Unlock phone with PUK code

Unlock Phone with PUK Code – A Complete Guide!


Every modern smartphone has an independent identity, which is denoted by a SIM card number. These personalized devices are responsible for storing private and confidential data concerning the user. 

Thus, to maintain complete safety, both mobile phones and SIM cards are equipped with locking features that help to protect the information stored in the device. Users can unlock their phone with PUK code or PIN code, depending on the carrier service provider.

In this post, we will effectively debunk the concept of PUK codes and understand the process of SIM unlocking by referring to different carrier networks. Let’s get started!

How to Unlock Phone with PUK Code?

The concept of SIM lock with a specific security PIN code is conventionally adopted for carrier-locked mobile phones. Users working with an unlocked phone may also choose to activate the SIM lock feature by updating the phone settings.

Traditionally, a 4-digit PIN is used to lock and unlock a SIM card, which is predetermined by the carrier service provider. Users also have the option of changing their PIN at their convenience. However, when an individual inputs an incorrect PIN code consecutively, the concerned mobile device and SIM card can be temporarily locked, restricting the user from accessing the smartphone.

This is precisely where a PUK code is required. Smartphone users can unlock phone with PUK code made available by connecting with the carrier network in charge. However, a limitation of 10 attempts is provided to every individual to effectively input the PUK code.

If a user continues to incorporate incorrect PUK codes, then the SIM card will be completely disabled and blocked for good. The only relevant solution available would be to purchase a fresh SIM card with a new number. Thus, it is imperative that users seek direct assistance from the carrier network to extract the correct PUK code information to successfully unlock the SIM/phone.

When it comes to carrier-locked phones, a pop-up message requesting a PIN number will immediately flash on the screen when the device is switched on. Usually, details about the PIN number are available on the SIM card purchased. PUK code is only required when a user fails to input the correct PIN number.

What is a Locked Phone?

Locked phones are mobile devices that are directly offered by a specific carrier network. Locked phones are equipped with a software lock that makes them compatible only with the carrier network issuing the device. In other words, users will not be able to operate SIM cards provided by other carrier networks. For example, if an individual purchases a locked smartphone directly from T-Mobile, the device will not support and accept other carrier SIM cards.

The option of unlocking such mobile phones is also available, which would effectively enable the device to connect with other carrier SIM cards. However, individuals have to pay additional compensation to activate this feature.

On the other hand, unlocked phones do not work with any software restrictions, enabling them to support and operate under any carrier network. Unlocked phones are conventionally sold directly by the manufacturing company and, therefore, are priced at a higher rate.

Let us analyze the pros and cons of locked phones to better understand the concept.

Pros of Locked Phones

A. Cheaper Rates

The primary benefit of locked phones is that they are cheaper when compared to traditional smartphones. Carrier networks offer locked phones at lower rates to maintain customer loyalty. Users can purchase premium mobile phones at nominal rates provided they only use the amenities offered by the carrier concerned.

B. Consolidated Bills and Other Offers

The process of purchasing a new phone and SIM card is made easier as users can directly access consolidated bills. Additionally, choosing a mobile plan also becomes easier as all these aspects are catered to under a single umbrella. Carrier networks also pay additional attention to clients opting for locked phones by offering multiple gifts and promotion deals in the long run.

C. Customer Support

Additional benefits in the form of customer support and tech assistance are offered to locked phone purchasers directly by the carrier network. Extended warranty and insurance plan benefits are also made available to the locked phone users.

Cons of Locked Phones

A. Network Restrictions

The foremost limitation of purchasing locked phones is that users will be unable to switch carrier networks. This issue amplifies when an individual shifts to a new location where the carrier signals are weak. Moreover, traveling to a foreign country further complicates the matter as hefty roaming charges are applied.

B. Expensive Unlocking and Waiting Period

Individuals who wish to upgrade must pay a considerable amount of money to enable phone unlocking. Moreover, additional hurdles in the form of legal documentation are also involved. Opting to unlock the phone entails a complicated process where users must submit the device to the service center and wait for several days for the upgrade to be implemented.

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What is a PUK Code?

The Personal Unblocking Key or PUK code is a unique sequence of numbers that is assigned to every SIM card, ranging between 4 to 8 digits. Every mobile device has an independent identity and is responsible for storing private information. To maintain privacy and safety, every mobile device possesses a security PIN code that prevents unauthorized access.

