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Introducing My THM: The New Way to do Mobile


We are ecstatic today to be presenting a new way to manage your Talk Home Mobile account. A completely reimagined experience that’s instantly available, amazingly simple, and shockingly powerful.

With the power-packed My THM App, you can do everything in one place with just a few taps.

My THM app will allow all our customers to top-up, buy a plan, activate their SIM, access in-app customer support, avail of exclusive discounts, and do lots more, on the go.

Download for iOS from the App Store or for Android from the Play Store to experience unlimited connectivity and ease.

🥳 Explore Our Brand New My THM App

It’s fast, super-smart, sleek, and beautifully designed. Above all, it’s convenient and gives you control in the palm of your hand.

Let’s give you a tour of the all-new My THM App.

🚚 Instant SIM Order

Don’t have a Talk Home SIM? You are missing out on a lot. Be a part of Talk Home family by ordering your new Talk Home SIM within the app.

By ordering a free SIM card, you will enjoy Talk Home’s enhanced network, the most affordable SIM-only deals, data bundles, and other amazing benefits. Your free SIM will be delivered to your doorstep the next working day.

Moreover, you can discover budget-friendly PAYG and Monthly Plans designed to give you complete freedom and unlimited connectivity.


📞 Great-Value Plans

Another notable feature that lets My THM stand out from the crowd is its SIM-only deals. Talk Home’s all-around SIM-only deals promise our users incredible value and flexibility. These plans don’t come with last-minute surprises, and users aren’t bound by any long-term contracts.

With the My THM App on your phone, now you can explore these deals on the go and buy any bundle based on your usage preferences. We have packages ranging from 1 penny per minute, SMS, and MB of data to unlimited usage.

Navigate through a range of affordable PAYG, Monthly, Data, or International plans and buy your favorite instantly.

THM Great Value Plans

💸 Instant Top-up

One of the best and most user-friendly features is that you can top up your accounts whenever needed.

This faster, simpler, and fuss-free feature liberates our customers from the annoyance of credit running out or calls getting disconnected.

Just select the amount you want to top up and confirm. Your account balance is updated, and you’ll get a notification instantly, thanks to our real-time account updates.

THM Instant Top-up

🕐 Real-time Updates

With the My THM App, we’ve taken real-time updates up a notch. Users can now get real-time updates regarding their usage. Your remaining minutes, SMS, and data are all easily viewable on the home screen.

You’ll also get an update if your data or call package is about to exhaust.

Real-time analytics brings transparency, and enhanced service, and gives users a clear picture of their accounts. Moreover, live data visualization enables them to make better and faster decisions.

THM Realtime Updates

🎁 Exclusive Discounts

Want to enjoy exclusive discounts and special offers? We’ve got you covered. Apart from the already budget-friendly PAYG plans and monthly offers on our website and app, we often roll out exclusive discounts for our loyal customers.

Most of these are limited-time offers. So, with the new My THM App on your phone, you can now subscribe to our exclusive deals and enjoy gift offers instantly before time runs out.

THM Discounts

👨‍👩‍👦 Manage Multiple Accounts

The feature lets you add multiple numbers in the My THM App and manage them simultaneously. Apart from verifying your records, like credit checks, remaining items, and package plans, you can quickly check the status of your friend’s and family’s numbers.

The multiple account management facility helps to keep an eye on the details of others’ accounts like the credit, their subscriptions, and history. You can also activate new bundles on their number – be it PAYG or monthly plans – gift them top-up, check remaining items, and do much more.

THM Multiple Account Management

👆 Your Subscriptions

With My THM App, you can quickly glance at all the crucial information, like your subscriptions, on one screen. It includes your current plan, account credit, minutes, texts, data consumption, and history. You can also see the credit and package expiry date.

Here, you can explore a range of packages and other friendly offers updated regularly to meet the ever-changing needs of our clientele. You’ll also get updates regarding the offers that best suit your usage pattern.

THM Subscriptions

😁 Auto Top-up & Renew

We know how frustrating it is when your calls get disconnected due to insufficient credit or your favorite show is cut short owing to data bundle exhaustion. This is where our automation comes to your rescue.

Now, you can say goodbye to such worries forever with our Auto Top-up & Renew option. To enable this feature with just a few taps, enter settings, choose your credit threshold or your preferred bundle for auto subscription, and enjoy unlimited connectivity.

THM Auto Top-up

💳 Payment Methods

We’ve developed this app to give you flexibility, freedom, and convenience. The same goes for payments. When making quick payments for services through our app, you can choose from multiple payment methods, like PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard.

Link your credit or debit card with the My THM App and pay directly from your bank account for top-ups and in-app purchases. You can also pay from an in-app account.

Moreover, topping up your in-app account is easy as a breeze. All payments made through the My THM App are secure, and your bank and card details are safe with us.

THM Payment Methods

🙋‍♀️In-App Customer Support

Excellent customer support has been Talk Home’s hallmark since its inception. All My THM App users will enjoy enhanced and preferred customer support.

Providing our users with a feature-rich app that does it all wasn’t just enough. To give them an enhanced customer experience, we’ve dedicated a section of our customer support for only the app users.

Get in touch with our super-friendly customer care, through our in-app customer support feature, for instant help in case of any confusion, query, or complaint. Be it the billing, usage query, or anything else; our vetted and trained staff will assist you in the best possible way.

THM Customer Support

⌚ Register Instantly

We know how it feels when the registration process is complicated and involves many unnecessary steps. The new My THM App is different. We’ve simplified and shortened it for your convenience.

Create an account on your phone in less than a minute and be a part of Talk Home’s ever-growing family. To get started, just enter your name, email address, your Talk Home number, create and confirm your password, and you are all done. We’ll send an OTP to verify your credentials.

If you don’t have a Talk Home SIM, we’ve got you covered. You can order it in the first step of the Sign-Up process.

THM Easy Sign-up

😁 Final Say

The all-new My THM App is delightful, gives more control over your accounts, and liberates you from multiple worries faced earlier. This ultra-modern app is a fantastic combo of convenience, user-friendly interface, and security.

It lets you do many things with your fingertips, like calling, texting, sending international mobile top-ups, transferring credit, subscribing to our low-cost packages, and so much more.

All in all, our aim with this futuristic and feature-loaded app is to empower our customers and make them feel satisfied and more in control.

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