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What to Do Before Changing SIM Card: A Comprehensive Guide about SIM Swapping 


Removing or changing SIM cards in a handset is quick and straightforward. It helps resolve issues like a frozen screen or browser connection problems. Also, when selling your phone, sending it for repairs, switching networks, or in case the SIM is damaged or dirty and needs cleaning, you need to eject it – and reinsert it eventually. However, many people still don’t know what to do before changing SIM card. If you’re one of those, stay put. 

How to Change SIM Cards? 

Suppose you have an old phone with a SIM pocket at the back. You’ll need to remove the back cover, followed by the battery. Here, you’ll see the SIM card. Just pull it out carefully. You don’t require any tool. While inserting the new one, carefully insert it, making sure that the contact points of the SIM and mobile phone touch each other.  

If you have a smartphone which has a SIM tray on its side (as most new smartphones have). Just push the SIM-eject tool in the small hole in the tray, and it will pop out. Now take out the SIM you want to replace, put the new SIM inside the tray as recommended, and push the tray inside the phone.  

Why do People Change Their SIM Cards? 

There are a lot of answers to this question. For instance, someone is fed up with the current network provider. Some might be looking for an affordable option, while others want country-wide coverage, etc. These are the primary reasons why people change their SIMs are as follows: 

Better Plans

People are always looking for better options, and understandably so. They’ll be attracted to a SIM plan that provides great PAYG deals or monthly plans. A deal with affordable rates, more allowances, and free-roaming will attract more users. So, it automatically becomes one of the primary reasons people change their SIMs or plans. 

Wide Coverage

Like better plans, people always prefer a network that provides country-wide coverage. So, wherever they go, they stay connected with their loved ones. Any network that promises better coverage, people will love to switch to that network and have their SIMs changed.  

A Fresh Start

Some situations demand a fresh start. Be it a torrid relationship, a dark past that you want to cut the connection with or whether you want to re-establish yourself and have a new start. Changing a SIM could mean a good start to your new life.  

Moving to Another Country

This is another reason why so many people change their SIM cards. When moving to another country, your existing SIM may not work there. So, having a new SIM card becomes mandatory which means new number, new rates, new plans and new conditions.  

What to do Before Changing SIM Card?

You need a SIM-eject tool before changing the SIM for any reason, like switching to another network, replacing a damaged card, or inserting your old SIM into a handset. You should also know the location where it is placed. SIM card size is another aspect you should be aware of. It must be the same as supported by the phone. For instance, old phones support standard size, while the latest smartphones mostly have micro or nano slots.

Here’s what you should do to nullify any hiccups during and after the SIM insertion.  

  • Remember to save your contacts list. 
  • Verify the numbers of important contacts. 
  • Update your service providers like banking apps, etc. 
  • Ensure that you have the correct SIM size – supported by the phone.  
  • Ensure you remember the passwords of all accounts.  
  • Send a universal message. 

Save Your Contacts

Now, if you’re worried about what to backup before changing SIM card, the contact list is foremost. There are multiple ways of doing it. Either save all contacts on a spreadsheet, save them using Google contacts or create a backup on any cloud platform.  

This way, none of your contacts will be lost, and you’ll have access to them even after changing the SIM. Another way to save contacts if saved in your SIM is to copy them to your phone storage and then swap the SIM.  

This way, the contacts will be saved in your phone. So, even if you change the SIMs frequently, all your contacts will be safe. However, if you’re using an iPhone, the method of saving your contacts will be different from keeping contacts on Android. Let’s tell you how to do it on both operating systems.  

Saving Contacts on Android

Fearful of losing data like contacts? If you don’t know whether the contacts are stored in the phone’s memory or the SIM, copy all the contacts to your Android phone. Now, even if you eject the SIM and insert the new one, you’re sure that contacts are saved in the phone. Here’s what to do before changing SIM card on Android. 

  • Open the ‘Contacts App’. 
  • Go to ‘Settings’ by tapping the three dots in the top right corner. 
  • Here, you’ll see an option of ‘Import/Export’. Tap on it. 
  • Then, from the options given, select ‘Import from SIM’. 

If you have a dual SIM phone, you must select between SIM 1 or SIM 2 to import contacts to the phone.  

Saving Contacts on iPhone 

Want to save contacts on the handset and don’t know what to do before changing SIM card on your iPhone, we’ve got you covered.  

  • Go to the ‘Settings App’. 
  • Select ‘Contacts’. 
  • Tap on ‘Import SIM Contacts’ shown at the bottom. 
  • Now, choose where to save your contacts from options like iCloud, Gmail, and phone. 
  • If you’ve chosen ‘On My iPhone’, all your contacts should be copied to the phone and then synced to iCloud.  

Important: iPhones don’t allow the option of storing contacts on the SIM. If you want to move copy contacts from one iPhone to another, make a backup on iCloud or your computer instead on the SIM.

Check if the Phone is Carrier Locked

Another step before changing iPhone SIM card is to check whether the handset is carrier-locked. This is important as some iPhones are locked to a specific network. As the phone is carrier-locked, using another telco’s SIM card is impossible. To see whether your phone is locked to a particular network, here’s what you should do.  

