30GB of data

30GB of data: How Much is it, and How Long Does it Last?


We all rely on the internet for our social connectivity, which has become an essential part of our daily life. Most often, our phone is connected to Wi-fi routers, and we keep consuming the data without being bothered about heavy consumption.

Being a heavy user is not bad, but it can turn into your worst nightmare if you rely on mobile data with limited GBs. Your habit of heavy consumption will drain all your GBs, and you will have the monthly GBs finished within two weeks.

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Say your network provider has given you 30 GB of data, and you wonder how long it will last. The short answer to this question is that it depends on your usage. This blog will educate you on how long 30 GB of data would last and what you can do with this data.

So, without further due, let’s jump straight to the blog content so that you do not run short of data for the next whole!

How much is 30GB of data?

You might be wondering, Is 30Gb of data a lot? Well, 30 GB of data is ample to consume in a month. Most people can only use 15-20 GB in a month. Whether this data plan is sufficient for you or nods at your usage and how frequently you watch the long form of movies, such as movies and seasons.

Factors that determine if 30 GB of Data is sufficient for you or not are listed below:

  • Do you spend most of your time outside your home? -Not being connected to an open network or a home router increases your data consumption.
  • Do you watch videos more frequently or stream content on the go? -too much video consumption will drain the data more frequently
  • Do you use the internet while you are on your vacation?

If all the above questions were a yes, a 30 GB data plan would work best for you. You may need additional data if you are fond of traveling and streaming. Wondering how long your 30 Gb data will last? We have that covered in detail.

How long does 30GB of data last?

How long does 30Gb of data last depend on your daily internet activities. You still need to do certain things even when you are not connected to a Wi-Fi router. Such as browsing, watching online videos, or calling a friend on the internet.

We have listed a table below to give you a better idea of what every activity takes from your data plan.

Activity Data Consumption
Browsing the Internet 60 MBs per Hour
Music Spotify

10.8MB per hour (24kbps)

Watching Netflix 1 GB per Hour (Standard)

3 GB per hour (HD)

Watching YouTube Videos 1.56 GB per hour
Using Skype 270 MB per hour
Using Facetime 180 MB per hour
Browsing social media 90 MB per hour (Scrolling)

180 MB per hour (Interacting)

What did you get out of the above table? Well, video platforms consume more data compared to other activities. Thus, if you mostly rely on routine activities such as messaging and browsing, 30 GB of data will be more than enough for you.

30 GB data means 30,000 MBs, and an average month has 720 hours. To calculate the exact time, you can add the duration for every activity and data consumption. This will give you an idea of how much you would consume in a day, and you can calculate the monthly consumption by multiplying it by thirty.

Reduce your Data Usage?

Data usage means the amount of data your phone consumes when downloading or uploading something. Several steps can help you reduce your data usage so that you don’t run out of your 30 GB of data.

Use Fewer Data with Saver Mode

The latest Android versions allow you to save data while performing your routine activities. To turn on data saver mode, you need to go to your device’s settings and navigate to network settings. You can locate the internet option to turn on the data saver mode.

Check your Mobile Data Usage

Most smartphones have this feature, allowing you to track which application has consumed most of your data. You can check the graph from your device’s internet settings to check overall data usage. Identify the app that consumes most of your data and avoid using it for longer.

Set Mobile Data Usage Warning

This function allows you to set a limit on data usage. For example, if you set the settings to 10 GB for a month, the device will warn you when the limit has been reached. You can use this feature to your advantage and prevent excessive internet use when the limit has been reached.

Change your Settings to Save Data

You can change some of the settings to reduce background data usage. Turn off mobile data when you don’t need it. Turn off auto-sync, restrict background data usage, and turn off data roaming.

These small steps can help you save the data so that you don’t end up being short of the data at the month’s end.

How Many Hours will 30 GB of Data Last?

The exact answer to this question depends on your usage. However, we will give you a rough idea so you can predict for yourself. 30 GB of data allows you to browse the internet for 360 hours, stream 6,000 songs, or watch 60 hours of standard-definition videos.

There are 720 hours in an average month, and most spend 240 hours while sleeping. Out of the remaining 480 hours, you will have access to browsing for 360 hours. Isn’t that enough for most of us?

30 GB of data will last thirty days if you casually browse the internet and listen to 1500 songs monthly. Now that you have an answer to How long will 30GB of data last, let’s jump straight to what activities you can do with this 30 GB of data.

Is 30GB of Data Enough for Me?

30 GB of data is ideal for people with higher internet usage on their mobile.

If you:

  • Send or receive emails
  • Watch many videos
  • Play games
  • Stream music
  • Download games, videos, and songs while on your mobile data
  • Communicate on social media for long hours

30 GB of data plan might work best for you. However, if you run short of data for a month, you can rely on alternatives that give you unlimited options. Looking for one? We have that covered in the upcoming section.

30GB of Data with Talk Home Mobile

Talk Home Mobile PAYG Silver plan is valid for 30 days and includes 5G connectivity within the United Kingdom. When using this data plan, you do not have to worry about data throttling or capping to enjoy unlimited connectivity with your loved ones.

If you have travel plans to the EU countries, we have 30+ EEU countries covered, so you can use the internet while you are away.

The Silver plan also includes unlimited call minutes and Text messages for £2.5. Isn’t it too good of a deal to have at your disposal? Visit us to order your free SIM if you do not have one and enjoy 50 GB of Data with Unlimited Calls and SMS.

Bottom Line

Life is all about having options; having multiple connectivity options is always a good call. Mobile bundles allow you to keep connected to your social connections even when you are away from your router.  For most users, 30GB of data is more than enough. If you are an average internet user with casual browsing and scrolling, the Silver Plus plan of Talk Home Mobile will be sufficient for you.

The Platinum plan will be suited for you if you are an extensive user who relies on heavy streaming of video content on Netflix and YouTube. Subscribe to the plan to continue watching your favorite season without considering data limitations.


How many GB is enough for a month?

2 GB (2,000 MBs) is enough for those who do not use mobile data often and rely on routers. However, people who like to stream videos and scroll through social media need more extensive plans, such as 30 GB of internet data or 150 GB.

How many MBs are there in 30GB?

There are 1,000 GB in 1 GB, and 30 GB of internet connection has 30,000 MBs. This data is sufficient to browse social media platforms and stream content casually.

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