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Going Ghost: A Guide to Using Burner Phones for Privacy and Security


The burner phone is so cheap that often you do not have to worry about losing or breaking it. The best thing? Their battery life is fantastic.

You wouldn’t want to keep a burner phone unless you are a drug dealer or have a secret affair. Wait! There could be other possibilities too.

First, burner phones are cheap, and you can afford to lose or break them. Secondly, they are an easy way to ease yourself from social media addictions. Third, their battery life is fantastic. The burner phones could literally last for up to 7 days on a single charge.

First thing first. First, let’s define burner phones so you understand the topic clearly. Later, the blog will discuss the ten best burner phones you can consider buying in 2023.

What is a Burner Phone?

A burner phone is an affordable, prepaid mobile phone that comes with buttons. Traditionally these phones have been purchased in cash to avoid trials.

An HBO series in 2002 fueled the popularity of the term “burner.”  In the Wire series, burners were used to avoid any detection by the authorities. If a burner phone number was suspected of being compromised, the owner would burn the device to finish the trail associated with the device.

Why use Burner Phone

Think about the use cases of Burner Phones.

There could be places you wouldn’t want to take your iPhone to. Maybe because the business is too risky, or you fear getting it stolen. Sometimes, a smartphone battery isn’t trustworthy, and you know there won’t be enough charging ports at the place you are going to.

It is completely understood that a burner phone isn’t the best you can have. It might not contain the best camera, nor does it have fancy features. The burner phones allow you to perform basic Android functions, including emails and basic social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook.

But the device has a battery that lasts for weeks before it needs a recharge again. Price of burner phones? Not more than the cost of a bottle of wine, which can be an excellent investment.

Runners, cyclists, and hikers do not leave homes without a burner phone.

So, these are some possible reasons to consider using a burner phone and looking for one.

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Best Burner Phones in 2023

Let’s jump to the list of the ten best burner phones in 2023.

Alcatel TCL Flip 2

Alcatel TCL Flip 2 is the most affordable device in the category of best burner phones in 2023. It is a handy device that comes with diverse features. The phone contains a 240×320 screen and four core Qualcomm snapdragon that runs the basic applications responsively.

The device also has Wi-Fi making it ideal for using social apps without consuming much mobile data. The best thing about the device is its external display, which shows the caller ID and time without opening the phone every time.


Networks 2G, 3G, 4G
Battery standby time 13.7 days.
Battery Talk time 6.8 hours.
Screen size 2.8 inches + 1.44 inches (external)
Camera 2MP
Dimensions 2.1x 4.1. 0.36 inches
Weight 121g
Storage Memory 4Gb + microSD

Reasons to buy Alcatel TCL Flip 2

Consider buying Alcatel TCL Flip 2 because it gives you over 6 hours of talk time, which can be helpful, especially in settings where you cannot find a charging port. The device screen is protected by a flip case which increases its durability.

Nokia 2760 Flip

Nokia 2760 has developed a design in a forw-cost handset for under $20. Amazingly, the device has a 5MP camera and inside-out screens and icludes a headphone jack and a Bluetooth handset to enjoy your favorite music.

The device has a swappable battery, which helps change the battery if it runs short of performance. The device charges on a C-type cable. This is helpful since most modern SIM-free phones have this cable type, and it would be easier to find one such line.


Network 4G
Battery standby time

Battery Talk time

18 days.

3.4 hours.

Screen 2.8 inches
Display 240 x 320 pixel
Camera 5MP
Dimensions 110 mm x 19.5 mm x 58 mm
Weight 136 g
Storage 4GB


Nokia 110 4G

Nokia 110 4G is another burner phone of Nokia available in yellow, cyan, and black color. Whichever color you choose, you will get a 4-G capable device. This ensures smooth sailing connectivity without any interruption in calls. The device has 48 Gb of memory, which is expandable with the help of a micro-SD card.


Network 4G

Stand by

Talk time


21.7 days

19.4 hours.

Screen 1.8 inches LCD
Camera 0.3 MP
Dimensions 121x50x14.5
Weight 75G
Storage 48 Gb + microSD

Alcatel 1

Alcatel 1 is a 4G Phone that comes at a pocket-friendly price. The device does not include fancy features like an iPhone, but you can always get 20 of these handsets for the cost of an iPhone. The device is handy and durable enough to last longer than expected.

The latest version is based on Android 11 “Go Edition,” which is designed for people who prefer using Pay as you go SIM cards. The YouTube App on the device offers low video quality, but this works best if you do not want to consume higher bandwidth.

The Camera is okay but doesn’t perform well on the QR codes.


Network 4G LTE

Standby time

Talk time


One day

4 hours

Screen 5-inch LCD
Camera 5MP + 2MP
Dimensions 138x 66 x 9.8 mm
Weight 134g
Storage 8Gb + microSD card.

