How much data does Spotify use

Spotify Data Usage in 2024 – Everything You Need To Know


The introduction of mobile phones is perhaps the most essential technology-based update in the modern world. Mobile devices are personalized tools that allow people to stay connected and have reformed the entire concept of media consumption through access to the internet.

We no longer need to be restricted to a specific location to enjoy our favorite shows or listen to our preferred artists. Accessing all forms of media is now convenient and can be fulfilled while you are on the move. This is precisely where the demand for applications like Spotify comes into play. However, to effectively stream music online on Spotify, your mobile device consumes data. This post debunks and answers the fundamental question of “How much data does Spotify use?”

How much data does Spotify use?

Spotify is a Swedish-based media and audio streaming company which came to prominence with the integration of smartphones and accessibility of internet connectivity. Spotify is the largest music streaming platform that caters to the needs of more than 500 million users worldwide.

Therefore, it is apparent that millions of people around the world are seeking an answer to “How much mobile data does Spotify use?” Let us now debunk the entire concept and critically dissect the data consumption pattern of Spotify.

Spotify data use per hour

Conventionally, streaming music on Spotify does not consume a lot of data when compared to the data allowances offered by carrier companies. However, if you are solely dependent on your data bundles to access the internet without any Wi-Fi provision, tracking data consumption becomes increasingly important.

How much data does Spotify use per hour? Well, it depends on the audio settings preferred by the concerned user. The maximum data consumed by Spotify in an hour is estimated to be around 144 MB with premium-quality audio settings. The application provides its users with five audio quality setting options:

  • Very High Audio Quality
  • High Audio Quality
  • Normal Audio Quality
  • Low Audio Quality
  • Automatic Audio Quality

It is recommended that users work with the Automatic setting as the application adjusts the audio quality based on the overall strength of your network. The Auto Audio Setting is programmed to lower the audio quality when there is poor network connectivity, allowing users to avoid issues concerning frequent buffering. On the other hand, Very High Audio Quality gives the best user experience but also consumes the most data.

Spotify does not provide any accurate numbers regarding data consumption as it is subjective to the demand of the user. Overall, with the Very High Audio Quality setting, the application will consume a maximum of 144 MB in an hour, operating with 320 Kbps.

Consequently, Low Audio Quality with 24 Kbps consumes 10.8 MB per hour, Normal Audio Quality with 96 Kbps consumes 43.2 MB per hour, and High Audio Quality with 160 Kbps consumes 72 MB data per hour.

Spotify Data Consumption Aspect

Audio Quality Kbps One hour stream 40-hour work week
Low Audio Quality 24 Kbps 10.8 MB 432 MB
Normal Audio Quality 96 Kbps 43.2 MB 1.7 GB
High Audio Quality 160 Kbps 72 MB 2.9 GB
Very High Audio Quality 320 Kbps 144 MB 5.7 GB
Podcast Audio Quality 96 Kbps 43.2 MB 1.7 GB

Spotify data use per song

As already mentioned, the amount of data consumed while streaming music on Spotify depends on the Audio Quality setting and the overall length of a song. Therefore, to answer the fundamental question of “how much data does Spotify use for a song?” we must assume and work with the average duration of songs, which in this case is considered to be 4 minutes.

The following table will help you to get a clear understanding of the concept and also know the time taken to consume 1 GB of data.

Audio Quality Per Minute Per Song Average of 4 minutes Per Hour Time Taken to Consume 1 GB of Data
Low Audio Quality 0.18 MB 0.72 MB 10.8 MB 92.5 hours
Normal Audio Quality 0.72 MB 2.88 MB 43.2 MB 23.1 hours
High Audio Quality 1.2 MB 4.8 MB 72 MB 13.8 hours
Very High Audio Quality 2.4 MB 9.6 MB 144 MB 6.9 hours

Therefore, with the average duration of a song being 4 minutes, Spotify consumes-

  • 72 MB per song on Low Audio Quality Setting,
  • 88 MB per song on Normal Audio Quality Setting,
  • 8 MB per song on High Audio Quality Setting, and
  • 6 MB per song on a Very High Audio Quality Setting.

Spotify data use per month

Based on the observations listed above, we can effectively determine the estimated data consumption pattern of Spotify in a month. According to a recent study, an average user streams music on Spotify for 99 minutes daily in Europe alone.

The table highlighted below segregates the approximate monthly data consumed based on the preferred Audio Quality setting.

Audio Quality Data Consumed Per Minute Daily Average Use of Spotify in Europe Average Data Consumed per Day Average Monthly Consumption [30 days]
Low Audio Quality 0.18 MB 99 minutes 17.82 MB 534.6 MB
Normal Audio Quality 0.72 MB 99 minutes 71.28 MB 2.14 GB
High Audio Quality 1.2 MB 99 minutes 118.8 MB 3.56 GB
Very High Audio Quality 2.4 MB 99 minutes 237.6 MB 7.13 GB

Therefore, with a daily average Spotify streaming duration of 99 minutes, monthly data consumed by a user according to the Audio Quality preferred are:

  • 6 MB per month on Low Audio Quality Setting,
  • 16 GB per month on Normal Audio Quality Setting,
  • 56 GB per month on High Audio Quality Setting, and
  • 13 GB per month on a Very High Audio Quality Setting.

