold your number.

You can temporarily withhold your number for a specific call to overcome this. This works by dialing 141 before the number, and your number for this call will be withheld. Withholding your number helps you surprise your friends and family by calling them anonymously. On the other hand, it also enables you to avoid promotional calls that may ping you throughout the day.


1. Why can’t I hide my number on my iPhone?

You may be unable to hide your caller ID if your carrier doesn’t support hiding your ID from phone settings. If this is the case for you, you can use alternatives, such as the unique code (141), to hide caller ID.

2. Does 141 hide your number on your iPhone?

Yes, you can use 141 to hide your number on your iPhone. All you have to do is, add 141 before the recipient number, and your number will be presented as “Private Number, or no Caller ID.” 141 code works for android and landlines as well.


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