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Unlocking the Mystery of Your ICCID Number: A Key to Mobile Connectivity


ICCID number stands for integrated circuit card identification number, a unique 18–22-digit code that includes the country’s destination, home network, and user identification number. ICCID number is usually printed on the back of a SIM card and the packaging of a SIM card.

Mobile network operators (MNOs) use ICCID numbers to determine which network to subscribe to. ICCID refers to the SIM card, each with a unique number.

Sometimes, ICCID is interchangeably used for SIM card numbers or serial numbers on SIM cards.

This number is used to determine which cellular network your device would access and to what extent it has permission to access. Due to this, it is essential to understand the ICCID number to locate it on your SIM card to understand your access levels.

This blog will explore what each set of digits means, how to find ICCID numbers on your SIM, and the ICCID numbers on e-SIMs.

What ICCID Number?

ICCID is a unique identification number used for circuit cards, including SIM cards, credit cards, and national identification cards. The ICCID number is stored within the SIM card’s memory; you can find it on the print.

What do the Numbers Within ICCID Mean?

The SIM card’s ICCID number is an 18–22-digit string with four sets of numbers. Take the example of the 89 44 125686 634849498 number.

In every ICCID number, the first two digits are always 89, indicating that this is a product of the telecommunications industry. The following two digits represent the country code established by the International Telecommunications Union, 44 in the example.

After the country code comes the mobile network code (MNC), a string of four digits associated with every network operator. This code represents your SIM card’s home network; 125686, in the given case, is MNC for Talk Home Mobile.

Each SIM card’s final set of digits is unique; no other SIM would share this combination. This unique code allows you to specify your SIM card status. In the given case, 86634849498 is a special user code.

To sum it up, the first two digits of ICCID indicate industry, followed by two to three digits of country code. Then comes mobile network code, which comprises 4-6 digits, followed by a unique customer code, different for every customer.

What Do ICCID Numbers Stand For?

The format for the ICCID number is MMCC IINN NNNN NNNN NN C x. Let’s define each letter so you can better understand it.

MM – This is the same for most SIM cards indicating the industry, which in this case is telecom having 89 codes.

CC – Country Code or MCC mobile country code identifies the subscriber’s country.

II -SIM card issuer identity or Mobile network code used to identify a specific network provider. This code is essential for international roaming.

N – the letter N stands for SIM Number or account ID; these digits give your SIM card a unique ID.

C – this is the Sum of previous digits using the Luhn algorithm.

X – Extra digit that ICCID doesn’t include as part of the number.

How to Find ICCID Number?

Knowing how to find the ICCID number whenever you need it is essential. The simplest way to find out is to look at the SIM packing where the ICCID code is often present.

But that’s not always convenient since you wouldn’t want to take out the SIM card whenever you need ICCID.

A valuable alternative to knowing your ICCID number is to navigate to your device settings, where you can easily find it.

To look for the ICCID number, open your device’s settings and click About phone/ device. This is usually present at the bottom of the scenes. Click on the status and Choose ICCID or IMEI to find your ICCID number listed.

ICCID Number for eSIM

ICCID number is an identity for your eSIM, which consists of 18-22 digits. The functionality of an ICCID number for eSIM is similar to that of an ICCID number for a physical SIM; the only difference is how you would locate the number for eSIM.

You can find the ICCID number in multiple ways: first, look for the original email from the service provider; second, look for it in your phone’s settings; and third, ask your service provider through the helpline.

ICCID Number for IOS

To locate the ICCID number on IOS, go to settings > General > Information and scroll down to the ICCID section. This is where you will find the ICCID number for your eSIM.

ICCID Number for Android

Go to settings and navigate to About phone. Then tap on SIM status, and your eSIMs ICCID number will be displayed.

How MNOs use ICCID Numbers

There are four ways MNOs use ICCID numbers: first is SIM card activation, second is subscription management, third is network routing, and fourth is fraud prevention. Let’s now discuss these usages in detail.

SIM Card Activation

When you purchase a SIM card from an MNO or a retailer, the ICCID is attached to your account, which is essential to access the network. This ensures that the SIM card is uniquely identified to use the MNO’s services.

Subscription Management

ICCID numbers play an essential role in your mobile Subscription. The service providers use them to keep track of your SIM card’s status. For example, a service provider would determine your number’s activation, suspension or deactivation using an ICCID number.

Also, when you upgrade or add a service like a data plan, the ICCID number links these changes with your SIM card.

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Network Routing

The ICCID number also helps MNOs efficiently route voice and data traffic within their networks. When a user makes calls or accesses the internet, the ICCID is used to identify the SIM card and route traffic to the desired destination.

This ensures that users can connect and access the internet without any interference.

Roaming Management

ICCID is also used to manage roaming services for people who are frequent travellers. When a user walks on another network, the ICCID helps identify the home network so that the billing arrangements can be associated with the SIM card. This helps with accurate billing and seamless connectivity while travelling.

Fraud Prevention

ICCID numbers also play a crucial role in fraud prevention. MNOs monitor the usage patterns associated with ICCID numbers to detect unusual or suspicious activity. If a SIM card is used for fraudulent purposes, the MNO can take action to protect its network and its customers.

Is ICCID and IMSI the Same

IMSI and ICCID are not the same.

An IMSI identifies the user and is a portion of the SIM profile, but it doesn’t identify the SIM card itself.

On the contrary, an ICCID identifies the actual SIM card, not the user.

For example, you may have three SIM cards and three separate devices. Each card would have a unique ICCID. But you will still have only one IMSI to identify you as the user of all three SIM cards.

Is ICCID Sensitive Data?

Yes, ICCID numbers carry sensitive information regarding your profile; therefore, you should protect them. Some of the protective measures you can take to ensure the privacy of your data include not sharing your ICCID number with anyone and writing it down somewhere safe, so no one has access to it.

Bottom Line

ICCID number, though often overlooked, plays a vital role in the functioning of your mobile device. It is a unique identifier, ensuring seamless communication with your carrier’s network.

Whether you’re troubleshooting connectivity issues, activating a new SIM card, or keeping track of your device’s information, knowing how to locate and interpret your ICCID number is valuable.

This guide has discussed the importance of this seemingly insignificant string of digits and how it can impact your mobile experience. So, the next time you encounter a situation requiring your ICCID, you’ll be well-equipped to handle it confidently.

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