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Recovering Texts 101: Accidentally Reported Text as Junk


While the “Report Junk” feature saves us from the inconvenience of receiving various unwanted messages, it can be highly confusing at times.

Last year, spam texts were estimated to cost the global economy $50 billion. This number depicts the significant financial impact of unsolicited text messages on individuals and businesses worldwide.

We all have had that ‘uh-oh’ moment after mistakenly reporting a text as junk. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what happens after an accidental report, learn about recovery tricks, and adopt preventive measures to avoid the unintentional aftermath of reporting texts as junk.

Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, the tips mentioned in this article ensure your texts stay where they belong.

If you ever accidentally toss a text into the junkyard, don’t stress. Take a breath – this article will enable you to restore your chats along with the explanation of various other ins and outs, such as:Top of Form

  • The consequences of accidentally reporting a text as junk on various devices.
  • Practical steps for recovering messages flagged as junk on iPhone or Android.
  • Tips to avoid accidental reporting, such as intelligent navigation of options and turning off the “Report Junk” pop-up.

Did it pique your attention? Let’s get straight into it.

What Does it Mean to Accidentally Report a Text as Junk?

Accidentally reporting a text as junk occurs when a text message is mistakenly identified as spam or unwanted.

This happens due to confusion or selecting the wrong option, typically because of rushing through the process. Accidental reports are particularly prevalent with the iOS 16 spam report setting, recognised for its potential to mislead users.

How Does Reporting a Text Message as Spam Work?

When you report a message as spam, it removes it from your inbox and forwards information to Apple/Android and wireless carriers to combat spam. However, it does not block the sender from sending future messages.

Blocking a phone number is advisable if you wish to prevent messages from that number in the future.

How to Report a Text as Spam?

You can report a text as spam by following the steps mentioned below.

On iPhone

Reporting a text as spam can be initiated when receiving a message from someone not in your contacts.

  • Select the “Report Junk” link within the messaging thread.
  • Swipe left on the conversation thread, select the trash bin icon, and choose “Delete and Report Junk.”

On Android

On Android, reporting a text as spam involves several methods:

  • Tap and hold the conversation thread, select the “block” icon, and choose “Report Spam.”
  • Tap the “3 dots” icon, select “Details,” and then choose “Block and report spam.

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What Happens if You Report a Text as Junk?

When you intentionally or inadvertently report a text as junk on iMessage, the system enacts specific actions:

1. Permanent Deletion from Inbox

The message is permanently erased from your inbox.

2. Transmission of Information

Simultaneously, the system transmits the entire message thread and the sender’s phone number to your carrier and Apple.

3. Collaborative Spam Prevention

This collaborative effort helps identify numbers associated with spam, enhancing the effectiveness of spam prevention measures.

4. Reporting from iPad

If you are using an iPad instead of an iPhone, the report is directed solely to Apple, as the carrier is not involved in this instance.

Accidentally selecting the “Report Junk” option once does not hinder the sender’s ability to contact others. However, Apple and carriers excel at distinguishing spam numbers, and the reporting mechanism primarily contributes to refining their preventive measures.

5. Further Actions Based on Reports

Further actions are taken only when multiple users report a specific number.

This holds even if one of your contacts reports you as junk.

6. Security of iMessage Account

A single report is unlikely to jeopardize the iMessage account unless there is a pattern of spamming. Moreover, the iMessage account remains secure if the sender excessively sends spam messages.

Will You Still Receive Messages from That Number?

If you’ve inadvertently reported a text message as junk and are concerned about having permanently blocked the sender, there’s no need to worry.

Reporting a text message as junk while deleting the entire message thread does not prevent the contact from sending you messages.

With that said, if you don’t want to receive any text from that number, it would be best to explicitly block the contact to block messages from a specific number.

To block a number and prevent further communication, follow these steps:

  • Select the number at the top of the message screen.
  • On the new open page, navigate to “Info” under the contact’s number.
  • Choose “Block This Caller.”
  • On the pop-up, tap the “Block Contact” option.

Is It Possible to Unreport a Text as Junk?

Accidentally reporting a message as junk doesn’t have significant consequences, and communication with the contact via iMessage remains possible.

However, if you want to know whether it’s feasible to reverse this action, the answer, unfortunately, is no—at least not presently. There is no option to unreport a text message.

Nonetheless, you can implement some “damage control” by contacting the contact to affirm their legitimacy, especially if the message is harmless, like a text appointment reminder.