Nokia 225 4G

Nokia has manufactured many older models to cater to its loyal customers. One of these launches includes the Nokia 225, a straightforward candy bar phone that combines practicality and affordability.

The device caters for 4G voice-over calls and holds a battery of 1150 mAh, long enough for your calling needs. The device has a headphone jack so you can listen to the music of your choice. Along with this, you also get to enjoy good quality games, including the snake game. The device even supports Facebook for casual browsing.


Network 4G
Battery standby time 16 days on 4G (24 days on 2G)
Battery talk time 6 hours on 4G (19h 2G)
Screen 2.4-inch 320 x 240 LCD
Camera 2MP
Dimensions 4.9 x 2 x 0.54 in
Storage microSD

Total by Verizon TCL 30 Z

TCL 30 Z is everything you expect from a budget-friendly smartphone. The MediaTek A22 processor hardly cuts the edge.

The device has 32 GB of usable storage, which can be extended with the help of a microSD card. Moreover, it also includes Android 12 OS, google assistant, and Face Unlock.

Apart from these features, it has amazing utility and is the ultimate burner phone that doesn’t abandon any of your needs. The device performs all the basic functions you might expect from a device.


Network 4G LTE
Battery standby time 510 Hours
Battery talk time 24 Hours
Screen 6.1-inch LCD
Camera 8 MP + 5 MP selfie Camera
Weight 182g
Storage 32 GB + Micro SD card.


iPhone 7 (Refurbished)

iPhone 7 was last released in 2016. Since then, the device has been in the limelight. Nonetheless, the device is compatible with the current operating system.

If you are less concerned about the initial investment and more worried about the functionality, iPhone 7 should be your choice. The device has a 4K camera, HDR front, & back, and optical stabilization.

The retina screen and IP67 water resistance make the device durable in the longer run. The feature of fingerprint feature enhances the security features of the newer face ID system.


Network 4G LTE
Battery standby time 40 hours
Battery talk time: 13 hours (3G)
Screen 750 x 1334 pixels 4.7-inch
Camera 12MP Main camera / 7MP Selfie camera
Dimensions 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm
Weight 138g
Storage: 32Gb / 128Gb / 256Gb versions

Easyfone Prime A6

As the name suggests, Easyfone Prime A6 could be your choice if you need a cell phone for the elderly. The large keys of the device and T3 text messaging letters are large enough for the elders to use the device without much of a problem.

The best thing about the easy-fone phone is that each button press speaks, reassuring the right press of buttons. The battery performance is not very excellent, but it works long enough to perform daily routine tasks.

To sum it up, a prime A6 can be your choice if you wish to ease the job of the elderly in using their handset effectively.

Moto G Pure

Moto G gives you all of a smartphone’s essential functions at a very economical price of 15$. It’s a 2021 model with 32 GB of storage, which can be extended using a microSD card. The device’s functions are backed by an octa-core processor that gets GPU assistance from the PowerVR, meaning you can play games without a problem.

You can use the camera to capture images and videos from the primary or selfie camera.


Network 4G LTE
Battery standby time 26 days
Battery talk time 30 hours
Screen 6.5-inch LCD 1600 x 720
Camera 13MP + 2MP + 5MP selfie camera
Dimensions 167.4 x 75.6 x 8.8 mm
Weight 188g (6.63oz)
Storage 32Gb + microSD

Nokia 8110

The Nokia 8110 is a follow-up to the Nokia 3310, which is available for around $70. The manufacturing of the Nokia 8110 was motivated by the nostalgic Nokia 3310, the most favorite product of the Nokia series.

The Nokia 8110 became famous from the Matrix movie, where the phone was used by an underworld criminal to communicate with the handlers in the real world.

The device is also called a Banana phone due to its curved shape. Nokia leaned into this with a remake, selling bright yellow and classic black versions.


Network 4G
Battery standby time 25 days
Battery talk time 7 hours
Screen 2.4-inch 320 x 240 LCD
Camera 2MP
Dimensions 133.5 x 49.3 x 14.9mm
Weight 117g
Storage: microSD

Bottom Line

Burner phones are durable yet disposable mobile devices that offer privacy and security to users who wish to keep their personal information and communication private.

While they have gained popularity among those who want to avoid tracking and surveillance, they can also be used for nefarious activities.

It is essential to understand the risks and limitations of using a burner phone and to use them responsibly.


What is a burner phone used for?

Burner phones are used for basic functionalities, including calls, texts, internet access, primary applications, and camera.

Is it legal to use a burner phone?

Yes, burner phones are legal to use. The most significant benefit of a burner phone is that it allows you to maintain digital privacy and anonymity.

What is an example of a burner phone?

A burner phone is only used for limited apps. People do not often log in to financial websites with sensitive data. For this reason, these burner phones are considered safe for privacy.

Can a burner phone be traced back to you?

Phone numbers used in the burner phones can also be traced back to their owners. Whether you use a virtual phone number, burner phone, or temporary Sim, your phone number can always be traced back.


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