best sim free phones under £150

Sleek, Affordable, and Unlocked: SIM-Free Phones Under £150


Modern phones are just perfect! It’s like carrying a minicomputer in your pocket that can be used whenever needed. Be it performing difficult mathematical calculations or looking at memories from years back. Modern phones can perform these tasks within the blink of an eye.

Technology has been improving with every passing year, and the most impactful advancement in technology is that it is getting cheaper. You no longer need to hand over sums of cash for your upgrade. All you need to do is choose eight Affordable phones that meet your functionality requirements.

Are you looking for the best sim-free phones under 150? Worry No More! We will reveal 8 phones that are under £150, so you can choose the one that best meets your requirements. You won’t get short of ideas for your new upgrade if you give a detailed read to the blog, make sure not to miss any part, so you do not run short of ideas.

Best SIM-Free Phones Under 150 in 2023

Picking the right budget phone isn’t easy in 2023; the phone market is diversified, and users are bombarded with many options. This leaves the customers confused when deciding. But not anymore!

Budget phones are easier to buy since you wouldn’t have to look for funding options to buy them. Visit your nearest store and pick up your phone whenever you have cash. Ready to jump into the list of best sim-free phones under 150 in the UK? Let’s Start!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a phablet follow-up to Note 3; at the time of its launch, the mobile was considered a premium product. However, its price has fallen, and it now comes into the category of budget phones. The phone has a 2K QHD screen, a speedy snapdragon 805 processor, and fast charging.

Note 4 Has an elegant metal design with an improved S-pen to support mobile functionality. The mobile also has a slot for removable microSD Card slot, which gives you the option to add additional space so you may store more content.  The bloatware on the handsets has also been significantly cut down, and the device offers overwhelming bundled apps.

The size of Note 4 is also ample to enhance user experience. Various functions of the device have improved with the new update to android 5.0 lollipop. Note 4 can be your inspiration if you are looking for a budget phone that can meet the requirements of a Phone.

iPhone SE (2022)

iPhone SE 2022 is the most affordable device of Apple that allows you to enjoy 5G connectivity. The phone is ideal for people. Using iPhone 8 and below models and looking for the best sim-free phones under 150 in the UK.

iPhone SE 2022 has a 15 Bionic chipset, an excellent camera with handy features, and extras like wireless charging and water resistance. iPhone SE 2022 can be seen as a great bargain in which you would be on the winning end.

The device is ideal for people who are fond of using small phones. The phone has 4.7 inches screen, which is suitable if you do not enjoy big screens. It couldn’t be your cup of tea if you prefer phones with big screens.

It has a single rear camera with a flash. The deep fusion and smart HDR 4 makes it a sought-after device among people who are fond of clicking. However, the camera lacks a night mode which could be problematic when capturing images at night.

Nokia 225 4G

The Nokia 225 has been launched with a new design; it is a great device where the classic meets the contemporary. Clearer Call quality, social media functioning, and multiplayer gaming are some of the notable perks of the new Nokia 225.

The device has dedicated function keys that take the typing game to a new level -with much better precision. The glassy hard-coated colors give a high-end finish to the device so your experience can be enhanced. The curve back, easy-grip edge, and long-lasting battery life combined make it the most helpful device in the list of best sim-free phones under 150.

With this device in your pocket, you will have access to essentials like Facebook, the famous snake game, and a built-in camera to give you a long-awaited upgrade. The phone supports 4G calling, which makes the audio quality clearer. The phone has the option of 14 different ringtones, so you can select the one that suits you – you also have the option of enjoying a traditional Nokia Ringtone, with much louder speakers this time.

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OnePlus Nord N20

One plus has created a budget phone that delivers where it matters most! The device has a 6.43 AMOLED display, 33 W fast charging, and a unique design that gives a competitive advantage in the dynamic market. The device has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G processor that makes the device process fast!

OnePlus Nord N20 comes with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of storage with an SD card Supported up to 512 GB. With this phone in your hand, you do not have to worry about running short of data storage. The battery life with this device is also optimal, a 4,500 mAh battery is installed.

The device runs on OxygenOS 11, which is based on Android 11. Although the device is a budget device, it still has functionalities like any other Smartphone, and this could be a great addition if you are looking for a budget upgrade.

Motorola Moto e

Motorola has launched a new E series to add smartphones to its budget series. The Motorola E is a substantial upgrade with a screen size of 6.2 inches with 720O and a teardrop notch. The device also has a rear fingerprint sensor which is an excellent addition to the budget series.

