Broadband Service Cancellation Among Brits

Broadband Services are Better Than Ever – But Fails to Impress the General Audience!


According to recent reports shared by the Office of Communication [Ofcom], the fibre optic broadband service has significantly improved in the UK as around 97% of Brits have access to fast internet through the incorporation of this technology. Additionally, more than 73% of the target audience enjoys ultrafast internet with an estimated download speed reaching 1GBPS.

Northern Ireland has also benefited due to the enhancement in broadband services as 90% of the general population relish high-speed internet. However, the reports shared by Citizens Advice state otherwise. According to the Citizens Advice post, more than a million Brits preferred to disconnect their broadband services due to affordability issues in 2022.

The Key Contributor to this Trend

Fibre optics broadband service prices have been increasing steadily over the past few years due to the rising cost of living in the United Kingdom. The average rent payable in the UK has experienced an upsurge, compelling individuals to opt for more affordable internet solutions that offer additional flexibilities, compared to long-term broadband contracts.

Conventionally, fibre optics broadband services are issued in contractual form extending for 18 to 24 months. This subscription policy restricts Brits from maintaining complete financial independence. People are hesitant to lock into long commitments and prefer opting for temporary internet solutions at flexible prices.

When compared with other essential expenses such as rent, water, electricity, mortgages, and other taxes, navigating out of broadband payments is an easy decision to make. The rising trend of mobile data usage with the effective introduction of 5G technology, has gained a lot of momentum. However, cancelling broadband subscriptions is coupled with certain limitations.

The overall efficiency and frequency of maintaining communication are compromised as users struggle to take control of their rising phone bills. Broadband service providers have acknowledged these dynamic changes and have resorted to offering personalised solutions that effectively address the diverse requirements of every user within a defined budget.

Finding Affordable Broadband Solutions

Finding economic broadband services has never been easier as competition levels in the UK market have reached saturation. 

  • Affordable Broadband Deals

Due to the rising demands of internet consumption, fibre optics broadband service providers have employed more user-friendly pricing strategies offering monthly subscriptions ranging between £15-£20. 

Individuals can also opt for annual subscriptions as yearly plans are priced at a lower aggregate rate. Reviewing the market before making the final purchase decision becomes increasingly important to avail the best deals.

  • Using Social Tariffs on Broadband

The UK government offers Universal Credit benefits for individuals who fall under the low-income group. Similarly, people classified under the Universal Credit segment can capitalise on the provisions offered by broadband social tariffs.

Broadband social tariffs provide subsidised options to access fast internet benefits for a selected category of people backed with a wide range of choices. However, the majority of the people who qualify under this standard are unaware of the provisions offered. 

Therefore, individuals are requested to verify their Universal Credit eligibility status before paying a lump sum amount to fibre optics broadband service providers for the subscription. Conducting thorough research on broadband social tariffs allows interested users to avail detailed information about this benefit.

  • Exploring Mobile Broadband Options

Exploring mobile broadband options can be beneficial for users who are looking for a temporary solution. Collaborating with expert mobile operators that offer relevant services will give you access to a home router, capable of supporting 4G and 5G networks.

This option proves to be an ideal solution for households that have low internet frequency requirements. Individuals living in rental apartments may also benefit from the mobile broadband internet solution. The router provided can connect with multiple devices allowing every member of the household to effectively use the internet with absolute convenience.

Users must connect the router with a standard plug socket to enjoy internet benefits. The straightforward application of mobile broadband has helped it to gain a lot of popularity among general users. The solution eliminates the involvement of engineers as the process can be initiated by homeowners alone.

Additionally, mobile broadband services offer flexible solutions where users can pause subscriptions according to their independent preferences. The option of a monthly subscription is also made available to users across the UK.

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