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5 Important Reasons to Call Mom’s Cell Phone


In these fast times, we know how busy one can be. Whether you are consumed in your studies or doing 2 jobs, your schedule is made tough by a part-time hustle, can’t even think of anything else while dealing with your business matters.

Whatever it is, remember that one personality is always there for you; your mother. Be it times of turmoil or smooth sailing, she’s the one that never lets go of her children, come what may. Your mother is always thinking about you, and it is essential to call your mom’s cell every day.

Why call your mom?

Whatever problem you are going through, such as dwindling capital, business nose-diving, depression due to inflation, anxiety caused by misplaced luggage, or worried about exams, talking to your mom acts as an anti-depressant. Trust me, all your worries will be gone.

Most importantly, hearing your parents’ voices and talking to them shouldn’t require a reason. Calling mom and dad cell should be intuitive even when you are doing great. Talking to them has many psychological health benefits and keeps you happy.

Don’t you want to be happy and smiling? Just call them, now! Don’t wait for a perfect time.

Reasons to call your mom every day?

Let’s dive into some other benefits of calling your mom or dad every day.

To Lower Stress

If you want to de-stress after a long day at work, an accident, or traumatizing experience, call your mom. You’ll feel relaxed. The fact is, we all go through upsetting incidents or stressful events on a daily basis, and hence we start looking for effective ways to lower it.

She’s the first person who doesn’t want to see you worried. Not only on a spiritual level but this has been proved scientifically too. Talking to your mom enhances oxytocin levels (trust, empathy, and bonding hormone) and lowers cortisol levels or the stress hormone.

In the kind of hectic lives, we are living, stress and anxiety have become routine, and they act as slow poisons. The antidote to this poison is talking to our moms daily. Apart from stressful situations, a boost in oxytocin levels is what we regularly need to lead a happy and content life.

A study conducted by Leslie Seltzer, a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Child Emotion Lab – found that a mother’s voice has the same effect as her hug, even if they are not standing with you and you hear them through the phone.

The study’s lead author, Leslie, examined 61 young girls aged 7-12 years. They were made to face a stressful situation of math problems and talking in front of an audience of strangers. They had to complete mathematical and verbal problems for 15 minutes.

Solve Complex Problems

Imagine how difficult it would be to solve complex calculations within a set time, and that too, standing in front of a group of people who aren’t your acquaintances. Moreover, if a girl commits a mistake, she must do it all over again.

So, the girls who had a physical interaction with their moms and those who had a conversation on the phone had higher levels of oxytocin compared to those young girls who could only text their mothers or waited alone.

Furthermore, those who had conversational or physical interaction with their moms performed well as their stress response was better. They were better able to handle pressure and stress levels than those who weren’t allowed to talk to their mothers.

From the study, it is evident that not having a solid interaction or conversation with mothers can raise stress levels. Even having a chat via text isn’t enough. Speaking to your mother directly, hearing her voice, or hugging her is much more effective in lowering stress as she has a calming influence.

Next time you find yourself in a difficult situation and want to overcome it, call your mom’s cell phone without a second thought.

She tells it like it is

Another reason to dial her number daily is that she keeps it straightforward. Our moms have an incredible quality of just easing our nerves and simplifying every situation. She tells us the truth no matter what and gives us the utmost confidence we require to achieve what we think is impossible.

Simply saying, there are situations in life where the only solution is the mother’s hardcore love and support. If you are in such a tough state, do nothing but call mom cell phone. Trust me, there’s no better solution than talking and sharing with your mom.

She is closer than you think. Loves you unconditionally. Supports you in every situation and is ready to help you against whatever challenges life throws at you. She will simplify every situation may be because she has gone through it or based on her intuition, she will tell you when to leave the table, when enough is enough, and when it’s time to strike.

Sometimes, instead of complicated and in-depth solutions, all we need is unconditional support, a pat on the back, and some encouragement to get out of a stressful situation. So, when life comes at you with full might, go to your mom or call mom’s cell, right away.

