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4 Amazing Secrets Spots in London to Visit


Today, we are going to take a look at some of the best secret spots in London you should visit if you’re a traveller.

Welcome back to the Talk Home blog, we’re already halfway through March and the days are flying by. This time of year a lot of you will be looking to book weekend breaks, summer holidays or maybe even day trips to a local city.

For those of you who are visiting London or even if you already live there, what are the spots you’d like to visit most or have visited before?

Of course, there are famously recognised spots like the London Eye and Tower Bridge that thousands visit daily. Some of the most amazing spots in London are the ones that are missed by tourists! Here are four secret spots in London that are worth visiting.

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The Best Secret Spots in London

1. The Vaults

secret spots in london, best tourist spots in london

The Vaults is below Waterloo Station and the sort of spot most people find by chance. Instead of empty dark tunnels, you’ll find a fun and exciting atmosphere with theatre, comedy and a plethora of events.

From January to March, The Vaults hosts VAULT Festival through the tunnels where you’ll find some of the best up and coming comedians hosting gigs with unique surroundings. Immersive theatre and dining experiences are amazing when you visit The Vaults.

The Vault also has a pub it operates nearby called Vaulty Towers, a popular time to visit is Monday evenings where you can take part in the weekly pub quiz. The closest station is Waterloo. Address: Lancelot Street, Lambeth, SE1 7AD.

2. Maltby Street Market

secret spots in london, best tourist spots in london

Malty St Market is a weekend street market in Bermondsey that some refer to as Ropewalk, it’s near-impossible to walk through without being tempted by the delicious-smelling food. From tapas to patisserie, you’ll be spoilt with a choice for what snack to go for as you stroll down the market. The Cheese Truck and Gyoza Guys are some customer favourites in the market but there are plenty more options if you’d prefer a sweet treat!

Entry to the market is free, all you pay for is what you eat along the way, the closest stations are Bermondsey and London Bridge. You can find the market here at Maltby Street, Bermondsey, SE1 3PA.

3. Kyoto Gardens

secret spots in london, best tourist spots in london

Another one of the secret spots in London is in Holland Park where you’ll find a Japanese-style landscape. The park has multiple different gardens as well as an open-air theatre, dining and sports facilities. Some of the grounds most stunning features are the waterfalls surrounded by ponds and greenery, you might even spot a peacock when you visit.

Not only is Kyoto Gardens a picture-perfect and calm place for you to visit but it’s also free to enter! You can find the gardens in Kensington at W11 4UA.

4. The Royal Exchange

secret spots in london, best tourist spots in london

Considering it’s one of Londons most iconic and historic buildings, there’s no wonder you feel like a royal when you visit the Royal Exchange. The velvet furniture at the Fortnum and Mason bar makes it hard to say no to an Instagram story. The interior is one of London’s beautiful treasures which many people would walk past and miss. You can even take a browse the boutique shops after you’ve finished.

If you’re planning on making a visit to The Royal Exchange, the nearest station is Bank. You can find it here: EC3V 3LR.

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