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What are 0300 Numbers and What Are they Used for?


You might have come across 0300 numbers when calling the National Health Service (NHS) or a charity organization. So, what are 0300 numbers and what are they used for.

0300 numbers are becoming increasingly popular among non-profit and government organizations to fund and expand their networks.

But Where Does this Funding Come From? It comes from people who make a call to these numbers!

This blog will reveal every necessary information that you need to know about these numbers. It begins with the definition of these numbers so that get to have an idea of what 0300 numbers are. The next heading covers their use cases including the purpose of the charges.

Guess what? We have a list of organizations that use 0300 numbers. That might help if you are looking for a lead to National Health Service (NHS) Organ donation, the British heart foundation, or an Alzheimer’s research center in the United Kingdom.

What are 0300 Numbers?

These numbers are charged for every call and the profits made from these communications are used to pay charity organizations’ overheads and operator’s charges. So, if you have been calling these numbers, you must know that your credit was used for the greater good.

0300 Numbers are non-geographic numbers that allow non-profit, and charity organizations to charge for every call. The amount collected in terms of call charges helps these charity organizations in sustaining their goals and contribute to the welfare of the people.

Although there is a certain cost of calling these numbers, it is not too high to become a hurdle for vulnerable people to call these numbers in case of an emergency. Moreover, these numbers are a lot easier to be memorized, and people do not have to go around and look for these numbers when making a call. Most people just have to remember the remaining 7 digits after 0300 and their order!

Makes Sense? Say if you are calling an organization that has 0300 number, the first four digits are already in your mind. The rest of the seven numbers will be based on numbers from 0-9; you just need to memorize the order. For example, if one of your loved ones had a stroke and you want to reach out to the stroke association that helps stroke patients, you just have to remember 3300 730 as their number.

Seems easy?

That’s how 0300 numbers are easy to memorize.

Who Uses 0300 Number?

0300 numbers are mostly used by charity organizations, public bodies, and government organizations. These numbers cannot be used by individuals, businesses, and profit-driven organizations.

Did you know that you must seek approval from Ofcom to get a 0300 number?

The office of communication is a government-approved regulatory authority that gives the final verdict on whether an organization qualifies for the 0300 number.  The final decision is made after an internal examination of the organizational structure and its objectives and goals.

Most charity organizations have shifted to 0300 numbers so that the standard calling charges might be charged. The profits made from these calls are spent for the welfare of less fortune.

To the following table provides a better understanding of who uses 0300 numbers:

What did you observe in the table?

Well, most organizations with 0300 numbers are non-profit entities that work for the welfare of people.

Looking to get a 0300 number?

If you have one such organization that works for the welfare of people in the United Kingdom, you are eligible to apply for a 0300. Start the process soonest possible so that you may start serving the needs of the people.

What is the Cost of Calling 0300 Numbers?

The cost of calling 0300 numbers is the same as calling a standard landline.  If your bundle is inclusive of free calls to landlines, it would also cover the cost of calling 0300 numbers.

When choosing a network operator, make sure to choose the one that ranks well in the category of Best Mobile Phone Networks in the UK. This makes you enjoy calling 0300 numbers by either using the minutes from your bundle or using lesser credit for these calls.

You need to pay all costs if your mobile bundle does not include free minutes to landline numbers. You may visit your service provider’s website or call their customer support to ask, what are 0300 number charged at.

0300 numbers were introduced by Ofcom in 2007. These numbers emerged as an alternative to 0800 numbers and help the non-profit organization in generating funds to sustain their operations.

These numbers are a preferable option for inbound calls since they give you the flexibility to control when and how you receive the calls – the best part is, you get to control all this online!

Calling 0300 Numbers from your Mobile – Call Charges

The charges to call a 0300 number are no different from calling a local landline number that starts 01 and 02.  Most service providers have inclusive free minutes for landline calls, which also covers the cost of calling 0300 numbers. (Internal linking)

Several factors that might affect the call charges to 0300 numbers include:

  • What Network you are at – ideally your network provider should have more landline minutes in the bundle.
  • If you are a monthly customer or pay-as-you-go customer. Monthly customers are usually offered more landline minutes.
  • If your bundle includes monthly minutes to call a landline. The more minutes your bundle has, the more calls you can make to a landline.
  • If you are calling from the United Kingdom or located abroad. Calling the 0300 number from abroad comes with a huge cost.

If your bundle does not have free minutes to call a landline, you might pay 3p to 40p per minute for a call to the 0300 number.

Don’t you think that is too much to be paid for a call?

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Calling 0300 Numbers from Landline – Call charges

Many people living in the United Kingdom drop down the internet and look for the answers to What are the call charges for 0300 numbers? We have already answered the question about calling charges to 0300 numbers from a landline.

Now we’ll get into the calling charges for 0300 numbers from a landline. If you frequently call 0300 numbers from a landline, this section of the blog will reveal how much these calls have been taken out from your credit!

The calls to 0300 numbers from a landline may vary depending on which provider you are subscribed to. Since every provider has its rates for 0300, it would be difficult to quote a standard rate for these calls.

To give you a rough idea, the calls to 0300 numbers may cost you somewhere between 9 p per minute to 14 p per minute.

To help you better assess calling costs, we have listed the rates of various landline service providers within the United Kingdom.


That’s too much to be paid for a call!

But when spending money on these calls, you need to be satisfied that this money will be used for a good cause and would not go in vain. The charity organizations that have rented these numbers use the communication profits for the welfare of people.

So, you are contributing to a greater cause when calling a 0300 number!

Bottom Line

We assume the blog must have had an answer everything you need to know about 0300 numbers. When making a call to these numbers, always have in mind that it is going to cost you an amount that will be used for charity.

Network providers often have inclusive minutes for calls to landline numbers. These numbers cover the calls to 0300 numbers as well. If you run out of minutes, every call to these numbers depends on your service provider.


How much does the 0300 number cost from a mobile?

The charges for calling 0300 numbers from your mobile are not more than those for 01 or 02 numbers. Most network providers have 0300 numbers covered in their deals and packages, so you won’t have to spend extra credit.

Are 0300 numbers free from mobile?

No, 0300 numbers are not free to call and they either charge you credit or the minutes that came with your mobile bundle.  When buying a package make sure to check on whether it covers the calls to landline numbers. Also, make sure it has more minutes so you may make more calls!

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