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International Calling Guide: How to Make Cheap Calls to Middle East


When traveling or living abroad, being able to contact your family and friends is essential. It is the inherent human desire to connect and share his love for fellow human beings through communication channels. To fulfill this basic desire of humanity, telecoms have provided humankind with one of the most significant technological innovations. Network providers have eased our life by providing ways to make cheap international calls to the Middle, Africa, Asia, and nearly every corner of the world.

There are many ways through which people share ideas in the contemporary world. People from different ethnicities and cultures must be aware of the numerous alternatives accessible when making international calls, regardless of whether you can use an internet connection. There are various ways to stay connected globally, ranging from Access Numbers to Apps. 

Are you attempting to contact your loved ones in the Middle East but are unsure how to do so? Moreover, are you looking for ways to make the cheapest calls to your loved ones in the Middle East? If yes, you’ll enjoy the calling guide we’ve put up for you. In addition to this, our guide will also help you figure out the cheapest ways to make international calls to your loved ones and share your special moments with them. 

Let’s investigate cheap ways to call Middle Eastern countries. We will also discuss ways to make cheap international calls to the Middle East; we will go over step-by-step methods to help you comprehend Africa from the UK using whichever medium you like, from the best phone cards to call Africa to finding the most OK app to contact Africa. 

How to Call Middle East from the UK

Before proceeding with your call to any countries within the middle east, you need to dial 00 before the area code. This double-digit number is the UK exit code. Every country has an exit code to dial if you plan to connect with someone outside your country. 

Once you have entered the exit code for your country, the next step you need to do is to enter the country code you want to place an international call. For instance, if you plan to make an international call to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you must enter country code 971. By doing this, you will be directly transferred to Dubai. 

To make things simple, let us break down the method of calling a country in the Middle East. To get started with your first call to UAE, Oman, or any other country in the Middle East, follow these steps: 

  1. Dial 00 (the UK’s departure code); 00 xxx xx xxxxxxx 
  1. Enter the country code (for example, 973 for Bahrain); 00 973 xx xxxxxxx 
  1. Next, dial the area code (for example, 4 for Dubai); 00 9734 xxxxxxx 
  1. Finally, call 00 9734 1234567 (this is a seven-digit number). 

For example, if you dialed 00 254 20 1234567 to reach someone in Dubai, your dialed number would be 00 973 4 1234567. Direct calling incurs high per-minute calling charges, making this way of international calling extremely expensive for the caller.

Country Codes for Middle East

Below is the list; we have updated the different country codes for those planning to make an international call to the middle eastern countries. You can use these country codes to call various countries in the Middle East from anywhere. 

Country Name Code 
Bahrain 973 
Cyprus 357 
Egypt 20 
Iran 98 
Iraq 964 
Israel 972 
Jordan 962 
Kuwait 965 
Lebanon 961 
Oman 968 
Palestine 970 
Qatar 974 
Saudi Arabia 966 
The Syrian Arab Republic 963 
Turkey 90 
The United Arab Emirates 971 
Yemen 967 


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Make Cheap International Calls to the Middle East with Talk Home Calling Cards

Many businesses and sellers provide international calling cards that allow you to phone home for a given number of minutes for a set amount of money. These appear to be good value at first glance, as the advertised costs are usually significantly lower than landline or mobile alternatives. 

Unfortunately, many firms levy various hidden fees for calls, such as excessive connection and termination fees, which means that your £10 call card only provides you a fraction of the call time you paid for. This is where Talk Home Calling Card comes into play. Talk Home Calling Cards allow users to enjoy cheap, high-quality, and uninterrupted calls worldwide with no hidden charges at play. 

Each month, over 12M people connect with their loved ones through Talk Home Calling Card and trust the brand for their international calling needs. 

Make Cheap International Calls to the Middle East with Talk Home App

On the other hand, people choose to use more convenient and less expensive calling alternatives, such as a VoIP app. Customers must understand their requirements and expectations from their decision before selecting the most acceptable choice for contacting abroad. Whatever option you choose, make sure it is practical. 

To help residents of the UK make cheap international calls to Middle Eastern countries, the best VoIP app called Talk Home App allows users to make cheap international calls. Moreover, the Talk Home App is also an ideal suit for those who find it inconvenient to dial access codes and PINs before each call. 

In simple terms, the Talk Home App is one of the most excellent apps for calling the Middle East and sharing your moment of joy with your loved ones. Download the Talk Home App from the App Store or Google Play Store and escape the hassle of buying calling cards completely.

Create an account with the Talk Home App and start making low-cost calls and sending instant messages to any number in the world, whether mobile or landline. You can also subscribe to one of our flexible bundles or top up your credit to begin making international calls.

Calling Rates for Dubai – Talk Home

You can pay per minute/SMS or subscribe to a subscription plan that includes free minutes/SMS bundles. Always double-check the rates for the country you’re calling. 

For example, if you want to contact your family in the United Arab Emirates, the cost is: 

  1. A landline number costs 15c per minute, whereas a mobile number costs 15c per minute. 

Calling packages to UAE, for example, from the United Kingdom, include: 

  1. For £10, you get 50 minutes (valid for 14 days), and for £20, you get 120 minutes (good for 30 days). 

The charge for SMS would be 10c for each SMS. Moreover, Talk Home App appreciates you signing up on our app and gives £1 as starting credit for new signups. Download the app and claim your reward right now. 

Before calling, double-check that you know the access number you need to dial. Finally, make sure you know your card’s PIN. To make a call with Talk Home calling cards, follow these steps: 

  1. Pick up the phone and dial the access number you want to call from. 
  1. Enter the PIN that came with the calling card 
  1. Dial the number as if you were calling directly, i.e., 00 + country code + area code + phone number. 

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Make Cheap International Calls to the Middle East with Talk Home Mobile Sim

Are you a sage who believes that smartphones are a lethal mix of witchcraft and wizardry? Isn’t the tale of Nokia the only genuine unbreakable phone? Then you should be aware that with enormous power comes great responsibility and the technical inability to access the internet. 

Suppose you’re using an old phone that doesn’t have internet access. Then rest assured that the Talk Home family is concerned about you and offers another way for you to join the Talk Home family. 

Without downloading any apps, the Talk Home Mobile SIM card uses MVNO technology to provide you with the best international call and texting rates. Acquire or purchase your free SIM card from a shop. When it comes, top it up with a credit card, a voucher, or PayPal and start dialing. 

You can either pay as you go or subscribe to a variety of flexible bundle plans that best suit your needs. 


Finally, suppose you ever need to make a cheap call to the Middle East from anywhere on the planet. In that case, our guide to calling Africa is inexpensive and convenient, and it can supply you with all the information you require. As a result, if you want to learn more about how international calling works, the International Calling Guide can teach you everything you need to know!  

Whatever you like, the Talk Home family has everything covered for you. Join its family and get the most flexible and affordable international calling and messaging rates. Whether you want to connect using a calling card or looking for ways to make a cheap international call to the Middle East using your mobile phone, Talk Home has plenty of options to cater to your needs. 

Never miss a moment of joy from your loved ones in the Middle East and stay connected with them. Use the Talk Home App, Sim card, or calling card to fulfill all your communication needs. Your loved ones might be miles apart, but they are only seconds away – only with Talk Home. 


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