  • Enter the ‘Settings App’. 
  • Tap on ‘General’ followed by About. 
  • Here, scroll down to ‘Network Provider Lock’ to view whether your handset is carrier-locked.  

Important: If the status shows locked, you need to unlock it to change the SIM. Contact an authorised network provider to unlock the iPhone or use a third-party network unlocking service.

Update All the Essential Services You Use

We use various essential services on a daily basis that require access to our current phone number. Accessing these services may become impossible if they cannot verify the contact. For instance, many financial or daily use service providers send OTP or verification codes for security purposes.  

Not having access to these codes may lead to financial difficulty or losing access to other important services we rely heavily on.  


Banks or any financial institutions that have your sensitive information are pretty strict when it comes to verification. One of the most important things they require is that your registered number is on, verifiable and can receive OTP.  

So, updating your new number in the app or their record is essential. Moreover, you may also have to go through a stringent security process to access your online account and show them that you are a genuine account holder.  

Educational Institute

Whether it’s your kids’ school or an educational institute you’re enrolled in, you need to inform them of the change in your contact. This is important as they require it to contact you in case of emergency when your child is sick or anything else.  

Doctors or Health Care Provider

Your doctor or hospital staff will require your new contact number to contact you regarding appointments, report results, prescriptions, etc. Missing a vital health update due to carelessness or not updating your new number can be costly.  

Ride Hail and Deliveries

All ride hail and delivery companies like Uber Eats, Amazon eBay, Etsy, etc., must be informed about this new change. Why? Because they’ll need to contact you to confirm the order and while delivering etc. If you don’t do it, you’ll miss their updates, and your packages etc, may get misplaced.  

Utility Companies

Service providers like Wi-Fi companies, water, energy & telephony should have your recent contact information. This is necessary in case they want to get in touch for an important update or an emergency.  

Update Your Friends and Family

These are the people who care about you the most. Contact them via text or call using your new SIM and tell them to save your new number for the future. This will make it possible for them to contact you whenever they want.  

Make Sure You Know Your Passwords

After changing SIMs, you may struggle to log into some of the essential apps you rely on for vital tasks. You may be stuck if you’re locked out of your banking apps, work related apps or any other apps like food delivery. So, you must have all passwords in mind. If not, try to recall and write them on paper or reset all passwords while your old SIM card is still in use.  

Send a Universal Message

If you have a lot of contacts on your phone and want to inform them of your contact change, a mass message is the best way to do it. Calling everyone or most of them would be too hectic, costly and time-consuming.  

Or you can WhatsApp your contacts with the old number before changing the SIM. The downside to this method is that not all people are on WhatsApp. So, a text message from your side informing everyone that you’re changing your old phone number to a new one, followed by the digits, will be convenient for the recipients.  

What Happens to WhatsApp When I Change my SIM?

Many people are worried about WhatsApp and what will happen if they change SIMs in a phone. To address those people regarding the issue, your WhatsApp will continue to work normally even if you change SIM between phones.  

But if you want to get rid of the old number, changing numbers for a fresh start, business needs, or any other purpose, you can easily register your new number with WhatsApp. You can also modify your number within the app. This will notify all your chats that you’ve changed the number.  

If you want to use the same account on another phone, just insert the SIM in the new phone, install WhatsApp, back up your chat history, move chats and you are done.  

Switching to a New Network but Want to Keep your Old Number?

Do you want to switch your network to a new one that provides premium services, amazing deals, and affordable plans? You need a new SIM card for that network. However, do you want to keep using the old number that has become your digital identity? 

Making the move to another network but still want to use the same number? Don’t cancel the line before activating the new network SIM. The new network – you want to port in – will assist you in every aspect, like what to do before changing SIM card to ensure a smooth transition of your number from the old network to the new one.   

Every SIM Only deal lets you enjoy the same number even if you wish to move to another network. However, ensure that you’re aware of what steps to take in this situation.  

Changing the network or porting your number is a common and straightforward practice. You’ll require the PAC code from your old wireless carrier to accomplish this. Give it to your new service provider, who will switch the number to their network.  

If you’re considering upgrading your network without changing your number, why not choose Talk Home? Powered by EE, we provide country-wide network coverage, lightning-fast 5G connectivity, amazingly affordable PAYG deals and super convenient monthly plans.  

The best part about joining Talk Home is that you can order a Free SIM from our website from the comfort of your home. It will be delivered to your doorstep within two working days. After receiving it, you can now proceed with the porting process, starting with getting your PAC code.  

Once your original number is ported to Talk Home, receive your gift of 1GB of blistering fast internet with no lags and buffering. Order your free SIM or explore our budget-friendly PAYG deals or Monthly plans.  


Changing or replacing a SIM card is a straightforward process based on factors like seeking better mobile plans, more comprehensive network coverage, starting fresh, or relocating. Before making the switch, it’s essential to have the necessary tools, save your contacts, update vital services, and ensure your phone isn’t carrier-locked.  

Last but not least, choose Talk Home if you want to switch your network provider and move to a reliable carrier that serves you the best in the UK. It’s a dependable network famous for offering excellent coverage and affordable plans, including a free SIM option. 

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