how to visit qatar for world cup 2022

Traveling to Qatar – Everything You Need to Know About the FIFA World Cup 2022


Visiting any foreign country amidst grand events requires complete preparation. It’s because you must overcome challenges to have a memorable experience. With the biggest event in the world around the corner in Qatar, you might wonder how to visit Qatar during world cup 2022.

When there is an influx of a large number of people in a country for a specific event, there are always stampedes everywhere. That’s why people who have prepared everything in advance are less likely to panic and will solve immediate issues.

If you intend to visit Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022, then beware:

  • Over 1.5 million foreign fans will be there.
  • Every room will be booked in advance.
  • There will be a shortage of budget rides (You have to pay extra to reach your destination)
  • You may not find your meal of choice and have to settle for whatever you find.
  • Your expenses can go beyond your budget.
  • You can get in trouble with authorities due to your behaviour if you don’t know Qatar’s laws and general personal code.

Well, here’s an in-depth guide on how to visit Qatar for World Cup 2022.

When Does the Most Awaited FIFA World Cup Start and End?

FIFA World Cup 2022, the most sought-after event by football fans, will start on 21 November 2022 and ends on 18 December 2022, after 64 exciting games.

Qatar is going to host the first FIFA World, ever in history, in the Arab world. Also, this event will be the second FIFA World Cup in Asia. The first one was held in South Korea and Japan in 2002.

Qatar is hosting the world cup in winter because it cannot be held in summer due to extreme heat and humid conditions.

32 teams will compete to win the 24-karat gold trophy, and the final will be held on the 18th of December 2022, which is also Qatar’s National Day.

The first match is going to be held on the 21st of November 2022 between Senegal and the Netherlands at the majestic venue of Al thummama Stadium in Doha.

For your information, the reigning champion of FIFA is France, who will be defending its title with all powers and competence.

There will be 8 groups in the first round. Then, there will be a knockout stage of 16 teams. Next, there will be quarterfinals. After that, four teams will play in two semifinals. In the end, the final will decide the new FIFA World Cup champion.

Also, there will be a third-place play-off between the two losing teams in the semifinals.

Where is Qatar?

Qatar is a small country situated in Western Asia, and it lies on the Qatar Peninsula at the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.

Qatar’s southern border meets with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in the north of Qatar, there is the Persian Gulf.

Qatar’s capital is Doha, and 80% of the Qatari population lives in it.

Qatar is a semi-constitutional monarchy and has been ruled by the House of Thani since 1868. The current ruler of Qatar is Tamim Bin Hammad Al Thani.

Qatar has an over 2.9 million population; among them, 2.3 million are expatriates working in different job roles in Qatar. It is a wealthy country due to its oil and gas resources and has become a mid-level power in the Arab world. Moreover, the country plays a facilitator role globally in solving disputes between nations. Recently, Qatar hosted talks between the USA and the Taliban.

The famous and well-known media Group Aljazeera is owned by the state of Qatar, and it is expanding its coverage and reach every day.

How to Reach Doha?

You have two options to reach Doha: Air travel and by road. Unfortunately, there is no rail service for Doha. In fact, Qatar has no railway system in place.

Book a flight from your city to Doha if you want air travel. There are plenty of options. But we recommend using Qatar Air Ways. It has a splendid service, and you can book your flight in an Air Bus 389, which is also quite an adventure because it’s the largest plane in the world for passenger services. Check out more details on their website for Qatar World Cup flights.

You can only reach Doha by road through Saudi Arabia. But we don’t recommend you opt for this option because of several reasons. First, you must reach Saudi Arabia by any means, and then you have to travel to Qatar, which will consume a lot of time.

Secondly, the route from Saudi Arabia to Doha is not good. You have to travel for hours on a bumpy ride through the desert without any stops where you can refresh yourself. Also, customs clearance for tourists coming along the road has a terrible reputation. You must wait for clearance on the Qatari border for four to six hours.

That’s why it’s better to choose air travel options to reach Doha.

You can also reach Doha by sea if you have your cruise or yacht. But there are no ferry or cruise services to Doha for the public from anywhere in the world.

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost to reach Doha depends upon your country’s distance from Qatar.

  • From most parts of Europe, a flight to Doha costs between $300 to $600
  • If you are traveling to Doha from the UK, expect at least $500 per flight
  • From most parts of the USA, a flight to Doha costs between $600 to $800
  • For Australia or New Zealand, expect at least $900 per flight
  • From most parts of Asia, flights to Doha costs between $200 to $400
  • From Africa, expect between $300 to $600 per flight

If you want to travel by road through Saudi Arabia, you have to pay for the flight to Saudi Arabia from your country. Next, you must pay between $17 and $26 for the bus to the Qatar Border. After that, you have to pay at least for the taxi from the Qatar border to Doha.

Remember, there is no cross-border bus service from Saudi Arabia to Qatar.

Travel Restrictions for Qatar

Qatar is open to international tourism, but there are requirements.