The PIN code is required when a user purchases a new mobile phone, switches carrier service, or generally reboots a device. Inserting the wrong PIN code three consecutive times leads to the temporary suspension of the concerned SIM card and mobile phone. The PUK code acts as an additional filter for users who have genuinely made a mistake in inputting the correct security PIN number.

Therefore, if your SIM card or smartphone is temporarily blocked, a pop-up message requesting the unique PUK code assigned to the SIM will appear. Punching in the correct PUK code will provide users complete access to the mobile device and SIM service after verification from the carrier network.

What is the Difference Between a PUK and a PAC Code?

The PUK and PAC codes serve completely different purposes. Unlike PUK, the 9-digit PAC code or Porting Authorization Code is utilized while switching carrier services in the UK. For instance, individuals who want to switch from BT Mobile to Talk Home Mobile can incorporate the PAC code to retain their existing number with the new carrier.

To avail PAC code-related information, users can scan the internet or inquire with the present carrier service provider. After extracting PAC details, users must then purchase a new SIM card from the preferred carrier network, where a test number is offered initially. Individuals must now disclose the PAC code to the new carrier customer support team so that the original number can be reinstated.

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How do you get a PUK Code?

According to a recent reform established in 2021 by Ofcom, carrier networks are no longer allowed to offer locked phones to the general public. Therefore, users purchasing mobile phones post-2021 no longer require PUK code details unless the wrong PIN numbers have been applied multiple times.

Generally, users must seek assistance from the carrier network responsible for availing PUK code information. To make things easier, we have listed the process of availing PUK codes from major carrier networks present in the UK.

A. Get Talk Home Mobile PUK Code

Availing Talk Home Mobile PUK code is straightforward. Users must connect with the customer support team by dialing “+44 (0)871 332 9189”. The Talk Home Mobile team ensures to provide 24/7 assistance. Moreover, users may also choose to download the My Talk Home Mobile application through which customer support assistance is availed.

Talk Home Mobile customers can also gain PUK code information from the SIM pack purchased. All SIM card-related information is effectively printed on the pack. Another method of connecting with the Talk Home Mobile service team is by dialing in “579” from a registered Talk Home SIM card.

B. Get Now Mobile PUK Code

Just like Talk Home Mobile, the Now Mobile PUK code is conventionally printed on the SIM card pack. However, users may also choose to connect with the customer support executives by dialing “669” or “02078717669” for a registered Now Mobile SIM card. For additional support, ensure to send an email to hello@nowmobile.co.uk.

C. Get EE PUK Code

The EE customer support team can assist in getting PUK code details. Individuals with a distinct EE number must dial “150” to collaborate with customer support executives. People operating with other carrier numbers must dial “+44 7953 966 250” to avail immediate solutions.

After verifying the customer’s profile with their full name, phone number, registered address, etc., the PUK code is made available. After entering the PUK code, the mobile security PIN number is reset, and the user must establish a new code according to their convenience.

D. Get Giffgaff PUK code

Conventionally, the default Giffgaff PIN number is 5555 or 6666. This PIN code is only applicable to individuals who have not altered the SIM PIN details manually in the past. However, if the PIN code was previously updated, then a pop-up message requesting PUK credentials will appear on the screen after entering the wrong PIN code three times.

Giffgaff users must log in to the web application with the registered SIM number to avail PUK code information.

E. Get BT Mobile PUK Code

BT Mobile users must sign in to their representative accounts. After successfully logging in to your account, you must select the “Your Products” tab, navigate to the “Manage” option, and request PUK code details.


SMARTY encourages its users to connect with the customer support team through the official web chat. Connect with SMARTY executives by sending an official email to team@smarty.co.uk.

G. Get Vodafone PUK Code

All Vodafone users can use the toll-free numbers “198” and “111” to connect with the customer support team. To unlock the phone with the PUK code, the customer support executive will first verify the identity of the SIM card owner. Upon approval, the PUK code detail is made available. Users are then encouraged to update the PIN number according to their preference so that they can remember the number combination in the future.


PUK codes offer additional security by ensuring no unauthorized individual has access and control over your mobile phone and SIM card. These were some of the foremost aspects related to the question, “How to unlock a phone with a PUK code?” If you find yourself in such situations, try not to panic and connect with your carrier customer support team immediately.

Most importantly, do not try to guess and input PIN or PUK codes, as you may end up blocking your SIM card forever. Maintain patience and insert correct PUK details by verifying with the carrier network concerned.

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