3GB of Data

3GB of Data: Everything you Need to Know


In the current times, most of us own a smartphone through which we use the internet for different activities like connecting to our loved ones, browsing web pages, scrolling social media, streaming videos, playing games, and many more.

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According to Statista, during the year 2023, global smartphone users are going to hit 6.8 billion. From the year 2016 to 2023, smartphone users worldwide increased by an average of 9.5% every year. However, the most significant growth was seen in 2017, when smartphone users grew rapidly at 20.9%.

Average Data Used by a Smartphone User

The quantity of internet consumed by an average user every month in 2021 is 5.6GB, says Ofcom’s Communications Market Report 2022. This data shows the internet consumed in the year 2021, which is a whopping 24% more than the 4.5GB used every month in 2020.

Combined with the ever-increasing mobile commerce growth, enhanced availability of 5G, and a consistently increasing data demand of users as well as the software, we can expect normal usage to grow exponentially.

With the numbers changing erratically, knowing how much internet is enough for you and how much others are using is essential. In this blog, we will discuss 3GB of data, how much is 3GB of data, how many hours it will take to eat up 3GB of data while performing different activities, and whether it is enough for an average user or not.

How Much is 3Gb of Data?

As mentioned in the Ofcom’s 2022 report, an average person uses around 5.6GBs each month. So, asking an average user to suffice with a 3GB data bundle would be too much. Still, a 3GB mobile data bundle isn’t less considering that most of us also connect to Wi-Fi at offices, homes, cafes, etc.

However, considering the modern-day use, ever-growing needs, and reliance on smartphones, people may not be attracted to 3GB of data. The reason is that they can easily avail SIM plans offering much more like 15GB, 20GB, 80GB, or even unlimited.

Even with all the factors combined, you still cannot count off 3GB of data. Afterall, it brings in the affordability factor, stays with you while you are on the go, and could be the ideal plan based on your needs.

How long does 3GB of data last?

Before we go into the detail of how long 3GB of data will last, let’s figure out how much MBs and GBs normal tasks consume every hour.

Note: Approximately 1,000MBs makeup 1GB.

Activity Data consumption
Browsing the internet 60MB per hour
Listening to music Spotify

10.8MB per hour (24kbps)

43.2MB per hour (96kbps)

72MB per hour (160kbps)

144MB per hour (320kbps)

Watching Netflix 1GB per hour (standard definition)

3GB per hour (HD)

Watching YouTube videos 1.56GB per hour (1080p)

2.7GB per hour (4K)

Browsing social media 90MB per hour (scrolling)

156MB per hour (interacting)

Using Skype / FaceTime Skype

270MB per hour



180MB per hour


From the data above, it is evident that content/video streaming consumes most data compared to others. Regarding the audio content, you can save a lot of data while listening to it at a lower quality.

Browsing the internet, searching for different things, or scrolling social media aren’t considered data-intensive activities unless and until you don’t watch too many videos. You can perform these activities for quite a while without worrying about quick data exhaustion.

Video call/chatting also doesn’t eat up as much data per hour as people think. However, it will add up if you keep going and use it non-stop to stay connected with your loved ones. And your data bundle is gone before you think.

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How long will 3GB of data last (on an hourly basis)?

From the table above, we’ve come to know how much data most common online activities consume. Let’s see how long these activities will last on a smartphone with 3GB of data.

Activity Time duration with 3GB*
Browsing the internet 50 hours
Listening to music Spotify

277 hours (24kbps)

69 hours (96kbps)

41.6 hours (160kbps)

20.8 hours (320kbps)

Watching Netflix 3 hours (standard definition)

1 hour (HD)

Watching YouTube videos 1.9 hours (1080p)

1 hour (4K)

Browsing social media 33 hours (scrolling)

19 hours (interacting)

Using Skype / FaceTime Skype

11 hours



16.6 hours


All calculations are based on data consumption values mentioned in the previous table. The estimates in the above table show that you perform many of your favourite activities with 3GB of data/3000MB.

Is 3Gb of data a lot?

As seen in the table, you can enjoy your favourite movies or shows on Netflix for 3 hours in Standard Definition and watch YouTube videos for between 1-2 hours based on the resolution. However, this is the limit for video streaming in a month when you subscribe to a data package of 3G.

Considering the ever-increasing streaming habits of internet users and that there are between 720-744 hours in a month, subscribing to a 3GB of data bundle in the current times isn’t a great idea (for most users). However, this quantity of data lets you scroll social media for more than 24 hours, non-stop.

Moreover, you can browse the web for two days without stoppages. Although it seems a little complicated as no one has the capacity to search on the web for two complete days without any breaks.

When it comes to streaming audio content, 3GB of data stays with you for a long time. You can save your data if you play the audio or music files in lower quality. If you are sensible and use your data pack of 3GB carefully, you may stretch the bundle to last for a month. However, you’d have to be very cautious.

Is 3GB of data enough for me?

Considering factors like over-reliance on smartphones for daily activities, ever-increasing 5G network, and growth of mobile commerce, we can safely say that 3GB of data isn’t enough for a modern-day user.

The reason is that nowadays, people stream a lot of content, play games, connect with others, and do so much more using their mobiles. So, 3GB bundle isn’t enough for those relying solely on mobile data.

As it falls in the small data bundles, 3GB of data is ideal for people who:

  • Stream audio content occasionally (in low quality).
  • Search for different things on the internet using mobile data.
  • Make video calls to others sometimes to stay connected.
  • Scroll social media regularly (but don’t watch videos)

Want a clear-cut answer to “is 3GB of data enough for me”? Well, honestly, it isn’t enough and considering the modern standards, you may require much more for an entire month unless you connect to the Wi-Fi at the office or home.

Stay connected to your loved ones.

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Silver Plan

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Gold Plan

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Platinum Plan

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You get 150 GBs of enhanced 4G connectivity in the UK without throttling and capping. Add to that unlimited calling minutes, texts, locked-in UK prices for 2023, and roam free in most of Europe with no additional charges.

With Platinum Plan, you can stream your favourite movies and TV shows on Netflix and Amazon etc., watch videos on YouTube and other social media websites, play games, interact non-stop with your loved ones through video calls, phone minutes, & texts, and do so much more.

Final words

In today’s world, when smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, we spend most of our time doing different kinds of stuff on smartphones connected to the internet. Considering the daily data burnout, it is safe to say that 3GB of data for a month isn’t enough for most users.

Users cannot do even half the activities on apps and online with this monthly allocated data and are always worried about data running out. If you don’t want to throw all your data worries down the drain, explore Talk Home’s Monthly and PAYG plans for faster data and more savings.

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