How much data does Google Maps use

How Much Data Does Google Maps Use – Per Hour Consumption


Whether you are exploring the hidden gems of your city or traveling solo, Google Maps is your ‘go-to’ app as it keeps you focused and takes you to your desired location through the best routes in the shortest time! It is one of the important traveling essentials.

Designed for personal and professional use, you can make the most of Google Maps by listing your business location, finding the cheapest parking, hospitals, restaurants, etc., tracking your friends’ location in real-time, getting clear directions for different locations with voice-guided navigation, and monitoring traffic conditions to save your time.

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With innumerable uses, that too offered for free, Google Maps is one of the most overused and underhyped apps today! While enjoying all these benefits, have you ever wondered how much data does Google Maps use? Let’s delve deep into this mystery and have an in-depth idea about the same.

Does Google Maps Use a Lot of Data?

If you are stepping out, Google Maps is your ultimate companion! With 39 new languages in more than 250 countries and mapping 60 million kilometers of roads and territories, Google Maps resonates with accuracy, coverage, and freshness! With so much to offer that too in real-time, the app is bound to eat up your data and how! The question here is exactly how much data does Google Maps use in the UK? Before we put our heads around the technicalities, let’s look at some interesting facts about Google Maps!

  • Google Maps is the most popular navigation map across the world
  • It has 20 petabytes of data, which is equivalent to the capacity of 358,000+ iPhones!
  • 23 million + downloads of the mobile version of the app
  • Google Maps has 260 million + monthly users
  • Google street view allows you to see traffic in the areas you are driving
  • According to Google Cloud, approximately 20 million pieces of information are contributed daily by Google Maps users

With huge popularity, millions of users, and an easy interface, you would expect Google Maps to eat up a major chunk of your data. Now comes the big question, how much data does google maps use per hour? The answer is simple and unexpected! It is less than what other apps like Netflix or Spotify would use! On average, approximately 5-10 MB per hour, which is equivalent to listening to a 3-minute song on Spotify.

Per Hour Usage of Different Apps

App Data Use Per Hour Time to 1 GB
Google Maps 2.19 MB 457 hours
Waze 0.69 MB 1,449 hours
Spotify 40 MB 25 hours
Netflix (HD) 3 GB 20 mins
YouTube 2 GB 30 mins


How Much Data Does Google Maps Use – A Reality Check!

While searching for a location, the process involves setting a destination point and finding the easiest and most convenient route. However, if you are exploiting the app further for other locations, photos, map scale, and more, the data consumption would escalate, and how! If you are wondering how much data does Google Maps directions use, you must know that every single feature contributes to data usage, for instance, satellite display mode requires 900 KB of data and uploading a location with a zoom feature would take up to 500 KB to 1 MB data.

Always remember that map scale affects data usage dramatically. If you are searching for the exact area with additional images, be ready to spend some more data.

Do You Need Data to Use Google Maps?

If you are actively using the app, which includes scrolling, zooming in and out, and downloading maps, it could eat up to 2.23 MB per hour. Although Google Maps would not work properly if you are disconnected, you can still use already downloaded maps for navigation without worrying about data usage. It is applicable for both iOS and Android. Make a note that walking directions, transits, and bicycling routes are unavailable offline. Also, you don’t have access to alternate routes and information about the traffic.

To download maps, find your destination in the search bar, go to ‘options’ and select download an offline map. Once you have a fair idea of how much data does Google Maps uses per hour, you can keep a tab on your activity and monitor your data consumption. You can also boost the download speed and make the most of the data you have!

Let’s Find Out if GPS Uses a Lot of Data

GPS or Global Positioning System provides the exact location using the network of satellites, which also reveals details regarding timing, positioning, and navigation. As GPS works with satellites, no internet connection is required, however, when you are using it on your device through apps for navigation, an internet connection is a must!

In a nutshell, data consumption is high if you want to get real-time information regarding construction work or accidents.

Reasons Why Google Maps Use So Much Data?

While we got a fair idea about how much data does google maps directions use in the above section. Let’s unveil why Google Maps consumes more data. Apart from excessive usage, depending upon the requirements, downloading maps, active usage throughout the day, satellite map display mode, and zooming in/out or scrolling in different directions often add to high data consumption. This navigation tool comes with lots of features and benefits like:

  • Real-time updates on the public transport
  • Google assistance to make your life easier!
  • Option to create lists and explore new places using suggestions matching your interests
  • Promoting your business or to search services
  • Easy-to-use privacy options
  • Street view and satellite imagery with Google Earth

When you use any of these features apart from simple navigation purposes, you ought to spend a lot of data!

Google Maps: How Much Data Does It Use in 8 Hours?

By having a fair idea about how much data does Google Maps use per hour, we can estimate the data used by the app in 8 hrs. To simplify, if you have normal usage, an average of 2.5 MB to 5 MB of data is used every hour, which means that approximately 20 MB to 40 MB of data is used in 8 hours. The consumption may or may not exceed depending upon your usage! To be more precise, you can use different tools available online to calculate your everyday usage.

Easy Steps to Switch to Economy Mode

Not many people know that you can switch to economy mode on Google Maps and save that data for important things! If you already knew how much data does Google Maps directions use on an everyday basis, you would have opted for Economy mode long back! The Economy Mode ensures that the device accesses the internet only through Wi-fi and restricts mobile traffic.

Here are some simple steps to activate Economy Mode on your device.

  • Step 1: Open Google Maps
  • Step 2: Go to Settings
  • Step 3: Select the Wi-fi option
  • and, Voila!

Does Google Maps Download Data Offline?

