What Does it Mean Call is Waiting

Mobile Communication Simplified: What Does it Mean Call is Waiting?


The contemporary world heavily relies on establishing and maintaining smooth communication. Connecting through phone calls is acknowledged as the most effective form of communication allowing individuals to interact and share real-time information. However, relevant queries such as “What does it mean call is waiting?” often come across our minds while a call is kept on hold.

Essentially, Call Waiting is a nifty calling feature that allows a subscriber to receive a second call by putting the initial call on hold. Users can switch between two or more calls efficiently with the added option of merging them. This amenity significantly enhances user experience as individuals can manage incoming phone calls more systematically.

The Call Waiting feature unlocks new use cases such as:

  • The option of Call Waiting can be incorporated into VoIP devices, landlines, and smartphones.
  • Activating the Call Waiting feature allows subscribers to directly navigate a second incoming call to voicemail. The subscriber concerned can attend the second voice call after completing the initial call.
  • Users may choose to end the existing call directly to attend the second incoming call depending on the preference and priority.
  • Users may also place the current call on hold to attend the second incoming call. The option of navigating between calls is also made available.

According to research in 2022, a total of 202 billion call minutes were registered in the United Kingdom alone. With the growing need for improved calling services, the Call Waiting feature has gained tremendous popularity. 

Pairing Call Waiting with other benefits like Call Forwarding, Caller ID, and Call Routing can ensure a smooth transition between calls while simultaneously catering to different customers/individuals.

The Meaning of Call Waiting

Simply put, Call Waiting is an additional calling feature that assists people in managing phone calls proficiently. Every smartphone user is exposed to receiving multiple phone calls throughout the day. The Call Waiting option can be utilised when being held up on a long call while expecting another incoming call.

It ensures that subscribers do not miss out on any important calls. A distinct “Beep” alarm is rung when a supplementary incoming voice call is detected by the mobile device while being present on the current call. Users can now address the additional incoming call requirement according to their independent needs and choices.

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Call Waiting – Its Initiation

The telecommunication industry is driven by change, influenced by the advancement in the field of technology and innovation. Likewise, the Call Waiting feature was initially proposed in Northern America, way back in the early 1970s.

During this timeline, the electric PBX technology was released as well. This revolutionary innovation helped people to realise the potential and convenience of the Call Waiting feature. Soon, the demand for Call Waiting escalated as people and businesses worldwide wanted to adopt this solution to streamline communications.

The UK market was next to experience the benefit of Call Waiting with the launch of digital System 12, Alcatel E10, and Ericsson AX PBX systems. This technology is now incorporated in almost all modern-day mobile devices, contributing to improving subscriber interactions.

Do You Need to Activate Call Waiting?

Most smartphone brands equip Call Waiting as a default function. However, the aspect of activating Call Waiting amenities varies from one smartphone to another. Some mobile devices need a user to manually update phone settings to activate the Call Waiting feature.

To verify ensure to track your independent phone settings. Users may also choose to connect with their carrier service operators to avail more detailed information.

How Does Call Waiting Work?

The use and application of Call Waiting is straightforward. Individuals on a call are notified about a secondary incoming voice call. This notification is generally addressed as a “Beep” alarm, which can be easily detected by mobile phone users even while attending a live call.

Individuals who use a Caller ID will also be able to view the contact details of the secondary caller. Visual notifications can also be personalized according to the individual needs and requirements of the user.

Activating Call Waiting allows people to navigate through multiple phone calls efficiently. Users may also use the Call Forwarding feature to eliminate issues concerning missed calls. This added feature has helped businesses worldwide to increase conversion rates. 

The aspect of customer support has also significantly improved due to the introduction of Call Waiting. Moreover, this feature can be adopted by various communication tools such as landlines, smartphones, and VoIP devices.

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The Process of Activate Call Waiting

Now that we have addressed the fundamental question “What does it mean call is waiting?” let us learn more about the aspect of activating and availing the Call Waiting feature. As already specified, the Call Waiting amenities are generally equipped as default in the majority of modern-day devices. However, individuals who have yet to experience the privileges of Call Waiting can follow these simple steps:

A. Activating Call Waiting for Landline Users

Landline devices gained a lot of popularity in the 80s and 90s as they were easily accessible and offered affordable solutions to the general public. However, due to the immediate introduction of smartphones, the overall popularity of landlines gradually decreased.

Consequently, landline phones continue to remain relevant as the device is primarily used within the corporate sphere through which business transactions are initiated. Follow these simple steps to activate Call Waiting benefits for landline phones:

  • Step 1: Use your landline phone to connect with the respective landline operator. Enquire about a specific Call Waiting activation code which is usually *70.
  • Step 2: Dial the code and wait for a confirmation voice note stating the activation of the Call Waiting feature.
  • Step 3: Verify activation by trying to manage two or more phone calls at the same time.

Collaborate with the respective landline operator if Call Waiting fails.

B. Activating Call Waiting for iOS Users

Apple as a brand stands on top of the smartphone industry, manufacturing some of the finest models in the contemporary era. All iOS devices are enhanced and equipped with relevant features that enhance user experience. To effectively activate Call Waiting benefits for your iOS device be sure to follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Unlock your iPhone and navigate to the primary settings option.
  • Step 2: Scroll through and select the “Phone” option available under the Settings menu.
  • Step 3: Navigate and click on the “Call” option.
  • Step 4: Here you will be able to locate the “Call Waiting” option. Tap on the icon and toggle to activate.

C. Activating Call Waiting for Android Users

The Android market segment’s claim to fame was realised due to its easy accessibility and affordability. Android users must follow these simple steps to successfully activate the Call Waiting feature.

  • Step 1: Unlock your Android device and navigate to the primary Settings application.
  • Step 2: Select the “Apps” option and navigate to the “System App Settings” page.
  • Step 3: Under this banner, tap on the “Call Settings” option.
  • Step 4: Here you will be able to locate the “Call Waiting” feature. Select the key and toggle to activate.

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Hopefully, your query concerning “What does it mean call is waiting?” has been effectively addressed. To avail additional calling benefits be sure to select premium mobile operators that offer. Join hands with Talk Home Mobile offering the widest network coverage across the UK. Visit the official Talk Home Mobile website to learn more!


To avail Call Waiting benefits, smartphone users must update their primary call settings. Be sure to connect with your respective carrier support team to learn more.

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