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We all need help

Let’s start explaining this reason in an unusual way. Currently, the USA is the lone superpower, and the world admits it. Some people may argue against it but consider it just an example.

Even if the financial hub of the world, the most powerful military nation, house to most fortune 500 companies, and a country with 90% billionaires can’t survive on its own, then how an individual burdened with so many problems can do it?

Simply put, we cannot handle all the fuss alone. We all need a helping hand, a supporting individual, an angel who can help us, guide us, and who’s there for us whenever we need it.

Even if you think you are old and mature enough to sort out things independently, sometimes they can have a severe impact. A mom’s affection and unconditional love, free of fuss advice may get you out of trouble. You can discuss with them everything and anything that you cannot discuss with others.

And if you think you’ve landed in a situation where no one can lend a helping hand or the mess you find yourself in cannot be untangled, you better think twice. This is where you need someone to guide you to the right path. Who can do it better than your mom?s

Call mom cell and say it all. Discuss what’s wrong and what you want. Based on her knowledge and life experience, she may give you a new perspective and guide you through this seemingly impossible situation.

Don’t be shy about sharing and talking to her, whether it’s your love life, something at your job place, business matters, or whatever. Know your relations and put trust in them. There are times in life when we cannot deal with them on our own.

She can give you an energy boost

This is an important reason to call your mom or even dad. For many, this may not be an important cause of calling at first, however, it can really make a difference. Call mom and dad cell phone if you find yourself in a troublesome situation.

It can give you more power and boost your energy, eventually getting you out of trouble rather than just staying stuck. Whether you are stressed or not, feeling drained or not, a dose of energy by talking to the most beloved person enables you to think and see things differently.

Getting to see and access situations from a different angle and a different perspective is what is crucial. What’s more important is how to tackle it, and this is where a fruitful conversation with your mom and dad can help you immensely.

According to research, conversing with a loved one is the key to finding the courage and energy boost. So, next time you feel low on energy, save the money you spend to buy coffee and instead call mom and dad cell. They’ll surely pick you up.

She’s an overall good influence.

Another significant reason to call mom cell phone is that she is a major part of our lives and influences many aspects with her calm and composed nature. Her positivity and different take on crucial matters – despite disagreements and not knowing the exact depth of sensitivity of the matter – can breathe the much-needed zeal and confidence in you to deal with stresses and unwanted situations.

So, whether you see her every day or live far away from her when things don’t go as planned, ensure she has a take on it. According to a poll conducted by Gallup, 90% of the adults believed that their moms’ presence had a calming and positive influence on their lives.

Moreover, 85% of the moms participating in the survey said they were very well appreciated by their families. This survey and the results give us another reason to call mom’s cell phone in any condition. Not only are you taking her help on critical matters, but it also reminds her that she is a vital part of your life.

Call your mom – anywhere, anytime with Talk Home

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are going through, calling your mom to ease things up is important.

Whether you’re going through a rough day at college, your luggage got misplaced at the airport, your car’s wheel got punctured in the middle of nowhere, your hotel reservation got canceled at the last minute, or you couldn’t call mom’s cell because you were too busy traveling and dealing with business matters; we suggest you connect with your mother now.

Irrespective of your location, various international calling apps offer you the liberty to call anywhere, anytime. One of the best calling apps going around is Talk Home Mobile. This app offers you cheap rates and lets you talk for hours with no worries of credit running out.

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Make Cheap Calls to your Mom’s Cell Phone

Whether you are a frequent traveler, a businessman, an immigrant, international student, Talk Home has got you covered. With various international sim-only deals allowing you to call more than 240 destinations worldwide, now you are never away from your family and friends.

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Meaning, you can enjoy the same rates till 31 December 2023 without worrying about constantly increasing bills.

If you don’t have a Talk Home Sim, you are missing out on a lot of fun. Order your free SIM, buy any plan based on your needs, and start saving.

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