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Talk Home App – Reimagined, Removing Barriers, & Reuniting Families


Introducing you to the All-New Talk Home App, which aims to empower our customers more than ever. The new app will make them feel connected and close to those they love. The latest release of the Talk Home App is improved, faster, reliable, and super modern. The app will help us connect more closely on the call by upgrading and modernizing the whole interface of the calling experience. The app is still familiar, while the look has been updated to make the customer experience more inclusive and connected.

Let’s look into our ambitions for a better, quicker, and incredibly sleek Talk Home App. After carefully considering your input, we have made creative modifications to our app based on your suggestions. Let’s look into the all-new Talk Home App.

The All-New Talk Home App – Fast, Playful, Delightful, and Buttery Smooth! 😎

Talk Home App has been re-imagined, further enhanced, and is at the forefront of technology with multiple improvements and changes. The latest app release includes a newly designed and slick app interface with more functionality and settings to give more control and power to our users.

Whether you want to send mobile top-up, make private calls, use dark or light mode, set your home screen to tile vs carousel or be more in control of how you generally use the app, our new designed app empowers you to manage all these tasks right through your very own fingertips.

We have always believed in the future of international calling. Our latest app release starts a series of new updates that will continue to evolve our products and allow our users to stay happily connected with the world.

Features of the All-New Talk Home App!

Through our all-new Talk Home App, we’re highlighting many new features that will boost your connectivity. Here are some of our favorite new features of our All-New Talk Home App, ranging from improving the user-interface design towards ways to connect with your loved ones to providing the cheapest monthly bundles so that you never miss a moment from your loved ones ever again!

We’ll review some of the most important feature updates in the all-new Talk Home App.

1. Revamped, Reimagined, & Reinvented – The All-New Talk Home App 📱

The All-New Talk Home App is faster, reliable, and super-modern. It has been redesigned keeping in mind the need of our customers who love making calls with their favorite app – Talk Home. The most crucial aspect of the Talk Home App is – the call stage. Our team has upgraded and modernized the whole outlook of the App and made it convenient for people of age to make cheap international calls to their loved ones with their favorite app.

We’ve also added some fantastic stuff to enhance the user experience by including new layouts, stunning themes, and other methods to help everyone on the call connect more deeply. We believe you will have the best calling experience with what we name our ‘Call stage’. Please try it out and let us know what you think!

Fresh New Look

2. Delightful New UI/UX 🌙

The design team has created the world’s most gorgeous user-integrated design. This new equilibrium we’ve achieved in fusion with the remarkable piece of art our design team has brought forward. No matter what theme you’re using, the Talk Home App will appear as a beautiful blend to you.

Moreover, the Talk Home App today is much better for low-light settings. We have introduced the all-new Dark Mode in the Talk Home App so that you can use it in bed without making your partner awake or send messages to your loved ones in the cinema without disturbing the people around you.

By introducing the Dark Mode, we have changed the appearance and feel of the app and made it more inclusive. Enjoy the delightful new design with Talk Home App.

Light/Dark Mode

3. All-New International Calling Bundles 💸

Our excellent value international calling bundles ensure you can talk longer for less. Whether you want the best monthly plans or send mobile top-up, we have everything to fulfill your calling needs. We are offering the best international calling rates starting from only 1p/min so that you can now talk for less.

We believe that knowing what you are paying for is essential. Therefore, our calling bundles and plans come with no hidden cost. We ensure we are true to our world so you can enjoy the best monthly bundles. We at Talk Home see the world as one. Start making smarter, cheap international calls – with Talk Home App.

International Calling Bundles

4. Smooth, Simple, and Reliable Mobile Top Ups ⚡

We realized the design wasn’t enough to provide an enhanced customer experience. Therefore, we concentrated on performance and easy-to-make transactions to amply the design element in our app. In the all-new Talk Home App, we have added a new way of making easy international mobile top-ups and have simplified things for you.

Instantly send credit to any mobile phone number worldwide or transfer credit to any Talk Home App user via the app. No matter where your loved ones are – make international mobile recharge to any mobile number worldwide, and never let distance become a barrier to your connection with your loved ones. Send mobile top-ups to over 500 networks worldwide, and never let your loved ones run out of credit.

Instantly send mobile credit to friends and family using the Talk Home App in 4 simple steps:

4 Easy Steps to Send Mobile Top-up

5. Enhanced Customer Support 👨

Your connection and loyalty to the Talk Home App have made us travel this far. Our customers make us who we are, and on the verge of appreciating and giving their best, we have upgraded our customer support by incorporating a unique Help Desk feature.

The extensive Help desk features allow the user to connect directly with the customer service representative from the app. Our customers’ queries are to be dealt with precision by our expert representative who will solve all your issues in no time. While in grid mode, click on the ‘Help’ icon at the bottom of the screen, and you can easily connect with our representative anytime.

Enhanced Customer Support

6. Multiple Payment Methods 💳

For quick and user-friendly checkout, we have introduced multiple payment options. All the transactions made through the Talk Home App are entirely secure. Moreover, we support numerous payment methods such as PayPal, Visa, and various other secured transaction options.

Send international top-ups or secure in-app purchases to any mobile phone number worldwide or transfer credit to any other network with Talk Home App.  Get the best value for your money and enjoy high-quality, cheap international calls and services.

Multiple Payment Methods

7. Customisable User Profiles 🎨

Talk Home App allows you to customize what happens within the app. With the All-New Talk Home App, you can set your profile picture and changes your settings from within the app. We have upgraded your profiles and made them truly delightful.

We’re confident you’ll get a text from your pals appreciating your new appearance. Now it will be much easier to tell your chat apart, and with different color gradients, the user experience has been completely revolutionized. So, make sure you try this feature from our app.

Customizable New Features

8. Quick Way to Activate Auto Top-up 📲

We completely understand the pain our users feel when their important call gets disconnected due to insufficient balance. To save you from the pain, we have upgraded our automation by introducing an enhanced auto top-up feature in the settings.

Auto Top-up feature in the Talk Home App allows account top-up automation according to your chosen balance threshold. Activate auto top-up and never let your important calls get disconnected. We understand the pain of losing touch with your loved ones. Enjoy the feature of auto top-up and talk limitless with Talk Home App.

Quick Way to Activate Auto Top-up


There are no boundaries, divisions, or limits with the All-New Talk Home. Call your loved ones anywhere, anyplace, anytime with Talk Home App. Whether you want to send mobile top-up, make private calls, use dark or light mode, set your home screen to tile vs carousel, or be more in control of how you use the app.

We have always believed in the future of international calling. Our latest app release starts a series of new updates that will continue to evolve our products and allow our users to stay happily connected with the world. Get our free call and text app today to instantly connect with family and friends worldwide.

Talk Home App is available for both iOS and Android. Download the app now and enjoy a truly amazing calling experience.

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