Does Spotify Premium download songs use data?

Spotify allows its Premium subscribers to download music which can be effectively assessed while being offline as well. This offline mode proves to be extremely handy when an individual is either traveling or is present in a location that does not have decent internet coverage. Downloading the songs does consume data, depending on the length and size of the song. Additionally, the downloaded songs require storage space on your device as well. However, once downloaded, the songs do not consume data when accessed through the offline mode.

This Spotify feature helps its users to listen to their favorite artists even while offline. Moreover, it’s a data-efficient measure that every user must take into account.

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How to reduce Spotify’s data usage?

Streaming music on Spotify may seem to be a harmless activity in terms of data consumption, especially when compared to other forms of media. However, if you are an avid music lover and use Spotify daily for an extended period, it may eat up a lot of your data when left unchecked. Be sure to incorporate the following tips that will help to reduce Spotify data usage.

Download songs via Wi-Fi ahead of time

If you have access to Wi-Fi at home or at work, ensure to use the Wi-Fi internet amenities to download the songs which you like. All you need to do is disable mobile data connectivity through your mobile settings and log in to a relevant Wi-Fi server to download the song featured on Spotify.

Change your Spotify settings

It is recommended that users enable the Automatic Audio Quality settings to check data consumption on Spotify. Sure, listening to your favorite song on the Very High Audio Quality Setting is amazing; however, activating the Auto setting will help you to save precious data in the long run. Consequently, if you are running low on data, activating the Low Audio Quality setting should be considered as it is data-efficient and reduces issues concerning buffering throughout.

Turn on the data saver

Additionally, Spotify also has a Data Server option which can be activated by toggling through the settings options present in the main menu screen. Activating this setting will help you to stream music at 24 Kbps. It also deactivates graphics and artist canvases that appear on the application. To activate this mode:

  • Click on the settings option present on the top-right side of the Home screen.
  • Navigate to the Data Saver option.
  • Activate the setting by turning on the Data Saver mode.

Disable Autoplay

Spotify also has an enhanced Autoplay feature that helps its users to stream music without any interruptions. The feature enhances the media consumption experience. However, deactivating this mode will assist you in saving a considerable amount of data. Follow these steps to disable autoplay:

  • Click on the Spotify App Icon.
  • Tap on the Settings icon on the top-right of the Home screen.
  • Navigate to the Autoplay feature and click on it to effectively disable.

Disable Video in Podcasts

Spotify is a unique platform that not only offers quality audio streaming but also showcases popular podcast channels. People can stream podcast episodes in video format on Spotify with complete convenience. However, streaming podcast videos on Spotify consumes a lot of data. Deactivating this setting on a Spotify account can only be initiated from a mobile device. Follow these steps to disable videos on Spotify:

  • Open the Spotify App and click on the “Gear” settings Icon on the top-right side of the screen.
  • Navigate to the Video Podcast section.
  • Activate the settings to “Download Audio Only.”

Note: Featured Video Podcasts only stream videos when the screen is active. Users may navigate away from the Spotify application or turn the power button off to stop video streaming while the audio continues to play.

Track data use by Spotify

To effectively reduce Spotify data usage, individuals must track their day-to-day media consumption habits on Spotify. Using the application for a specific time can help to segment data usage. Moreover, tracking and analyzing data usage figures on your respective devices can also aid you in planning your data consumption requirements. Also read this blog for more information about ideal data consumption habits.

Switch to a carrier that will help you use less data

Collaborating with a proficient carrier mobile network company can help you to save a considerable amount of data. Talk Home is one of the finest 5G network service providers in the UK, powered by EE. The affordable Monthly and PayG Talk Home plans assists individuals to meet all their data requirements, starting at only £5 per month, enhanced with Unlimited Minutes and SMS. Be sure to consult with the Talk Home team to stay updated about premium plans and lucrative deals.

Spotify vs. Other Music Streaming Apps

To better understand the data consumption scale on Spotify, let us compare the streaming platform with Amazon and Apple Music side-by-side.

● Amazon Music

Just like Spotify, Amazon Music also offers its users various audio quality options, which conventionally range between 320 to 480 Kbps. Amazon Music tends to stream audio at a higher quality level when compared to Spotify. However, due to enhanced quality settings, streaming audio music on Amazon Music can consume close to 400 MB per hour at premium quality audio settings.

● Apple Music

Apple Music, similar to other relevant online music streaming platforms, consumes data depending on the quality of the audio selected. Streaming music or using the Karaoke mode on the app through the 4G network will consume approximately 15 MB every 10 minutes. This figure is subject to change depending on the network and internet server being used. Moreover, streaming music on Apple Music on high-quality audio settings at 256 Kbps will require 230 MB on Wi-Fi and 75 MB on mobile networks.


These were some of the most fundamental aspects that helped us to find relevant answers to the question of “How much data does Spotify use?” We highly recommend that data-only users implement the mentioned tips to conserve data effectively. Moreover, a collaboration with premium carrier companies like Talk Home will not only enable you to experience lightning-fast, 5G-infused internet speeds but will also make the demeanor of purchasing data bundles affordable.

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