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UK Regulator Ofcom Works Towards Sharing 6 GHz Spectrum for Wi-Fi and Mobile


The growing demand for uninterrupted mobile technology demands some revolutionary moves. For this, a lot has been going on in the domain of 6G technology. The demand has put a lot of pressure on the upper 6 GHz spectrum band, which is the focal point of mobile internet and Wi-Fi users. However, there is a heated debate about the exclusive use of bands for licensed mobile and Wi-Fi use.   

To tackle this issue, Ofcom has devised an alternative solution wherein Wi-Fi and mobile internet can be used through a concept termed ‘Hybrid Sharing’. The aim is to develop a design that allows us to utilize the spectrum in the best way. As the data traffic is growing day by day, this move 

To give you a clear picture, Ofcom describes hybrid sharing in two different ways-  

Indoor-Outdoor Split

The Wi-Fi routers are indoors and manage the broadband traffic in a particular area. On the other hand, the mobile transmitters are located outdoors, ensuring a wider coverage. In this way, both outdoor licensed mobile use as well as indoor Wi-Fi usage can be done simultaneously.  

Sharing Data Globally

Mobile data traffic is generally concentrated on a particular geographical area or site across mobile networks. Through hybrid sharing, you can use licensed mobile data and Wi-Fi sharing in different locations depending upon the need.  

A system of sharing 6G spectrum is being implemented to facilitate the coexistence of licensed mobile and Wi-Fi. Ofcom is open to receiving suggestions so that a sturdy mechanism can be designed to share the 6GHZ spectrum. A lot of international support is expected to create harmony in terms of hybrid sharing to scale up the economies.   

How Will Hybrid Sharing Help?

By designing a blueprint of hybrid sharing, we can achieve the goal of promoting coexistence and encouraging technical verticals, like dynamic sensing and databases, and harmonization of spectrum sharing at the global level to promote economic growth and development. 

Spectrum –What is It?

All the devices that work using the wireless network function using a spectrum. To make calls, all mobile networks use a spectrum band that allows people to make calls and browse the internet. Devices like baby monitors, televisions, wireless microphones, car key fobs, etc. use the spectrum to work efficiently.  

6G Technology – Immense Potential

With 6G technology, you can expect improved efficiency, mesh networking, integration with new IP, and, most importantly, the ability to tap the potential of free spectrum. 6G can transfer more data in less time and that too a smooth, uninterrupted connectivity with great bandwidth capacity.  

6G can be used in more data-intensive applications, such as healthcare, industrial, virtual reality, smart home applications, retail, and finance, etc. That’s why it is imperative to make the best use of the technology to make revolutionary changes. 

Spectrum management is very important as a wide array of businesses and industries work using the specified band. Hence, the band should be managed properly so that there is no interference amongst them.  

With immense interest in utilizing the true potential of 6G, the entire industry is looking forward to this move. UK regulator Ofcom is also open to receiving feedback and suggestions from stakeholders and industry participants.  

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