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How to Call UAE? A Complete Guide


Do you live abroad and need to call your loved ones in UAE? Is there an urgent need to contact someone in UAE? Do you want to know how to call UAE from abroad?

If yes, everything is in this guide.

You’ll know how to:

  • Call any landline number in the UAE from abroad
  • Call any mobile phone number in the UAE from abroad
  • Make cheap calls to UAE using Talk Home App
  • Make cheap calls to UAE using a Talk Home Calling Card

Check out everything in detail below.

Country Code for UAE: +971

You must adhere to a specific dialing format to call anyone outside your country, such as:

  • IDD + Country Code + Area Code + Landline number (For landline phone numbers)
  • IDD + Country Code + Mobile Number (For Mobile numbers)

IDD is a short form of international direct dial code, also called exit code, different for every country. Most countries use “00” or “011” as exit codes.

For UAE, the international subscriber dialing code or ISD (country code) is +971. You cannot connect with anyone in UAE without this code.

Here’s how to call UAE from abroad.

  • IDD/exit code + 1876 + Area code + Recipient’s landline number
  • IDD/exit code + 1876 + Recipient’s mobile number

Remember, you must dial “00” 0r “011” as IDD or exit code before dialing the UAE country code and recipient’s number.

How to Call UAE Using Your Mobile Phone/ Cellphone?

To call UAE using your mobile phone:

  • IDD/exit code + 971 + Area code + Recipient’s landline number
  • IDD/exit code + 971 + Recipient’s mobile number

How to Call UAE Using Your Landline?

To call UAE using your landline:

  • IDD/exit code + 971+ Area code + Recipient’s landline number
  • IDD/exit code + 1876 + Recipient’s mobile number

Make Cheap Calls to UAE with Talk Home App



Do you need a reliable calling app with budget-friendly rates to call UAE? Then, the  Talk home App is the cheapest way to call UAE.

Talk Home App is a multi-functional calling service that allows you to connect with anyone anywhere in the world using local lines. It does not use the internet and provides high-quality calls without distortion.

Talk Home App allows you to call on UAE landline and mobile phone numbers from just 15c/min. It charges only 10 cents for a single SMS to UAE.

If Calling Using THA, First Set Up Your Account

Excited to use Talk Home App to call UAE or anywhere in the world, even in the remotest of locations? Then, you must download the Talk Home App from Google Play if you have an Android handset. Also, in the case of an iPhone, use Apple Store to install Talk Home App.

Next, you must buy credit using your preferred payment method and start calling UAE or anywhere in the world.

How Will I Know If I’m About to Run Out of Credit & Disconnect? (Enable Auto Top-Up and Go Worry-Free)

Do you want to know when your balance is too low on Talk Home App? Then, turn on the balance threshold alert. It’ll notify you when you reach a specific limit.

You can recharge your account on every threshold alert and enjoy seamless communication.

Want to save your time and have a balance in your Talk home account? Then, turn on the auto top-up feature. It recharges your account automatically when you have a low balance. You can always turn it off using Talk Home App settings.

You can turn on auto top-up features by pressing the auto-recharge button in the Talk Home App payment section.

Call UAE with Talk Home Calling Card

Want the best calling card for UAE that saves you bundles of money? Need a calling card that supplies you with regular discounts? Then, the Talk Home Calling Card is the only option for you right now.

Talk Home Calling Card is a prepaid option offering rewards points on your first purchase and every recharge.

What is Talk Home Calling Card?

Talk Home Calling Card supplies you with a prepaid balance to call on landline and mobile numbers anywhere in the world. You can also recharge the card and save tons of money on your international and domestic calls.

Want to buy Talk Home Calling Card? Click here. Press the buy button and complete the website instructions.

You’ll get a 10-digit PIN after completing the payment process. Please save it somewhere safe. Customer service will also send a copy of your PIN to your email address.

Steps to Call UAE with Talk Home Calling Card

Follow these:

  • Dial the access number (You’ll get it when you purchase the card)
  • Dial your PIN after the prompt
  • Dial your desired landline number: 00/011 +971 + Area code + Recipient’s number

If you want to contact someone in the UAE on mobile, repeat the first two steps and:

  • Dial your desired mobile number: 00/011 +971 + Recipient’s mobile number

How Do Talk Home Calling Card Points Work?

Talk Home rewards you 100 points when you buy the card. And you get 20 points on every £5 recharge. You can redeem these points within 12 months, and 20 points equal a 5% discount on every recharge.

Cheap Calling Rates: Call UAE from the UK

Talk Home App and Talk Home Calling Cards are the cheapest ways to call UAE from the UK.

Talk Home App supplies you with a 15c/ min calling rate for the UAE.

A £10 Talk Home Calling Card allows you:

  • 66 minutes on UAE landline numbers (15p/min)
  • 66 minutes on UAE mobile numbers (15p/min)

Calling UAE – Area Codes

Here are area codes in service in the UAE.

  1. Abu Dhabi: 2
  2. Ajman: 6
  3. Al Ain: 3
  4. Dubai: 4
  5. Fujairah: 9
  6. Hatta: 4
  7. Lihbab: 4
  8. Madinat Zayed: 2
  9. Ras Al Khaima: 7
  10. Ruwais: 2
  11. Sharjah: 6
  12. Umm-Al-Quwain: 6


Talk Home App and Talk Home Calling Cards are the best option to make cheap calls to UAE and stay connected with your loved ones. Try them once. You’ll never look for another calling service for UAE. Have a wonderful day.

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