The device has a beefier processor, snapdragon 632, making the functionality smooth. Motorola E has a processor of 2GB RAM and 32 GB storage. The rear camera has been upgraded to a dual-lens system, with a 13-megapixel main lens and a 2-megapixel depth sensor. It is suitable for people looking for the best sim-free mobile phone under 150 with good camera quality.

The device runs on Android 10, which has the usual site of improvements. The device has customizable buttons and icons to enhance your experience. Play the games of your choice with fast speed and enhanced user experience.

Moto G fast

Moto G fast is an affordable phone that offers excellent performance, good battery life, and a near-stock version of Android 10 at a very reasonable price. It is a great performance device, making it a strong choice for mid-range value.

The G fast has attractive looks, with a moto G stylus. The device measures 6.37 by 2.98 inches. The moto G fast has a 16 MP rear Camera with an 8 MP ultrawide lens. The moto G fast is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset with 3GB of RAM.

The device has a solid battery of 4,000 mAh. In the battery rundown test, the device lasted for 14 hours with HD streaming over Wi-Fi. However, if you restrict your usage, the battery may last longer.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

Samsung Galaxy A32 is one of the best inexpensive android phones with 5G. The device has excellent battery life and solid performance backed by years of promise from the Samsung Brand. The phone has everything required to keep a user happy!

The device is a handsome phone with a plastic back panel that doesn’t look like a cheap handset! The device has a 6.5 inches display that is ideal for streaming content and watching your favorite Netflix shows on the go!

Though the slippery finish adds to the device’s beauty, you might damage the phone if you don’t have a cover installed.  The mobile has impressive results for 5G, with an average download speed of 141.9 Mbps and 42.8 Mbps upload speed.

The device has 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. If that’s not enough, you always have the option of installing an external SD card. The phone performs well, and the applications open quickly without lag. The initial boost-up process takes a bit longer. However, it is hardly noticeable.

Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel is among the best deals on sim-free mobile phones under 150. The phone indicates that you do not need to pay huge sums to enjoy a great phone. The device has earned a CNET editors’ choice award for the last year; this speaks volumes about the performance of the device.

Google Pixel 6 has a two-toned design and a black camera bar that stretches horizontally across the back of the phone. Moreover, it also has an OLED display that is colorful enough to make you watch the videos comfortably.

Pixel 6 has a 12-megapixel primary camera that gives an excellent field view and pixel width. Adding a tensor chip also brings great photography features to the device, which you won’t find in previous models of google pixel. The device can record 4K videos up to 60 Frames per second. If you are fond of using your camera, the google pixel 6 might be your choice.

How to Choose the Best SIM-Free Phone Under 150

The best SIM-free phone under 150 will not have everything covered; lower price means there will be elements that the phone lacks. What you need to do is focus on what matters most to you. For example, if you love to stream content, you need a budget phone with the excellent display quality. If you are a person who loves taking pictures, your focus should be on the Camera quality of the phone.

Some other factors that might matter to you include Excellent battery life, High refresh rate, faster processing, and 5G availability. Focus on the aspect that matters most to you. Screen size could be another essential consideration when choosing a budget phone. A bigger screen makes gaming and streaming more uncomplicated but carrying such a phone in your pocket will be hard.

Whatever the case is, once you have decided what you do and don’t, you can reflect on the above listing to find a phone that best meets your needs. These phones are time-tested with all the features, so you must be sure they are good enough.

Bottom Line

Being tight on budget and looking for the best mobile phone sim free under 150 looked like a difficult task, but not anymore! The Phone industry has diversified, and with new entrants entering the market each day, it has become easier to find budget phones under 150. The best thing about SIM-free Phones is that you won’t have to commit to one service provider and can switch the SIM whenever you need.

Buy A SIM-free phone, and you will have numerous SIM-Only-deals from various network providers. You can also sell a SIM-Free phone whenever you have to. However, you will have to look for a contract deal if you are short of cash. We won’t recommend this option for a budget phone since you will spend too much by the time your contract ends.


What phone can you get under 150?

The best phone you can under 150 include Motorola E, Motorola G fast, Nokia 225 4G, AGM M6, and Ulefone armor 6.  These are ideal budget phones due to their optimal performance and affordability.

What is a SIM-free Phone?

SSIM-free phones are the ones that do not come with a SIM card. These phones are unlocked so that you can use them with any network. SIM-free phones are ideal for people who want to avoid pairing with one service provider.

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