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Everything You Need to Know About UK Solo Travelling


Well. We all have been there! Planning a trip for days with your best friends and cancelling it at the last moment since your friend recently got covid.

And now you’re looking for the best places in the UK to travel solo since all the finances have been made. Trust us: you’re not alone in it.

Statistics from all corners indicate a rise in people’s desire to travel solo. As per Statista, 15% of travellers on average from all age groups in the UK took a solo trip in 2018. Overall, an increase of 131% has been seen between 2016 and 2019 in the online Google Searches for Solo Travel.

Not just millennials, solo travellers of all ages are now forcing travel agencies to think differently.

Now that we have made our point, let’s cut to the chase and highlight some of the reasons why solo tourists should pick the UK for their adventures. Not only if you are looking for the best places in the UK to travel solo but also get information about the few least discovered places in the UK.

Why is the UK Best Place for Solo Travellers? 🧳

People from all corners of the world need not look further than the United Kingdom because it literally has so much to offer. In addition to excellent transport services and picturesque spots, the crime rates are extremely low, making it the perfect destination for solo travel.

Safety & Commuting 🚘

The firearms laws are stricter here if you compare them to the United States; therefore, the crime rates are lower. On top of that, an extensive train network covers most parts of the kingdom, which makes it easier for tourists to commute.

Accommodation 🛌

If you’re already living in the UK, you would know that there are all kinds of hotels, from affordable ones to luxury boutiques, almost everywhere.

Being tight on the budget isn’t a problem either because you’ll find many countrysides where you can just pitch a tent to enjoy the scenery and the landscape.

Food 🍲

Eating out is affordable and easy, with many takeaways, hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes offering an extensive range of food items.

10 Best Places for UK Solo Travelling

So, if you’re looking forward to having a liberating experience and searching for the best places in the UK to travel solo, then check out our top 10 picks.

1. Lake District

As far as the picturesque views go, not many places in the world, let alone the UK, can compete with the Lake District. It is one of the best places in the UK to travel solo if you’re also an adventurer. The stunning lakes and captivating scenery are worth dying for.

The region is also home to the highest mountain in England, the Scafell Pike. So, it gives you all the more reason to spend your day mountain biking, climbing and hiking before you call it a day at a local English pub.

You can also spend your day on the side of a little slice of heaven called Lake Windermere, wandering lonely as a cloud.

2. Cornwall

Planning to bring a surfing board on a road trip? If yes, then Cornwall is the perfect place for you. It is home to many awe-inspiring beaches and has a coastline that spreads for miles, more than 400 to be exact.

Visit Porthgwidden if you just want to relax or need a mental recharge. It is one of the few quieter beaches and has plenty of perfect picnic spots.

Come summer, and you will find Cornwall bustling with tourists, not just because it is home to many beaches and adventurous caves but also because St. Ives has more than 30 local art galleries and shops that art freaks love to visit.

The place is captivating enough to grab the attention of many artists, including Henry Moore, Turner, and Barbara Hepworth.

If you ever visit this beautiful place, be sure to pay a visit to the only beach bar in the UK, The Watering Hole.

3. Cotswolds

Cotswolds is a cluster of villages, which makes it the perfect place for UK solo travellers who want to immerse themselves in the serenity of the countryside.

It spreads over six counties, so the best way to explore this part of south-central England will be by car. Furthermore, there are literally so many local food items to try that you can eat your way around the villages.

4. Dublin

Dublin is by far the easiest city to explore alone. In addition to having the friendliest locals, the city is filled with many historic sites and quaint attractions. Plus, you will love visiting the Guinness Storehouse and wandering around Trinity College.

While you’re there, be sure to visit a local pub and get a taste of the traditional Irish ale to complete your visit to this historic Irish city.

5. Norfolk

The fact that Norfolk is surrounded by water and is seafood heaven makes it a prime location to visit for solo travellers. What we mean is, can you think of a better way to get some peace and quiet than basking in the sun with waves lapping just around the corner?

You can also visit the Chrysler Museum of Art and Glass or walk along the Elizabeth River Trail.

6. London

It’s hard to leave London out of any blog post on the best places to visit in the UK. Although, given the fact that it is the capital of England and therefore seems impossible to explore alone without a London travel guide, there are plenty of things for the lone wolves to do here.

The city’s restaurants are tailor-made for UK solo travellers. You can walk into any restaurant and ask for a table for one without worrying about any pitying eyes staring at you.

You can also stroll into one of London’s museums or shop until you drop at Oxford Street.

7. Glasgow

Glasgow is famous for its Victorian buildings and gothic architecture. You can take a tour of the Kelvingrove museum and Glasgow Cathedral to take a peek into the city’s rich history.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you should visit Glasgow University because this is where the legendary film series was filmed.