This is one of the most common questions that comes to mind when you use Google Maps. When you are offline, no data is used unless you use online features. You can download and save the area of your choice from Google Maps and use it when you are on the go. However, in some countries due to contractual limitations and other reasons like language or address format, you cannot download offline maps. If you too want to download offline maps, to save your data without compromising on navigation apps, here are some simple steps to do so-

For Android phones, go to Google Maps App and search for a location. Right at the bottom, tap the complete address and download offline maps. The procedure is almost the same for iPhone and iPad – go to the Google Maps app, search for location, and select download an offline map. You can use the downloaded maps the same way as you would use them while you were online.

Is It Possible to Save Traffic?

When we talk about minimizing your data usage, we should not leave any stone unturned to find out simple and easy ways to minimize your data usage. Google Maps features simple options that can be used to reduce your data usage significantly. These include –

  • Auto-update offline maps: Through this feature, you can get up-to-date information on the recently downloaded map. Your data would only be consumed for the map of your latest location.
  • Auto-download recommended maps: You can disable the ‘auto-download recommended maps’ option in the app settings. This will restrict the access of your device to the network and save your data.
  • Launch in satellite mode setting: You can disable this action and step up the speed of your data loading. This would reduce your data usage remarkably.

How Much Data Does Google Maps Use Per Hour?

By now you must have understood that the data used is directly related to your activities on the app. However, the average usage is between 2.5 MB to 5 MB, which can be reduced by doing all the steps mentioned in the above sections. If you are a frequent traveler and drive every day to the office, work, or school, you can download offline maps to minimize data usage and save your data.

Google Maps Usage Data Consumption
Per Hour 5 MB
Per Minute 0.08 MB
Per Mile (10 Mph) 0.5 MB

How Much Data Does the Google Maps App on the iPhone Use?

The data used by Google Maps on Android and iPhone is almost the same. It is easy to check the consumption of data by the app on your phone by following these simple steps-

  • Step 1: Go to settings
  • Step 2:  Select connections
  • Step 3: Now tap on data usage and then mobile data

Here, you can get a clear idea of the total data consumption. If you feel the need to minimize your usage, you can follow all the tips and different ways mentioned in the previous sections to alleviate your data usage drastically.

How to Reduce Google Maps Data Usage?

If you have a clear understanding of how much data does Google Maps use, you can easily reduce your usage by opting for simple options offered in the app itself. If you travel internationally or go on backpacking trips, you can also opt for Talk Home mobile app, which offers you superfast data with the best coverage and flexible plans starting from 4 GB to 200 GB of data. With a reliable and flexible network and faster data, you can easily use Google Maps or other useful apps that require internet connectivity with good speed as these apps could help you reach your destination even if you are in the middle of nowhere! Plus, it is free to download!

Waze App – How Much Does It Cost by 2023?

Being one of the popular traffic updates and navigation apps, Waze is absolutely free. There are no app charges as of now. The app users, or ‘Wazers’ can actively inform each other about the traffic, speed cameras, construction work, and more. However, the app requires internet access like any other app, which, again consumes a lot of mobile data, hence, be informed and keep a tab on the usage.

Does Google Maps Require the Internet?

Yes, Google Maps requires the internet, especially if you want real-time updates on traffic, navigation, best driving routes, etc. However, you can also use Google Maps offline by downloading the map of selected locations. This way you can reach your destination without exhausting your data. However, the app wouldn’t tell you about the routes for bicycles and pedestrians.

Alternative Apps for Self-navigation

The internet is flooded with different apps for navigation. However, not all of them are reliable and practical to use in terms of data usage. Therefore, it is imperative to make an informed decision to choose the best navigation apps. Some of the best navigation apps on Android 2023 include Waze Navigation and Live Traffic, OsmAnd Maps and GPS Offline, GO Navigation, All Trails, and Maps. me, etc.

How to reduce Google Maps Data Usage?

As you already got in-depth information on how much data does google maps directions use, it would be quite easy to control and minimize the usage to a great extent. Here are a few simple ways that also contribute significantly to reducing data usage by Google Maps.

Search your destination over Wi-Fi

As simple as that! There are different apps that don’t need Wi-Fi but with Google Maps, you need to have an internet connection to download the maps. You can use a Wi-Fi network to download the map of the selected location so that you can access it later on. Even if you are traveling solo or exploring hidden locations, you will definitely find cafes, gas stations, restaurants, and public areas with Wi-fi. You can use the Internet to find and reach the desired locations.

Download Directions from Google Maps to Use Offline

If you are traveling to remote locations with poor or no internet connectivity, it would be a smart decision to use Google Maps offline. This way, you can not only reach your destination safely but also save a lot of data, which can be used for other things.


Google Maps is one of the easiest and most efficient navigation tools today, which can take you to different places by guiding you through the best routes to difficult locations, using voice-guided navigation. Despite eating up a lot of data, the app is faster, highly efficient, and keeps you up-to-date in terms of alternative routes, nearby restaurants, gas stations, and parking areas.

If you are surprised by how much data Google Maps use per hour, there are ways and features in the app to minimize the usage and make the most of Google Maps. Using Google Maps offline and disabling background data, and opting for a free network using apps like Talk Home can significantly reduce your data consumption and allows you to stay connected and reach your destination with ease.

Google Maps can be a savior if you are traveling solo or going to a remote location. With additional features like Google assistance, real-time updates on public transport, street view, or satellite imagery, you can make the most of your travel experience every single day! However, a good network with great flexibility, wider coverage, and pocket-friendly internet plans can change the game dramatically. If you are looking for a mobile app with unlimited data plans, Talk Home is a great option.

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