  • All tourists must have visas from Qatar authorities, except US citizens. They can stay in Qatar for 30 days without a visa.
  • Every tourist must present a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival.
  • All tourists must present vaccine certificates. Approved vaccines are Pfizer/BioNTech (Comirnaty), Moderna (Spikefax), AstraZeneca (Coveshield/Oxford/Vaxzevria), Janssen/Johnson & Johnson (only one dose). Conditionally approved vaccines are Sinopharm – Two Doses, Sinovac – Two Doses, Sputnik V – Two Doses, and Covaxin – Two Doses.
  • Every tourist must fill out an acknowledgement form upon arrival.
  • All tourists must not carry alcohol, recreational marijuana, and pork.

While travelling to Qatar, you must follow money etiquette. Here’s a complete guide on global money etiquette.

Qatar COVID-19 Guidelines

Following are two guidelines:

  • Travelers have to go through the COVID-19 lab test at the airport if they have COVID-19-related upon arrival and undergo the necessary quarantine requirements.
  • Travelers have to remain isolated until the test result.

Qatar World Cup Stadiums

Qatar World Cup 2022 will be played in 8 stadiums in Qatar. Some stadiums are complete, and some are under construction and will be completed before the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

1. Al Bayt Stadium

It is situated in the city of Al Khor. This stadium is newly built and can host 60000 visitors. All construction has been completed, and the opening will be played there. This stadium will host group matches and one semifinal.

2. Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

It is situated in the city of Al Rayyan. This stadium is newly built and can host 40000 visitors. All construction has been completed. This stadium will host group matches and the round of 16 matches.

3. Al Janoub Stadium

Located in the city of Al Wakrah, this stadium is newly built and can host 40000 visitors. All construction has been completed. This stadium will host group matches and the round of 16 matches.

4. Khalifa International Stadium

This stadium is newly built in the city of Doha and can host 40000 visitors. All construction has been completed. This stadium will host group matches, the round of 16 matches, and a third-place play-off.

5. Qatar Foundation Stadium

It is situated in the city of Al Rayyan. This stadium is newly built and can host 40000 visitors. All construction has been completed. This stadium will host group matches, the round of 16 matches, and quarter-finals.

6. Lusail Stadium

This stadium is newly built in the city of Lusail and can host 80000 visitors. All construction has been completed. This stadium will host group matches.

7. Ras Abu Aboud Stadium

This stadium is newly built in the city of Doha and can host 40000 visitors. All construction has been completed. This stadium will host group and the round of 16 matches.

8. Al Thumama Stadium

This stadium is newly built in the city of Doha and can host 40000 visitors. All construction has been completed. This stadium will host group matches, the round of 16 matches, and quarter-finals.

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How to Communicate While Traveling?

Spending almost a month in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup will prevent you from your personal, family, and business connections.

But you can communicate with them using many options.

First, you can enable roaming on your mobile phone and use data to communicate with your connections. But it’ll be a way more expensive option that you can easily avoid.

For that, connect your phone to a Wi-Fi connection and install the Talk Home App. Next, you can call any mobile or landline number anywhere in the world at the cheapest rates, even in the remotest of locations. Moreover, if your connection also installs the Talk Home App, you can call each other for free.

Sounds good to you? Then, install the Talk Home App before hopping on to your flight.

How Will I Get Around?

Traveling inside Qatar is not a problem for any international tourist because Qatar has sophisticated options. First, you can use the bus service that runs in Doha, and the routes link to almost every part of Qatar.

You have to pay QR3 to QR 4 for traveling inside Doha and QR4 to QR9 for traveling outside Doha on the bus service. Also, if you purchase Karwa Smart Card, you can save money and time while traveling inside Qatar. There are three tiers of Karwa Smart Card, and the minimum cost is QR30. Moreover, you can recharge your Karwa Card as many times as you need.

The second option is the Mowasalat taxi and limousine for traveling inside Qatar. It’ll cost you QR10 per trip, and the rate per km will be QR1.6 to QR1.9.

Soon, the third option is in the form of a rail that will not be available. But it’ll be after the World Cup.

What’s the Accommodation Like & Where Can I Stay?

Here are your accommodation options in Qatar.

  • Luxury hotels
  • Cheap budget hotels
  • Serviced apartments
  • Villas
  • Cruise ship hotels
  • Fan villages

Luxury hotels will cost you around $450 to $4500 per night.

Cheap budget hotels will cost you around $38 to $100 per night.

Serviced apartments will cost you around $300 to $500 per night.

Villas are expensive and can cost up to $4500 per night.

Cruise ship hotel cabin ranges from $100 to $500 per night.

You can get accommodation in fan villages at $200 per night.

Surrounding Areas I can Visit or Stay?

Now that you’ve a rough idea about how to visit Qatar for world cup 2022, we’re going to further enhance your knowledge about which surrounding areas you should visit.

Yes, watching FIFA World Cup 2022 matches will be fun and rejoicing. But you can make your trip to Qatar more enjoyable and adventurous if you visit nearby Oman and UAE. It’ll not cost you much, and you can stay at budget hotels for around $50 per night.

