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020 Numbers – Let’s Understand Everything About Them


Imagine that you’re going about your day when suddenly, your phone rings. Curious, you pick up the call, only to find 020 at the start of the number. You might be intrigued by where did you receive a 020 number phone call. Was it a business call, an official call, or just a normal call from your friend circle?

In our modern age, where every digital interaction carries implications for businesses and individuals alike. Even the most routine of experiences—like receiving a call—can have hidden significance. Have you ever wondered about the story behind those “020” numbers? What do they signify, and how do they tie into our rapidly evolving technological landscape? If curiosity has piqued your interest, you’re in the right place.

This blog is here to demystify “020” numbers. We’ll explore their origins, purposes, and the unexpected ways in which they intersect with our lives. Join us on this journey of discovery, as we delve into the intriguing realm of “020” numbers. We will also talk about how to call these numbers from your SIM card. Without further ado let’s jump into it.

History of 020 Numbers

Area codes were introduced in the UK in 1958 when callers were, for the first time ever, able to call another phone number directly instead of via manual telephone exchange operators. Over the next 20 years, Subscribers’ Trunk Dialling codes were allocated to every exchange until 1979.

020 numbers were introduced in 2000. New local numbers were also activated in 0207 and 0208 format. After five years, 0203 years numbers were introduced and most recently, in 2019, 0204 numbers have been introduced. As of 2020, 52 exchanges have five-digit numbers.

Numbers Issued from
(020) 7xxx xxx Apr-2000
(020) 8xxx xxx Apr-2000
(020) 3xxx xxx Jun-2005
(020) 4xxx xxx October 2019 – newest

As of September 2019, all phone numbers beginning with (020) 3 and (020) 7 are assigned to phone providers. Due to high demand, most new phone numbers beginning with (020) 8 and (020) 4 are now being filled.

So, What are 020 Numbers?

Telephone numbers that start with the 020 area code include 0203, 0204, 0207, and 0208. These numbers are area codes for London and the surrounding area.

Officially, there are no differences between the London telephone numbers that start with 0207, and those with 0203, 0204, or 0208. Since 0207 and 0208 are code numbers ranges have run out therefore, 0203 and 0204 numbers have been introduced.

Format of 020 Numbers

When dialing in London, 020 numbers are shown in the format 020 xxxx xxxx. The area code should always be followed by an eight-digit local number. The same is true for the 0203, 0204, and 0207 numbers.

Benefits of 020 Numbers

Calling a 020 number can have several benefits. Let’s discuss a few:

Operate from the Heart of London

Areas across London have always been associated with 020 numbers. Having one for your firm will make it appear as if you operate from the heart of the nation’s capital, which is rare and very respectable. It will improve your company’s image and attract customers – memorable numbers drive sales!


Because 0207 area code numbers are for landline phones, they can be used to relay calls to other parts of the country, universal areas, or virtual offices. You may route your virtual 0207 landline number to any phone or landline in the world.

Reliability & Convenience

Since these numbers do not require any extra hardware/software, it is pretty simple for your existing mobile or landline. Also, these numbers work as a fixed line – meaning no extra effort is required to set them up.

The Popularity of 020 Numbers

020 numbers are particularly popular with businesses both in and out of central London. This is because it provides the idea that they do business from a big UK city. Because these numbers are soon running out, the government created the 0203 number to accommodate all of the various enterprises that wish to be situated in London.

Smaller firms can establish a presence in the UK without having an office in London by using London numbers. You may easily reroute calls to your London number to a landline or mobile in any nation and control your number in real-time 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The best part is that you don’t have to live there. We can set up a virtual London phone number for you.

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Price of 020 Numbers

If you call 020 numbers it can cost you up to 16p per minute on landlines and 3p to 65p per minute on mobile phones – so check with your carrier to see what the rates are if you are unsure!

Make Calls to 020 Numbers for Free

Calling 020 numbers is free with Talk Home Mobile as part of the unlimited minutes to UK landlines included in your package. Also if you buy SIM-only/PAYG Plan, you can enjoy superfast 5G without incurring additional charges.

Plus, with coverage powered by EE, you’ll stay connected wherever you go. And the best part? No price hikes for the entire year, so you can relax and enjoy uninterrupted communication without worrying about extra costs.

Potential Scams Related to 020 Numbers?

Unfortunately, 020 numbers are sometimes used in fraud. This is why it is critical to carefully check a company’s validity before calling or providing any personal information.

Premium rate calls, in which you are charged an exorbitant sum for the call, and voicemails that direct you to contact a premium rate number are both common frauds.

Customers and callers may be misled about the validity of a firm or organization due to the availability of purchasing 0203 numbers. This is especially true if the phone number is similar to that of a legitimate London-based organization that the scammer is impersonating.

How to Protect Yourself from 020 Scam Call?

The easiest method to avoid fraud linked with 020 numbers is to be aware of potential warning flags. Being careful and questioning any unusual activity or demands for personal information can help keep you safe from these types of scams.

Other measures you can adopt to protect yourself are:

Look up the Number

If you receive a call from an unknown number, a fast online search can frequently provide an indication of the call’s legitimacy; therefore, before answering or calling back, consider this.

High search volumes for the number, negative feedback from other users, and calls from the number allegedly starting very recently (sometimes on the same day that you search) can all be clues that a call is untrustworthy.

Verify their Information

If a caller from an unknown number purports to be from a company, do not give out any personal information, especially if the caller is attempting to pressure or hurry you. Instead, it is better to end the conversation and go to the company’s official website to find the phone number provided there.

If the number there does not match the one that phoned you, it is unlikely that the call was authentic, but if you want some extra peace of mind, you can always call the number listed on the website and ask the company to verify whether or not it was them who tried to contact you.

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Final Words

Finally, exploring the realm of 020 digits uncovers an intriguing tapestry woven within the fabric of modern communication. These seemingly innocuous numeric numbers have the capacity to tie us to specific locations. This allows for efficient call routing and establishing a sense of community that transcends technological barriers.

Understanding the role of 020 numbers brings us beyond the surface of a landscape. It tells us that technology frequently impacts our interactions.

So, the next time you dial a 020 number, consider the history hidden within those digits. These digits connect you not only to a specific location but also to a greater story of human connection.






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