8. Edinburgh

Safety will be on top of any traveller’s priority list. Therefore, you will be happy to learn that the low crime rates of Edinburgh make it the safest place for UK solo travellers to visit.

The capital of Scotland is home to so many historical castles and popular museums that most tourists don’t have enough time to see everything worth seeing. Furthermore, the city’s streets have enough bars, restaurants and cafes to last a lifetime.

9. Bristol

The tourists can’t just get enough of Bristol. The impressive street art and an abundance of food choices make it a truly vibrant city. In fact, the city is so amazing that we’ll go as far as to say that visiting Bristol is just as pleasurable as visiting London.

You don’t think so? Come August and become a part of the International Balloon Fiesta to see how enchanting and colourful Bristol is.

10. Brighton

Brighton is one of the best places for UK solo travellers to visit. It has many quirky shops, buzzing nightlife, winding lanes, live music, and a beach that rivals any across the world.

If you’re already there, don’t forget to head down to the seaside and have some fish and chips on the pier.

Is UK Solo Travel Safe?

We believe travelling solo to the UK is perfectly safe as long as you use your own wits and adhere to the steps listed in the section below this one.

Travel and Safety Tips for UK Solo Travelling

Are you travelling solo for the first time in your life and feeling anxious? Well, you need not worry because there are some concrete steps you can take to ensure your safety.

1. Be Safe Before You Leave 🎒

Even though all the destinations recommended in this blog are perfectly safe to visit alone, it is a fact that we all have our own perceptions about safety. Therefore, you should ensure that your personal safety needs meet the safety levels of the place you choose to visit.

2. Make Sure You Get There During the Day 🌇

No matter which destinations you choose to visit, make sure you arrive there during the day. The broad daylight will give you a better view and perspective of the area you will be living in.

Furthermore, arriving early will give you enough time to make other arrangements if you don’t like your accommodation.

3. Figure Out How You’re Going to Get to Your Hotel 🏨

Figuring out how you will get to your hotel before landing is crucial. Especially if you’re visiting a place you’re unfamiliar with and if you don’t speak the local language.

Therefore, if you ever decide to embark on a UK solo travelling adventure, you must figure out how the transit system in the area works beforehand.

Furthermore, you should avoid taking local transport and grab a taxi if your flight gets delayed.

4. Purchase a Local SIM Card 📶

You may not need a new SIM card if you are a local, but you will need a local SIM card to stay in touch with your family and friends back at home if you are a foreigner.

So, if it’s your visit to the UK, make sure you head directly to the local phone shop as soon as you jump off the plane or order a SIM card a day before you commute.



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  • + 15 GBGet double data for first month

5. Develop Strong Navigational Skills 🤔

You need to have strong navigational skills to avoid wandering into any dodgy area during your visit. Therefore, you should visit a different part of your hometown and try to get back home just to put your skills to the test.

6. Party Safe 🦺

You must not get carried away with the new environment, especially when you go out with your new friends for drinks. You need to be aware of the alcohol measurements before consuming your favourite poison because they vary from country to country.

7. Get Travel Insurance 📜

Whether you are solo backpacking around the UK for three months or on a 3-day trip to London, getting travel insurance is an absolute must. It will protect you from unforeseen events like unexpected evacuation and medical expenses.

Make sure you read our guide to travel insurance to learn how to choose the best overseas insurance plan for yourself. You wouldn’t want to head back home with hefty medical bills in your pocket now, would you?

8. Share Your Travel Plans with Your Loved Ones 💖

Share details of your planned activities and hotel reservation information with your family and friends back home. Furthermore, it would be best to let the staff know where you are headed next before checking out of the hotel.

What to Wear in the UK at any Time of the Year?

All group and solo travellers should adhere to the following clothing instructions if they are planning to visit the UK for holidays. Here is a guideline for clothes you should wear while travelling to the above-mentioned best places in the UK to travel solo.

1. Clothes 👕

You can strip down to just a t-shirt on any good day in the UK. However, you need to make sure that you have additional layers to cover up if the temperature plummets. Furthermore, no matter what season it is, you must pack at least one coat in your bag.

However, be careful not to pack a warm and heavy coat for the summer season, but it should be warm enough to save you from the evening chills.

2. Shoes 👞

When it comes to shoes, comfort is the key for both males and females. Embarking on a UK solo travelling adventure can sometimes mean walking for miles. Therefore, the last thing you would want is to have blisters on your feet.

Consider bringing something with elevation to cater to the wet conditions. While it is fine to wear something as simple as tennis shoes in the summer, you should bring mid-calf boots in winter.

Final Thoughts 💭

When people travel in groups, they spend most of their time planning or talking about what they will do next, but when you travel alone, you instantly become more flexible and present. Hopefully, this UK solo travelling guide will give you all the inspiration you need to embark on a journey worth remembering and give you all the information about the best places in the UK to travel solo.

Keep visiting our blog more frequently to read more informative posts like this.



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