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How Can I Make Cheap International Calls to Sri Lanka From the UK?


Making cheap calls to Sri Lanka from the UK is no longer a fantasy in this modern age. In the past, people didn’t have the luxury of using apps like WhatsApp, but now almost all millennials have international calling apps installed on their phones, and they use them to make free calls all around the world, given the receivers have an internet connection.

However, not being able to make free calls to some places in Sri Lanka because of its low internet penetration rate can make one wonder how to call Sri Lanka at cheap rates. In such situations, not knowing the right answer to this question and reverting to the old ways of calling Sri Lanka via landlines and mobile phones can cost you an arm and a leg.

But if you’re familiar with all the dos and don’ts of international calling, you would know that you can use calling apps and International calling cards to make cheap calls to Sri Lanka from the UK.

Since you now know what this blog is all about, let’s first discuss the method of calling Sri Lanka from the UK via landlines and mobile phones. You may not realise this yet, but getting the hang of this method will help you learn how to call Sri Lanka using the best international calling app and cards in the UK.

How to Call Sri Lanka Using Your Mobile Phone and Landline?

There is absolutely no difference in the methods of calling Sri Lanka from the UK via landlines and mobile phones. Just follow the steps given below, and you’re good to go:

  • Step 1: Dial ‘00’; it is the UK’s exit code.
  • Step 2: Dial country code of Sri Lanka ‘94’.
  • Step 3: Dial the area code (not required if you’re calling on a mobile) and mobile/landline number, respectively.

Calling Sri Lanka – Area Codes

Now that you know how to call Sri Lanka via landlines and mobile phones, it is essential to mention that there are 29 area codes in Sri Lanka. Knowing the right one to make any call to Sri Lanka on landlines is necessary.

The following table contains the most popular area codes in Sri Lanka. However, you will have to search for the right one on Google if you want to make a call to an area whose area code is not listed.

City Name Area Code
Colombo 1
Kandy 81
Galle 91
Trincomalee 26
Anuradhapura 25
Negombo 31
Nuwara Eliya 52
Chilaw 32

Make Cheap Calls to Sri Lanka with Talk Home App

If you want to save as much as 90% of your hard-earned money on your overseas calls to Sri Lanka, then you need not look further than Talk Home’s international calling app. There are many options to choose from when it comes to international calling apps. However, none of them offer their users the same convenience, quality, and calling rates as Talk Home. Furthermore, with Talk Home, you can go on and make calls without fear of incurring hidden charges.

The app doesn’t even require you to pay any subscription fee. All you need to do is download the app, create an account, import contacts, buy credit, and start calling.

Our international calling app is available on both Play Store and AppStore.

How to Set Up a Talk Home Account?

Setting up a Talk Home account is as easy as a walk in the park. Just follow the steps given below to become a member of the Talk Home family:

  • Go to your menu and launch the app.
  • Select your country and enter your mobile number.
  • Tap ‘Continue’.
  • Enter the system-generated OTP on the next screen.
  • After successful verification, the app will prompt you to enter your email address (You can skip this step).

That’s it! The app will navigate you to the main screen after you complete all these steps.

How will I know if I’m about to run out of credit & disconnect?

The app will trigger alerts whenever your account runs low on credit. However, you wouldn’t want your call to end abruptly during an important business or family call, would you? The Talk Home app has just the right feature to help you escape this situation.

You can enable the auto top-up feature to let the app know when to credit your account automatically. Once your remaining balance reaches the defined threshold, the app will automatically credit your account with the pre-defined sum. It’s as simple as that.

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Call Sri Lanka with Talk Home Calling Card

The use of Talk Home’s calling cards is by far the cheapest way to call Sri Lanka from the UK. We offer both rechargeable (virtual) and physical calling cards to people living in the UK. While you can purchase a virtual card from the comfort of your home while sitting on a sofa, you can get your hands on our physical cards at any airport, gas station, or supermarket.

What is a Talk Home Calling Card?

Talk Home’s calling cards are prepaid cards that enable you to establish contact with your family, friends, or co-workers easily and quickly at cheap rates.

Since we offer both virtual and physical cards, it is crucial to explain the difference in their use. While you can go on and make as many calls as you want with a single PIN via rechargeable cards, you will have to use different PINs for each physical card you use to make your calls.

How to Call Sri Lanka with a Talk Home Calling Card?

Remember the steps for calling Sri Lanka via landlines and mobile phones? You just need to punch a couple of additional numbers before complying with those steps to call Sri Lanka. In order words, you need to use the prefix given below to make your calls:

Calling Card’s Access Number + Card’s PIN Number + United Kingdom’s Exit Code + Sri Lanka’s Country Code + Area Code (if calling on a landline) + Landline/Mobile number

How Do Talk Home Calling Card Points Work?

Talk Home awards 100 points to everyone who purchases a rechargeable card; furthermore, the cardholders will get 25 points for every recharge worth £5 or more.

You can sign up for an account on our website and redeem your points to earn free credit.

Cheap Calling Rates: Call Sri Lanka from the UK

Enjoy making high-quality and cheap international calls to Sri Lanka with Talk Home Calling Cards and App:

Talk Home Calling Cards
Channel Rates
Landline 15p/min
Mobile Phone 15p/min


Talk Home App
Channel Rates
Landline 11c/min
Mobile Phone 12c/min

This information on how to call Sri Lanka will help you make cheap calls to your loved ones via mobile phones and landlines. However, you can contact our support team anytime during regular business hours if you need more help.

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