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Decoding 0345 Numbers – Why Are these Numbers Used?


Quite recently, there has been sudden hype around 0345 numbers in the UK, and if you ever wondered why, we promise you there are enough reasons! 0345 numbers are NGNS (Non-geographic numbers) or landline telephone numbers that can be related to any area in the United Kingdom.

Often used by many organizations, like banks, shops, SMEs, government departments, etc., these numbers include landline and mobile minutes. 03 numbers comprise 0330, 0370, 0345, and 0333.

Let’s learn more about these numbers and find out if 0345 numbers are free.

Is 0345 a Premium Number?

Numbers that are prefixed with 0345 are non-geographic numbers. Mainly used by British landline telephones, 0345 numbers are free to call from the UK landlines on EE. The concept was launched in 2007, and the idea was to replace the traditional 0845 numbers.

The USP of 0345 numbers is that these numbers don’t denote the particular location of the caller. You can use these numbers anywhere within the UK.

How Much Does 0345 Number Cost to Acquire?

If you’re wondering are 0345 numbers free, you’ll be glad to know that these are free on the EE network and cost the same as a call from 01 or 02 numbers. If your business number is 0845, you can switch to a more user-friendly 0345 number. You can also get 0345 straightaway, if you are starting a business or want an alternate number to run advertising campaigns.

While the cost of a call to the 0345 number would be the same as any other local UK number, if you have an inclusive mobile package, you can even make a call to these numbers for free or at nominal charges!

The cost of acquiring a 0345 number depends on the service providers and the calling time. Also, some providers offer minutes, including 0345 numbers, so you can call without incurring extra charges.

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Who Should Acquire 0345 Numbers?

These numbers greatly help if you are starting or expanding your business and marketings strategies. Specifically, government bodies, businesses, the public sector, financial organizations, the public sector, statutory bodies, retailers, traders, etc. If you are engaged in any of these activities, you must know the brownie points you get using 0345 numbers!

We’ve listed out some of the ways these numbers can benefit you.

  • Customer-friendly Numbers: These are cost-effective as the cost of calling is the same for mobile and landline phones.
  • Included in Monthly Packages: Mostly, these numbers are included in the monthly packages so that you don’t have to pay additional charges to use them.
  • Multiple Numbers to Choose From: If you are finicky about a particular number, there’s good news! You can choose from a wide array of options; there are plenty of numbers that are catchy and easy to remember.
  • Build Brand Image: 0345 numbers are easy to remember and don’t even cost more. Hence, it can be a great way to attract your customers’ feedback or follow up and create a powerful image of your brand.
  • No Additional Fees: Most service providers include calls to 0345 numbers in the package or plan itself, so you save a significant amount of cost. You don’t have to change numbers even if you relocate to have more branch offices.

Are 0345 Numbers Free? – Cost of Calling a 0345 Number from Mobile

The best thing about 0345 numbers is that the cost is the same as calling from a 01 or 02 landline or a mobile number. 034 and 037 came into the picture to replace the existing 084 and 087 numbers. Generally, these numbers are not used by individuals and are often used in non-profit organizations, councils, charities, etc.

Mobile Network Price Per Minute
Three 3p per minute
EE 30p per minute
O2 35p per minute
Orange 25p per minute
Virgin Mobile 26p per minute
Vodafone 30p per minute


Calls from 0345 numbers are charged quite similar to the cost of 01 and 02 numbers. The standard charges are affordable; however, you have to pay service charges and access fees. In case you have a monthly plan with EE, the calls will be included, and it will be almost free.

The plan includes unlimited free calls and messages; you can make the best use of 0345 numbers.


Depending on a particular package, the call cost can be nominal or almost free.

In a monthly contract with unlimited calls and messages, calls to 0345 numbers will be included and free! In the case of a plan with limited minutes, the calling charges will be different. For instance

  • In the ‘Essential Plan’, the cost is 55p per minute.
  • In the Pay as you Go plan’, the cost is 35p per minute.

Make a note that the cost is subject to change as per the service provider. Also, if you are calling from abroad, the charges will be different.


If you are wondering are 0345 numbers free in Vodafone, the answer is still the same, i.e., it depends on the plan. Also, you are charged pay per minute for the call. Apart from this, there are different plans with different rates.

  • In a monthly Vodafone Basics Plan, calls to the 0345 number are 55p per minute.
  • In Vodafone Pay as You Go Plan, the calling cost is 35p per minute.

As the cost is subject to change, you should always check the official website or contact their customer care to get the best plans to avail 0345 numbers without paying extra cost.


If you have a monthly plan of O2 with unlimited minutes, the cost of calling 0345 numbers is adjusted from the allowance. However, the charge is 55p per minute if the allowance is finished.

  • In the Pay as You Go Plan with 100GB 55p per minute.

To get further details, you can contact the service provider to get the best plan and prices!

From Tesco Mobile

If the minutes are not included in your plan, you have to spend 55p per minute to make a call to the 0345 number.

  • If you call from a landline, you will have to take out 9p per minute.
  • While calling from a mobile, the cost is 55p per minute.

Also note that if your calling plan includes these numbers, you don’t have to spend anything extra as it will be adjusted in the plan itself.

From BT

While using a BT landline, you have to send 12p with an additional cost of 21p as a setup fee. In the case of a mobile phone, the cost will be 35p per minute. You can switch to a different plan as per your requirements.

Final Thoughts

When dealing with a mobile network, you should be aware of different codes, like PUK Code, and special codes and numbers that can help you reduce the cost of the call and make connectivity easier. Various mobile network providers offer free calling to 0345 numbers including Talk Home and offer monthly and Pay as You Go 5G mobile plans that offer blistering speed, unlimited calling, and data in addition to calls to the 0345 number.


If you love making communication simple, easier, and cost-efficient, opting for 0345 numbers is a great idea. Whether you are a government organization, an agency, a business, or a non-profit organization and are using the traditional 0845 numbers, this is the right time to go for 0345 numbers. Almost all the leading network providers offer different plans pertaining to the numbers, as these are non-geographical numbers that are not restricted to the location of the caller. Find out about 020 numbers and understand everything about them.

These numbers are assigned by the Office of Communication (Ofcom) in the UK and are made to simplify the calling process of organizations while reducing the cost. While most plans include 0345 numbers in the monthly or pay-as-you-go plans, these calls have a nominal cost or are almost free if they are included in your regular plan.

You can opt for the leading mobile service provider in the UK, Talk Home, and find out about the best plans that suit your requirements.


Are 0345 numbers free on a landline?

The calls from the landline number are similar to the cost of calls from other landline numbers in the UK. However, if your plan includes 0345 numbers free, you can make calls without paying anything extra.

Are 0345 Numbers Free on Virgin?

The calls to 0345 numbers are free if these are included in your plan; however, the approximate cost from the landline is 9p per minute and the call to a mobile phone is 55p per minute. As this is an average cost, the price may vary according to different packages. You can explore the monthly plans offered by different service providers and find the ones that suit you the best.

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