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7 Quick Ways to Boost Your Mobile Phone Signals


Today, cellphones and mobile networks have become our lifeline. From navigating our way to an unknown area to getting suggestions for food, party places, education, or amenities, you get everything on your phone through the internet. Apart from all this, it is an excellent tool when you need help in an emergency!  Various times, you may face signal shortages; however, this quick guide can help you boost cell phone signals.

A cellular network has become the foundation of communication. If you understand this and still struggle with mobile network issues, it’s time to do something to boost your mobile signal.  

In this blog, you will learn 7 simple and quick ways to boost your cellphone signal. 

So, let’s get going! 

Cellular Network – An Overview 

Cellular network is a telecommunication network that links from one end to the other over an area termed as ‘cell’. Each area has a fixed location trans receiver. Renowned cellular networks like GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication), GPRS (General Packet radio Service), 3GSM, and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). Most portable communication devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc., work efficiently using cellular networks.  

First Generation Technology  

As technology progresses, wireless cellular technology, i.e., 1G, was invented in the 1980s. A network with voice capabilities, 1G had issues like voice quality, poor signals, no roaming, and low speed. It was time to boost mobile phone signal and technology! 

2G & 3G – The Revolution 

2G came in with encryption, improved sound quality, and high download speed. As this technology evolved, 3G allowed everyone the option to explore the web, stream music, and video calling, which was impossible in a 2G network. It was an important step to boost the mobile signal.  

4G Era –The Boom 

4G was introduced in Norway; it offered high internet speed, high-quality video streaming, and online gaming options. However, the only bottleneck was the critical switch from 2G/3G to 4G, as it required devices that could support 4G.  

5G – The Future 

5G was a great answer to this, and it exploded the telecommunication industry like anything! The cellular network offered blistering speed as it can be used in AI technology and multiple device connections.  

The Importance of Cellular Service 

The uses of cellular service are immense. To give you a preview, we’ve listed out a few benefits of a cellular service-  

Voice and Data Services 

With a cellular network, you can enjoy voice and data services and stay connected to your loved ones without issues! You can keep in touch with everyone and fulfill your professional requirements even while you’re on the go through international roaming services. 

Easy to Maintain and Upgrade 

The best thing about cellular service is that it is easy to maintain and upgrade. You can unleash unlimited possibilities with high technology, uninterrupted connectivity, flexible contracts, and unique features. 

Faster & Reliable Transmissions 

With a 5G cellular network, you can do anything and everything at a blistering speed. This includes international calls, making video calls, sending emails with heavy files, streaming high-definition music/ videos, and playing online games for long intervals.  

7 Ways to Boost Cell Phone Signals 

To enjoy uninterrupted mobile data, you should have great network coverage and a 5G mobile network plan, which is perfect in terms of price, offerings, and performance. However, if you are still wondering what the different ways are or how to boost the mobile signal, you are at the right place! 

Here are 7 top ways you can boost mobile signals. 

1. Remove Obstructions

Obstructions between your device and the cellular towers may affect your signals. These obstructions include a big metal object or concrete wall, which can disrupt the reception. Furthermore, to boost mobile signals, it is recommended to go outside or near the window if you think there are obstructions in receiving the signals. 

2. Keep the Battery at 100%

Make sure that your phone is 100% charged. This is important because searching for signals would drain your battery, and if it has low charging, it would be difficult to find signals, especially when you need them the most in the case of emergency situations.  

3. Don’t Obstruct Mobile Phone Antena

Sometimes, your phone cases may block your phone antenna; because of this, you may face issues and not receive signals properly. Boosting your mobile phone signal is easy if you check all the options mentioned above and remove your phone case so there is no obstruction. 

4. Find a Wi-Fi Network

One effective way to boost a mobile phone signal is by connecting it to a Wi-Fi network. Sometimes, your mobile phone carrier is unavailable in a certain area, which causes issues in connectivity. It’ll be a good idea to find a Wi-Fi network so that you can make important calls and send mail effortlessly!

5. Find a Nearby Mobile Phone Tower

In most cases, if your network carrier is unavailable in a particular area, it will connect to the available network; for instance, a phone may run smoothly over a 3G or 4G network instead of a 5G. Hence, it is better to try the nearby mobile phone tower and see which network is working smoothly for you. 

6. Use Hidden Codes to Refresh Your Mobile Service

This is one of the most effective ways to boost mobile signals. There are different USSD codes that allow you to refresh your mobile service without putting much effort. For instance, you can dial *#*#4636#*#* and get complete information regarding the phone, battery, network signals and other statistics.

7. Update Your iOS

Find out if your phone needs an update. It is important to update your software so that there are no issues with the signals. If you want to update your iOS, the answer is simple. Go to the ‘Settings’, select ‘General’, and tap on ‘Software update’. 


The cellular network is a revolutionary discovery that changed the course of our lives as we became more dependent on our mobile phones for everything. The gradual transformation from 2G to 5G has been phenomenal; however, with a super speed network and unlimited applications, you realize the importance of seamless connection. If you are an avid internet user and struggle with a smooth signal and wonder how to boost your cell phone signals, you should know that it is super easy! 

There are 2 simple ways to boost mobile signals without spending an extra penny! These solutions include removing obstructions like concrete walls or metal objects between the device and the cellular tower, keeping your battery charged, and removing the phone cover that may obstruct the antenna, which receives signals from the towers, Wi-Fi network, etc.  

You can also use USSD codes to check your phone’s network details, which helps you analyze the situation so that you can choose one of the solutions and boost your mobile phone signals. Choosing an uninterrupted network plan like Talk Home, powered by EE, is the best way to ensure no call drop the widest network coverage, and unlimited data and messages that offer you full value for your money!  

All the solutions are quick, easy, and free of cost, so, get going and try any of these to have a great experience! 

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