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International Calls Handbook: How to Call Pakistan from Abroad


We want to make staying connected with your loved ones as easy as possible, so we’ve put together an International Calls Handbook on all you need to know about making International Calls with Talk Home.

Find out how to call Pakistan with Talk Home below!

Country Code for Pakistan: +92

To make your calls easier, you can find a full list of area codes for Pakistan at the end of this post

How to Call Pakistan Using Your Mobile Phone

Step 1
You’ll need to dial the UK international access code 00.

Step 2
Then enter the Pakistan country code, +92.

Step 3
Finally, dial the area code before entering the phone number, don’t forget the area code is 2 digits, and the phone number will be 10 digits.

Calling Pakistan with Talk Home Mobile

Talk Home offers the best way to stay connected to the ones you loved ones wherever they are in the world. Our plans allow you to make international calls to other mobiles and landlines on a clear connection.

To get started with Talk Home Mobile, all you need to do is

  1. Order your free SIM card
  2. Sit back and wait for your sim to arrive!
  3. Top up your balance or select your international plan for Pakistan

Cheap Calls to Pakistan with Talk Home App

You can also use Talk Home App to text and call other Talk Home users for free.

  1. Download Talk Home App from the App Store, Microsoft or Google Play Store.
  2. Register with Talk Home using your mobile number and email
  3. Make worldwide app-to-app calls and instant messages for free using WiFi/3G/4G!

Or you can make low-cost calls and instant messages by topping up your balance! Don’t forget when you download Talk Home app, you’ll receive a £1 free credit.

The Cheapest Calling Rates to Pakistan

If you have many family and friends in Pakistan, you may choose to select one of our international plans, so you don’t pay per minute, where you receive minutes, texts and data to use for 30 days with no contracts and no borders!

At Talk Home, there are no borders. If you do not want to opt into a plan, we offer you the best International Rates where you can:

  1. pay per minute/SMS,
  2. check the rates for the country you’re trying to call – to call Pakistan with Talk Home it’ll cost you 1p/min from both landline and mobile and 19p per SMS.

Calling Pakistan 101: Major Area Codes

City Area Code City Area Code
Gujrat 053 Multan 061
Quetta 081 Bhakkar 0453
Rajanpur 0604 Changai 0825
Jaffarabad / Nasirabad 0838 Kyber / Mohmand Agy 0924
Tank 0963


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