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You Have Been Blocked From Originating Messages: Causes and Solutions


The development in the telecommunications sector has helped to enhance user experience significantly on a global level. People from all corners of the world can effectively connect through improved network coverage and unparalleled internet speed. However, every technology is paired with imperfections, as smartphone users find themselves battling the “you have been blocked from originating messages” error frequently.

Sharing information through text messages serves as a primary source of communication as close to 18.7 billion texts are sent worldwide [excluding app-to-app messaging]. Text messaging is preferred by the majority of smartphone users as it offers various benefits, such as:

  • Text messaging is one of the earliest forms of telecommunication technology that was adopted by billions at large. Therefore, the overall reach of text messaging is incomparable.
  • This form of communication is preferred by businesses as direct contact with customers can be established.
  • Mass messaging serves to be an inexpensive communication methodology.
  • The aspect of attaining instant feedback and automation makes it ideal for most smartphone users.

Therefore, being restricted with the “you have been blocked from originating messages to iPhone” error can cripple users from fulfilling these objectives. Join us as we identify the most common causes for the error and propose relevant fixes to the issue.

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Understanding the Error – You Have Been Blocked from Originating Messages

Conventionally, the function of message-blocking allows individuals to restrict specific smartphone users from initiating communication through text messages. It is something that is mostly done purposefully, however, due to the presence of multiple technical issues and glitches, the message-blocking function can be activated automatically. 

Intentional message-blocking is usually initiated to ensure that the concerned recipient does not receive any SMS from a particular sender. It is a common solution adopted to bypass spam messages from scammers. Adding a relevant phone number to the blocklist activates the message-blocking feature.

On the flip side, automated message blocking [without the consent and awareness of the recipient] is generally triggered due to the presence of multiple technical errors originating from the carrier service operator or the independent mobile device of the user. The recipient will be unable to interact with specific senders via text messaging, notified by the “you have been blocked from originating messages” error.

Causes for the “You Have Been Blocked From Originating Messages” Error

Here are some of the foremost causes for the “you have been blocked from originating messages” error:

A. Number Blocking

The primary reason behind the “you have been blocked from originating messages” error is due to number blocking constraints. If a smartphone user is experiencing the error for a specific contact, then it is most likely that the recipient has enabled message-blocking against the phone number of the concerned individual.

Consequently, automated message-blocking also prohibits a user from messaging blocked contacts. Either way, individuals will be unable to share text messages with contacts added to the block list. Thus, users must verify the present contact blocklist and update phone settings manually to resolve the issue.

B. Carrier Operator Blocking Text Messages

Individuals using carrier-locked smartphones are most likely to experience the “you have been blocked from originating messages” error. Working with a carrier-specific mobile device compels the user to initiate communication according to the specifications of the purchase contract.

Moreover, individuals switching over to a new carrier network may also experience this issue. Mobile operators require additional time to activate network services to a defined phone number. Connect with your respective carrier service provider to gain more information about the error.

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C. Inadequate Phone Settings

The “you have been blocked from originating messages” error might be stemming from inadequate phone settings. Generally, users may accidentally update call and messaging settings that are not favourable for initiating communication. In such cases, individuals must consider establishing phone settings to the default mode after successfully backing up relevant mobile data and files.

D. Number Spoofing Issues

Online scammers utilise number spoofing techniques to make initial contact with people. Number spoofing involves masking the identity of the caller with a fake caller ID. Scammers and telemarketers often use this technique to gain more penetration in the market.

Numerous individuals have faced number spoofing issues which effectively leads to the “you have been blocked from originating messages” error. During this process, the contact number of a legitimate individual is used as a masked caller ID. 

Thus, misleading recipients to believe that the masked phone number is responsible for generating spam texts. Smartphone users are recommended to connect with their respective carrier operators to find immediate solutions.

E. Issues With the Default Messaging Application

Multiple mobile-based software or hardware issues may also lead to the “you have been blocked from originating messages” error. The issue might be generated directly from the mobile phone manufacturer. Moreover, limitations in mobile operator reach while initiating communication from a remote location may also cause the error to pop up.

Relevant Solutions to the “You Have Been Blocked From Originating Messages” Error!

Navigating through the “you have been blocked from originating messages” error can be very frustrating, to say the least. Apply these simple solutions to overcome this huddle:

A. Insert SIM Card into Another Phone

Individuals experiencing the “you have been blocked from originating messages” error must fundamentally try to insert their SIM card into another device to effectively diagnose the problem. 

Carrier-locked mobile devices are only compatible with a singular network. Therefore, verifying the status of the SIM card becomes critical. By following this process users can determine if the issue is stemming from the SIM card or the mobile device concerned. 

Users should also try sending text messages to the required recipient from other mobile devices occupying different phone numbers. This will help smartphone users to verify the number-blocking status.

B. Check the Text Format

Before indulging in more complex and technical fixes, users should try rebooting their independent mobile devices. Restarting a mobile phone refreshes the operating system and also initiates minor bug fixes. 

Rebooting a smartphone also helps to resolve any complications related to the in-built messaging applications. Users must also check the text format employed by the device-specific messaging app. If rebooting fails to solve the error, users must consider formatting the messaging settings to the default factory settings.

C. Check Device Space

Verifying the device space also plays a critical role in identifying solutions for the “you have been blocked from originating messages” error. Users who have already exhausted the assigned message storage capacity are bound to experience this issue.

As a precautionary measure, individuals are recommended to clear their in-built messaging application chatbox by deleting inessential texts. However, the correct procedure for analysing and deleting unwanted text messages differs from a mobile device to another. 

Users are recommended to seek direct assistance from the smartphone manufacturing customer support team to gain detailed information about this topic. Moreover, mobile developers frequently release firmware updates to effectively initiate minor bug fixes stemming from the original versions. Activating such updates will automatically resolve the “you have been blocked from originating messages” error.

D. Check the Network Connection

Unfavourable network settings can also hinder the aspect of sharing text messages. Users are recommended to activate the auto network selection setting to effectively mitigate connectivity issues. 

This function will help the mobile device concerned to establish a connection with the most relevant mobile network according to the present location of the users. Disabling additional settings such as Background App Refresh might also assist in streamlining the text message-sharing process.

E. Check Carrier Support

If all else fails, smartphone users are recommended to seek direct assistance from the carrier network concerned. The telecommunications sector is evolving at a rapid pace as new technologies are being employed to meet the growing demands of the general public.

With the deployment of new infrastructure, the chances of experiencing various technical issues also rise. Thus, connecting with your carrier network customer support team is the wisest decision you can make to find effective solutions to the iPhone that says you have been blocked from originating messages issue.

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These were some of the foremost factors that people should consider while experiencing the “you have been blocked from originating messages” error. Implement the simple solutions highlighted above to effectively navigate through the issue.


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