There are many iconic attractions in the UAE and Oman, such as Burj Khalifa, The World Islands, beaches, and much more.

Following are the places to visit in Oman.

  • Wahiba Sands
  • Musandam Fjords
  • Ras al Jinz
  • Jebel Akhdar
  • Bahla
  • Masirah Island
  • Misfat al Abryeen
  • Wadi Darbat
  • Wadi Shab
  • Ras Madrakah Beach
  • Al Hoota Cave

The following are the places to visit in the UAE.

  • Dubai’s Burj Khalifa
  • Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  • Jebel Jais
  • Louvre Abu Dhabi
  • UAE’s Desert Landscapes
  • Dubai’s Al Fahidi Quarter

How to Buy the World Cup Tickets Now?

Now, you may be thinking about how to buy FIFA World Cup 2022 Tickets. Well, you can purchase World Cup tickets from the official FIFA website. Here’s the link.

Tickets are limited. That’s why you must buy them as soon as you can. The procedure is simple. Go to the link. Register your account and buy your tickets.

Options for Eating and Drinking?

Doha offers a wide range of quality dining options, especially in five-star hotels. If you want the best middle eastern cuisine, nothing is better than Souq Waqif.

Here are some Qatari dishes you should try during your stay.

  • Kousa mahshi
  • Machboos
  • Thareed
  • Ghuzi
  • Umm Ali
  • Mehalabia

Alcohol is available in high-end restaurants in Qatar, but you cannot consume it in public. Remember, you’ll be punished with 40 lashes if you get caught drinking in public. So, don’t do it.

What is the Dress Code?

Qatar has a dress code, and you should respect and abide by it. Men can wear shorts that are below their knees. Women must cover their bodies and wear proper dress, such as long skirts, maxis, and anything that can cover their whole body. It also means no tank tops.

Qatar police can fine you for an inappropriate dress.

Will I Have to Follow a Certain Behaviour?

Qatar restricts filming and taking pictures in many public places.

You cannot use vulgar language, gestures, or inappropriate remarks in public in Qatar. It’s against Qatari law.

Avoid discussing religion in Qatar at any place. It’s a sensitive issue there, and you can get into big trouble for disrespecting religious norms in Qatar.

Qatar police arrest couples showing intimacy and affection in public.

Drinking alcohol in public or wandering in public in a drunk state is against the law. You can only consume alcohol in designated places.

Don’t violate the dress code of Qatar in any case. Otherwise, you’ll get arrested.

Read on and find everything on how to visit Qatar for World Cup 2022.

Things to Do and See in Qatar

You can do a 4WD ride in the desert and visit beaches. Also, you can spend time in cruise ship hotels.

Here are the places you should visit in Qatar.

  1. Souq Waqif
  2. Museum of Islamic Art
  3. National Museum of Qatar
  4. Katara Cultural Village
  5. The Pearl-Qatar
  6. The Corniche
  7. Al Khor Park
  8. Villaggio
  9. Al Khor Mall
  10. Al Khor Island
  11. Aspire Park
  12. Qatar National Library

Qatar Weather

Qatar’s weather is burning hot in summer, and the temperate is around 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the daytime. That’s why Qatar scheduled the World Cup in winter when the average temperature is between 70 to 80 Fahrenheit. Yet, it is also hot if you are coming from a cold country. But don’t worry, every stadium is air conditioned and has top-notch cooling systems in place.

Nights are way cooler in Qatar due to the desert and coastline. That’s why it’s better to go for recreation at night in Qatar. So, you cannot get affected by the scourging heat.

What is Hayya Card and How to Get One?

Qatar authorities will only allow fans who have valid tickets into stadiums, along with Hayya Card. Every fan can get only one Hayya Card Qatar, and it is not transferable.

Hayya Card allows you:

  • Enter in Qatar – It serves as a visa
  • Access to Doha Metro
  • Transit through buses
  • Access to tournament buses
  • Access to trams
  • Tournament journey planning through the Hayya app

Here are the steps to apply for the Hayya Card.

  1. Go to Hayya Qatar Portal on Qatar 2022 Website.
  2. Start your application by pressing “Apply for Hayya.”
  3. Type in your match ticket detail.
  4. Enter all the required information, along with your contact details.
  5. Hit the submit button.

If your application is successful, your Digital Hayya Card will be available on Hayya App. You’ll receive the application approval or rejection status within 5 days.


Plan your FIFA World Cup tour wisely. Choose a budget accommodation and buy your tickets. Next, apply for the Hayya Card. After that, wait for the World Cup dates to come. Then, you’ll enjoy the most awaited FIFA World Cup, like 1.5 million other international fans.

Now you know everything on how to visit Qatar for World Cup 2022. You can also read our blog on amazing things to do in Qatar during the FIFA world cup 2022.

Remember, don’t violate any Qatari law. Otherwise, you’ll get arrested. Also, use the Talk Home App during your stay for communication. Have a great day.

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