Moreover, employing backup apps for your SMS texts can be a precautionary measure to prevent such incidents.

How Do You Avoid Accidentally Reporting a Text as Junk?

Many iPhone users have expressed frustration due to the force of habit when they unintentionally tap the “Report Junk” option.

Typically, the primary option in any pop-up is the automatic choice, often “Don’t Report as Junk.”

However, with iOS 16, “Report Junk” has been designated as the primary option, making “Don’t Report as Junk” the secondary choice.

Practical Approaches to Avoid Accidental Reporting

Avoid Tapping Options

  • One practical approach to avoid accidental reporting is to avoid tapping any options.
  • Instead, when the pop-up appears, tap anywhere outside of it. This action will dismiss the pop-up, and the messages will be deleted.

Upgrade to iOS 16.1

  • Alternatively, upgrading your device to iOS 16.1 provides a solution where “Delete” and “Report Junk” are distinct options.
  • Choosing “Delete” triggers a confirmation prompt offering three choices: “Delete,” “Delete and Report Junk,” and “Cancel.”
  • This modification significantly reduces the likelihood of users mistakenly reporting messages.

Use ‘Delete’, not ‘Delete and Report Junk’

  • Apple addressed user concerns in iOS 16.1 by introducing separate “Delete” and “Report Junk” options.
  • Upgrading to iOS 16.1 or a newer version gives users more control over their actions when deleting messages.
  • This separation minimises the likelihood of accidental reporting.

Apple’s Response to Inadvertent Reports

Acknowledging the issue of accidental reports in iOS 16’s user interface, Apple addressed this concern with the release of iOS 16.1, implementing changes to enhance user experience and minimise accidental reporting.

Can I Disable the “Report Junk” Pop-Up on iOS 16?

For iPhone 16, there isn’t a built-in option in Settings to turn off the “Report Junk” feature permanently.

Users will encounter the “Report Junk” pop-up when deleting a message from an unknown number on their iPhone, and currently, there’s no way to turn it off entirely.

However, there are workarounds to mitigate the risk of accidentally triggering the “Report Junk” pop-up.

How Can You Recover Messages Reported as Spam?

Reporting a text as spam won’t block the sender but relays information to Apple, Android, and carriers. You can recover it from deleted or blocked messages; no adverse consequences occur if no further action is taken.

If you want to retrieve the message, follow these steps:


  • Access “Recently Deleted” messages by selecting the “Edit” button from the main “Messages” view.
  • In the “Recently Deleted” view, you can view and restore your deleted messages.


  • Navigate to the “Spam and Blocked” folder by selecting the “3 dots” icon from the main “Messages” view.
  • In the “Spam and Blocked” folder, you can view and restore your deleted messages.

There are also various other methods for keeping a record of your crucial conversations. A few of them include downloading your text messages and text forwarding.Top of Form

Why Accidentally Reporting a Text as Spam Happens?

This mistake might happen due to the following reasons.

1. Lack of Understanding

Accidental reporting may result from users not fully comprehending the consequences of selecting the “Report Junk” or “Report Spam” option.

2. Mis-Tapping

Accidental reports may occur when users tap the wrong buttons in the messaging interface.

3. Rushed Interactions

Rushing through texts without careful consideration may lead to unintentional reporting of messages as spam.

4. External Factors

Situations where someone else uses the phone, leading to unintentional actions like reporting texts as spam, can also contribute to accidental reports.

To avoid accidental reporting, be mindful of the locations of the “junk/spam” options, exercise caution when tapping, and keep your phone secured when not in use.

How Do You “Undo” Accidentally Reporting a Text as Spam?


  • Tap the “Edit” button on the main “Messages” screen.
  • Select “Show Recently Deleted.”
  • Choose “Recover” for the desired message.


  • Go to the “Spam and Blocked” folder.
  • Tap the conversation.
  • Select “Not Spam” to return it to your regular inbox.


In summary, Accidental mishaps are inevitable in the digital realm. However, we can overcome them, given that we have the proper knowledge to do so. As we wrap up this article on recovering texts accidentally marked as junk, remember that the occasional misstep doesn’t have to disrupt your messaging experience permanently.

By understanding the ins and outs of reporting mechanisms, mastering recovery tactics, and implementing preventive measures, you’ve equipped yourself with the tools to navigate accidental reports. These insights ensure you control your messages regardless of your device.

So, the next time any important text finds itself in the wrong folder, don’t sweat it. With the knowledge acquired here, you can confidently undo the mishap and continue your digital conversations seamlessly.

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