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Navigating Through the Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled Error!


Effective communication is the driving force within the present corporate landscape. Connecting with your peers enhances networking and smoothens operations. On a personal level, staying connected with your loved ones also holds tremendous value. Therefore, being limited by the Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled error acts as a foremost challenge that cripples individuals from initiating communication.

According to recent research, the total number of global mobile phone users is estimated to scale to 7.49 billion by 2025. With the rising demands, the rudimentary mobile phone features of calling and texting have also improved. However, due to various technical issues such as the Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled error, smartphone users are restricted from maintaining connectivity.

Experiencing this issue prohibits individuals from successfully connecting phone calls. Several factors contributing to this error are:

  • Dialling an invalid number.
  • Network restrictions originating from the carrier service provider.
  • Restrictions in making international phone calls.
  • Call blocking.
  • Problems with the recipient’s unpaid phone plans.

Therefore, if you are also experiencing the Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled error, be sure to review this detailed post that highlights relevant troubleshooting measures.

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Common Causes of Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled Error

Before acknowledging the solution, we must gain complete knowledge about the causes leading to the Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled error. 

A. Incorrect Number Format

Dialling an incorrect number format leads to the Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled error. It is experienced when the required database is not configured adequately, failing to connect with the concerned recipient.

Individuals must ensure to verify the phone number dialled before initiating a phone call. Moreover, double-checking relevant ISD and area codes is also necessary for efficient transmission. ISD and area code details are freely available on various online platforms. 

If the issue continues to pertain, users are recommended to seek direct assistance from the carrier customer support team respectively.

B. Network Restrictions

Network restrictions also contribute to the Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled error. Smartphone users will be unable to initiate phone calls while being in an area where carrier signals are weak. People operating from remote locations are often impeded due to this complication.

Network congestion in densely populated areas may also give rise to this issue. Users are recommended to examine the carrier coverage map to ensure optimum communication is maintained throughout. Connect with your carrier customer support team to find immediate solutions.

C. Low Account Balance

Individuals will fail to connect with recipients while maintaining a low account balance. Every mobile operator issues premium services based on the subscription plan preferred by the user. Therefore, verifying account balance status and effectively recharging will help to resolve the issue.

D. Technical Issues with the Phone

The Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled issue might be experienced due to unfavourable phone settings. Individuals will not be able to connect with specific misconfigured or blocked contacts. For example, the pop-up Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled error will appear for users who choose to disable incoming call amenities.

Recipients who have blocked specific caller IDs will not be able to connect via phone calls. To verify calling status be sure to initiate a phone call from an alternate number. Connect with your carrier support team to learn more.

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Troubleshooting the Problem

Resolving the Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled Error is fairly straightforward. Here is what you should consider:

A. Phone Number Verification

Users are recommended to verify a phone number before initiating the phone call. The Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled Error amplifies while making international calls in particular. Various mobile operators employ diverse policies for completing international phone calls.

Moreover, users are also required to input the correct ISD or area codes to successfully establish the connection. Verifying the input codes and mobile numbers manually will help you to avoid annoying Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled Error messages altogether.

B. Testing the Phone Number with an Alternate Device

If the issue continues to exist, the next step should involve verifying the status of the dialled phone number by using an alternate device subscribed under a different mobile operator. Implementing this measure will help you to determine the primary cause of the issue.

Successfully establishing a connection with an alternative device would automatically mean that the issue is stemming from the initial mobile device or the carrier operator concerned. The most feasible solution in this situation would be to connect with the network service provider or consider switching over to a new network entirely.

C. Verifying Block Status

Users will experience the call cannot be completed as dialled error while trying to connect with a contact listed as blocked. Therefore, unblocking the said contact is essential to effectively resolve this issue. The error will also pertain when a blocked caller tries to initiate a phone call with the recipient. Verify the block status before making any phone calls.

D. Try Using Alternative Communication Apps

Individuals consistently experiencing the Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled error must consider using other forms of communication. Here are some alternate solutions:

  • Option 1: Using Social Media to Communicate

With the introduction of the 5G and 5G SA networks paired with affordable mobile plans, social media platforms have gained a lot of popularity. According to recent reports, 151 minutes per day is the average time spent by mobile phone users around the world.

Apart from consuming top-tier online content and sharing text messages, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram also feature calling amenities. Backed by unparalleled speed and low latency levels, the 5G network allows users to share real-time information through video calls as well.

Therefore, seek assistance from social media platforms if the Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled error pertains.

  • Option 2: Using Emails to Communicate

Sharing information through emails continues to be relevant as billions of people worldwide rely on this communication medium. Moreover, the information shared through email is effectively saved in written text format. This can be referred to multiple times by the parties involved.

  • Option 3: Use the Talk Home App (Call via Local Lines)

Coming to the aid of smartphone users struggling with the Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled error, the Talk Home App acts as a one-stop platform for making cheap and high-quality international calls. The application is in charge of completing more than 12 million international calls every month.

Another additional benefit of using the Talk Home App is that individuals do not have to be dependent on a stable internet connection to initiate phone calls. Talk Home App connects and optimises phone calls by using local lines. Check out the Talk Home App for relevant solutions.

How to Prevent a Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled Error?

Implement the following measures to prevent the Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled error:

A. Updating Contact Information

Updating the contact list is imperative to avoid complications such as the Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled error. Individuals must review their contact list regularly and delete outdated contact information to avoid confusion. 

Replace contact information with updated data to ensure smooth communication. Following this procedure will eliminate complications concerning incorrect number format. The chances of misplacing a phone call and miscommunication are also limited by following this simple technique.

B. Being Aware of Your Carrier Network Services

Users must be completely aware of the network coverage area offered by the carrier operator. Every mobile network service provider works within the boundaries of a specific coverage map which can be availed by navigating to the official carrier network website.

Monitoring the overall network performance frequently will also assist in limiting the Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled error. Individuals trying to initiate international phone calls from foreign locations must verify and comply with the international roaming policies defined by the carrier operator concerned.

Therefore, smartphone users must ensure to collaborate with carrier companies offering specific services that complement the independent needs of the subscriber. Connect with your carrier customer support team to learn more.

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C. Device Maintenance

The Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled error is often experienced by people who use old and outdated mobile phones. Users must ensure to update phone software frequently to relish optimum performance. 

Disabling additional features such as Background App Refresh may also help to eliminate unwanted notifications. Moreover, people should also consider cleaning their SIM cards as it is prone to physical damage.


These were some of the foremost solutions to the Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled error. Keep your contacts updated, ensure to take care of your device, and monitor network coverage to mitigate such issues.

Most importantly, hop on to the Talk Home Mobile network to experience exceptional network coverage. Download the Talk Home App to initiate international calls at nominal pricing points.


What does Call Cannot be completed as dialled mean?

The Call Cannot be Completed as Dialled error generally indicates a failure to connect with the dialled number over a phone call. The issue is conventionally experienced due to the presence of low carrier network signals.

What does it mean if a call cannot be reached?

When a call status is classified as “unreachable” it indicates that the calling number was not reachable at the time when the system initiated the call.

Does an incorrect number mean blocked?

No! When a user dials an incorrect number then this issue is experienced. Users will not be able to connect with an unregistered or incorrect mobile number over a phone call.

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